Saturday, November 23, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Chrisma.... okay so not yet!

Is it just me or does Christmas marketing start earlier every year? I know it's not uncommon now to see Halloween decorations and Christmas decor sharing an aisle in many shops. I think, personally, it's a bit much. Each year stores and brands get more and more aggressive in their push for Christmas sales and even though we think we're getting great bargains we're really not, it's far too calculated now, and I miss when we were little and it seemed that little bit more special!

But, my skepticism aside, I do love to indulge in the Christmas shop as much as the next girl so I guess their crazy marketing wins!  So before the big mad rush starts, I'll keep things simple this week with a couple of cosmetic try-outs that I've been using for a few weeks now.

Starting with some #Bourjois Paris Shine Edition Lippy! This is a bold raspberry red that can be layered to add more depth to the colour or worn with one application for a softer, easier to wear, everyday shade. I love the Shine Edition Lipsticks because they're like a balm, soft and smooth but not sticky like a regular lip-gloss, but it still gives your lips that lovely glossy finish all the while keeping your lips hydrated for 'up to ten hours' - or so they say. If I had to compare them to anything it would be the Rouge Coco Shine from +CHANEL . Either way, the shades are adorable and they're all available on the highstreet if you'd like to try! I got mine in +Boots UK

#Collection's Lasting Perfection Foundation - I bought this after having been a massive fan of the Lasting Perfecting Concealer for such a long time. This is for someone that is used to lighter foundations as of late, a rather thick consistency for a high street foundation. But, that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's worked well on the days where I needed that little bit extra coverage, and like the formula of the concealer it really doesn't move once applied. This, in itself is both great and awful. Mainly because even though I bought the lightest shade available, it still appeared dark on me and when it set  there seemed to be a ring in parts even though I blended everything properly down my neck. So, I'm not sure about this one, but as seen on my hand it really does a great job with a small amount, in covering not only veins but redness too. If you like a more full coverage that sticks around all day this one might be worth a whirl!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Arm Candy from Jasper Jewellery!

Back to blogging with a little piece from Jasper Jewellery -  a recently launched jewellery store online based out of  Co Louth. If you like your bling to be Irish based and Swarovski Crystal obsessed not to mention being designed by up and coming designers and even graduates (yay for boosting the economy right?)  this might be somewhere for you to check out right now! I decided to order a bracelet for myself from here, as I cover a lot of statement jewellery on here at times it seems I have a slight obsession statement necklaces, so I wanted to change it up with a little arm candy! I ordered the Swarovski Crystal Peach Gold Bracelet and it's a sweet little number with sparkling crystal flowers it's dainty and delicate on the wrist for me and I like that as it's easy to wear alone for everyday or work without being too distracting but it's cute too with stacked bracelets to add more depth. They have so much to choose from, I'll admit to having a bit of a problem when it came to picking something to order, I kind of just wanted all of it.  They gift wrap all purchases and even include some sweetheart sweeties as part of their wrapping process, a nice touch!
My instagram!

Cute right? I think so! If you're looking for something that little bit different and Irish based for some Christmas stocking fillers for loved ones or friends this could be a site to add to the bookmarks!

Till next time! 


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fail blogger 101

How to be a FailBlogger? Disappear from blogging life with no notice for weeks on end! Ack. I sincerely apologize for such MIA behavior on here - though I have been a little more active on Twitter & Instagram, but not so much with the blogging.

Why you ask?

Well, my life sort of flipped upside down in the middle of last month, and not the fun kind of Fresh Prince of Bel Air kind either. It's a massive tale of woe that involves two cancers, a new job and lots of adjusting and stuff like that. One we were expecting, when someone is 94 and is ill, a diagnosis like my grandfathers was to be expected. It stung and it hurt, but it was expected. My fathers' at 54 really was not expected at all and it's thrown me in all directions if I'm honest. On top of that I accepted a new job that took me out of my internship - filled with lovely people and a place where I made fab friends, to pastures new. And as anyone will tell you that's always a bit of a transition, right? I'm hoping I get used to it and get into the swing of things soon to be honest, usually I'm a dab hand at picking up skills and utilizing what I've got but I think with all the bad jujube floating around me at the minute I've almost jinxed myself and have been making a ton of stupid mistakes - no really, like beyond idiotic it would be hilarious if it wasn't so dumb... But yes! Blogging! I have a few items of interest coming up soon if you guys are interested! Some cosmetics, some skincare goodness, a little jewellery delivery from @JaspersJewellery, some Christmas gift guides maybe too! In the meantime have some cats, the internet loves cats and so do I :) xo

Sunday, October 27, 2013