Thursday, April 14, 2016

NEW LOOK : Five Faves Under 30!

A little look at my top five faves picks under £30 this week from +New Look.  From the first velvet effect dove grey and tan bag - soft suede/velvet effect with a buttery leather feel, and gold buckle detailing. Large and study, and perfect heading in to summer for every day use. To the monochrome classic tote with gold detailing, short handles which means it's perfection for to and from the office! You know me, I'm drawn to statement jewelry, even in costume form - particularly in costume form, who doesn't love fabulosity on a budget?! Take a look at these babes all ranging from £10-30!!

Casual Comfort Brooklyn 85 <3 £12.99

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Being a Bridesmaid - The Hen Do!

When you’re given the honour of being asked to be bridesmaid for your BFF, it involves a lot of things – Dress shopping, shoe shopping, looking at a lot of Pinterest accounts for all kinds ofinspiration, mild panic, followed by utter excitement for her big day.

It also involves the Hen Party / Bachelorette Party!

A daunting task for anyone, (ie. Me) that hasn’t done it before! And so, what do you do when you have to entertain not just the bride, but ten other ladies as well?

Well, you panic firstly, and then when you get over that, and do what you do well.


I found the fab through friends that had used them in the past, and through their website right away I saw that they had the answer to everything I needed for the weekend of Hen themed shenanigans! 

On our way!!

It was Easter weekend, Bunny ears seemed fitting! 

Cracking Cocktails!

Mandatory stop at Biddy's! An tradition!
Pre-dinner and dancing the night away!!

The Bride chose Sligo as her designation of choice and right from the very first point of contact the ladies at were so beyond helpful and lovely, no matter what silly question or panicked email I sent their way, they handled it with grace and professionalism whilst putting my mind at ease each time! (also major points for a very last min addition that was handled fantastically too!) 
The Glass House Hotel!

From our gorgeous hotel at The GlassHouse, to dinner at Limoncello, to cocktail classes and VIP at Garavogue, it was a fantastic day and night from start to finish and the Bride and her crew had a ball! 

So, if you're looking for a hen or stag do really don't hesitate to give these guys a go! 

A +


Thursday, March 31, 2016

Makeup Revolution London : Radiance Palette Review!

Highlighting became 'Strobing' this year and then it became such a massive 'thing' - the on trend must-do when applying your make up. It's been everywhere and back again, so it's no surprise that the market has been inundated with all kinds of new radiant, highlighting, strobing palettes. I've got my fave few - the old school loves such as the High Beam from +Benefit Cosmetics  or the +MAC Cosmetics Soft&Gentle.

So with the craze still going, I decided to try a more affordable high-street alternative in the form of the +Makeup Revolution  Radiance Palette! I've been so impressed with what I've tried from M.R so far - their eye-shadows are fab and I love their lipsticks too!

So, on to the palette itself.

Utterly gorgeous packaging, and you know how I love me some shiny packaging. Rose gold box with a sleek black hard plastic palette inside, with the signature gold lettering from +Makeup Revolution, inside three separate shades and a full mirror.

 They say : ‘Take Instant RADIANCE Everywhere You Go". Containing our unbelievable Radiant Light Illuminators. So soft and natural, to bring instant illumination to your complexion.
Breathe , Exhale, & Glow sophisticated palette with full-size mirror.
Three shades inside. A gold, a champagne and a pink shade of highlight

Swatch. Subtle highlight
I say : With these highlights I found a few things 1. This is not the mega watt flash of highlight, this is a subtle flush of radiance. So  2. If you're used to or looking for something with massive pigmented pay-off, this might not be for you. But if you are in search of that understated glow this might be the one for you.

The texture of these I have to say, is lovely, super soft and buttery and they don't kick up a lot of powder when used with fingers or a makeup brush = major plus for me! They apply softly, with a powder finish so if you want something stronger you made need to make the application more than once, carefully though, you don't want to look like a flash bulb!

The one major flaw with these I found was their wear time, rather the lack there of. They just didn't last as long as I needed them to. I found that over the top of either a matte foundation, a dewy foundation or a CC cream that they dissolved into my pale, pale skin-tone after a half hour, which, let's be real, isn't ideal.  But for the price point of €8 I believe I paid for this one, it could be worth a try to see for yourself how it might work on you.

It may work better for longer on darker skin tones, or skin types but for me it just didn't have that lasting power I need from my highlight - as gorgeous as they are!


Monday, March 14, 2016

Matte vs Radiance – Bourjois Edition.

Matte vs Radiance – +BourjoisUK  Edition.

Those of you that have been with me for a while know what a huge fan of the high-street brand Bourjois I am.

I have a Bourjois addiction, no joke. 


So when they brought out these newly formulated foundations, I was so excited to try them. First up is the Bourjois Air Matte foundation – retailing for £9.99 in +Boots UK.

As I'm someone that has dehydrated/ dry skin most matte foundations are a serious no-no for me, for the simple reason that, well, no one has time for drying foundations sticking to any nooks or crannies, since we're sort of doing our best to make it look like there are no nooks nor no crannies! So with this I was a tiny bit skeptical, but wanted to try it out for myself anyway. Lo and behold, we might have a winner!

 It's thick in consistency, and feels almost bouncy (that's a thing, right?) to apply, which were good things in my book because it meant one, that a little goes a long way so you aren't caking and layering on any more than necessary to get a full face of coverage, and two, well, it just felt really nice on application.

With the Air Mat I'm the shade 02 Vanilla - a little darker than my usual, but I found it worked well as this doesn't really oxidise any darker than it goes on. So, half way through your day you don't find that you have this un-matching neck situation, that sometimes happens to me with certain other high-street/drugstore brands (ahem shan't name any names...)

As for the dry skin situation, well their tagline for this is "Let's the skin breathe, light as air" and it does feel that way, at least for me. It's a lightweight formula once applied, I'd say really similar to their Healthy Mix Serum in consistency and as you'd expect, dries completely matte, but thankfully, not completely flat!

Light to medium coverage depending on your application process.

Lasting time -  Says 24 hours but I would say a solid 10 hours give or take, with no flaking or fading when used with a primer underneath.


 The City Radiance collection (including a matching concealer that wasn't stocked in the boots I visited sadly) is the dewy cousin to the Air Mat foundation. It comes in six shades and is lighter in texture and thinner in consistency than the Mat , it gives a really light coverage, but really does leave behind that natural glow that they promise. Their tag for this is 'Skin Protecting Foundation, Brightening Effect' complete with SPF 30 (so perfect for daily wear when out and about, though less great for any photo-taking occasion). This also comes with a built in Anti pollution screen, radiance boosting pigments that promise a ' fresh and even complexion' so all in all built and named for anyone living the city life! Retailing for £9.99.

Does it do what it says on the tube?

Basically yes.

It's not a full coverage foundation by any means, but it does leave tired skin looking refreshed, and with a heavier concealer, any blemishes etc could be controlled if you're after a over-all light finish. This, I would say, would be a perfection foundation to use for one of those 'no makeup - makeup' days.

In this particular foundation I am 01 - Rose Ivory.

Light Coverage - Similar to that of a CC cream.
Lasting time - I clocked in at six hours before I noticed it had faded enough that I could have reapplied / refreshed the base. It wore evenly though, so thankfully no patches!


Can be purchased here on +Boots UK