Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Soap & Glory Haul/Review! : )

Or rather a mini haul of sorts since I finished one of the products, repurchased another, and I'm adding in one simply because they look super pretty all lined up together, like a little S&G family. That's weird, I know, sorry. But they dooo. Anyhow, it's no secret that I'm a sucker for Soap&Glory as a brand, mostly because their stuff usually is an epic wave on the senses! I've already done a review for the foot cream and if you'd like to read that, it's here :)

Since then I've been meaning to comment on the rest of the products that I've tried from their range. My first S&G experience was with their Hand Food and really they have named it rather aptly because it smells that good you could be tempted to eat it. Don't though, that would be wrong and probably not end all that well for you! :o
The Hand Food (almost wrote Foot, smh!) smells divine because it's of their Original Pink Scents smells (and really if you had to describe a colour to go with this smell, it really would be pink, so well done there S&G!) it also contains shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow. So all in all it's a party for the senses and for the winter-battered hands we're left with when the snow and cold clears, not that it ever really leaves Ireland, so it really comes in handy all year around in my case! I love it and as soon as I'm finished with my ...third travel size I want to invest in a big one for home, and probably another travel size for the handbag. Never have too much of a good thing!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Maybelline Dream Touch Blush : Review

Not to be confused with the +Maybelline UK  Dream Mousse Blush, the new Dream Touch Blush is a cream whipped formula rather than a mousse this time and it has a more developed colour pigment I think in comparison that allows for a better pay off on the skin colour wise. I have been using this blush for about two weeks now; it’s been my go-to blush as I have been keeping my skin very minimal in terms of makeup. So, daily makeup is basically just a little liquid foundation or BB cream depending on the day, concealer, mascara and this.

 I’ve just really been trying to take it back to basics since the New Year and really in terms of streamlining my life, my wardrobe and now my makeup for everyday I’ve been enjoying the less-is-more approach, and from the feel of things, so has my skin. 

I liked this blush because it was a creamy texture first of all, and the shade seemed like it would be really flattering on my super pale skin tone (and it is) and I wanted a ‘natural looking flush’ to my cheeks which I really think this product delivers. It doesn’t have a heavy feel on the skin, it doesn’t become patchy or caked over time (after eight hours I noticed it was still going strong!) and it really does just brighten up the cheek with a touch of shimmer ingrained through the product, there isn’t too much so it’s not like you’d be disco crazy lady by using this, but it is just enough to provide a little bit of highlight as well as pigment. 

I picked shade 06 Berry, and for my skin-tone it's been great and because it's has that soft buttery texture it's so unbelievably easy to blend into the cheeks - using either your fingers or I use my Real Techniques Buffing Brush and it leaves things flawless and natural, like I've been for brisk walk when I haven't (and we know this because my hair is probably still in place!)

It retails for : £6.49 and be found in your local Boots!

Geek Chic or Just Geek? Hmm ;)
Laura / EIC

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Calling all Belfast Babes (and beyond!)

Armani Exchange Shorts (Were £68, now £15); L.K. Bennett Crocus Bag (Was £245, now £145); L.K. Bennett Embassy Shoe (Was £125, now £20). Available at The OUTLET Banbridge  

Fatface Denim Shirt (Was £48, now £15); Jaeger Blouse (Was £80, now £49); Jaeger Necklace; L.K. Bennett Lucie Wedge (Was £135, now £20). Available at The OUTLET Banbridge.  

Jaeger Blazer (Was £240, now £149); L.K. Bennett Poppy Belt (Was £95, now £45); Armani Exchange Denim Shorts (Was £68, now £15). Available at The OUTLET Banbridge. 

Have a sneak peak at what to expect from The Outlet who are opening the High Street Show of the West Coast Cooler Belfast Fashion Week this week! Shows will begin with the George at ASDA showcase of their Spring/Summer collection in the stunning location of the Ulster Museum and continue throughout the city through the week. If this is a sneak of what's to come, only great fashions will be passing  through the streets of Northern Ireland this Spring Summer! Here's hoping we get the weather to show off those Armani shorts!

Laura / EIC

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Jessica Alba - Style!

Jessica Alba - Style.

 Over the past few years the acting has taken a backseat to her attempt at re-branding her image as a ‘Professional mommy’ almost, and with this new book it just seals the deal. But her style has evolved and grown into something truly comfort-chic and I have to say I’m in love with all her looks lately. From the hair to the super flattering makeup ( I mean, it helps that she’s Jessica Alba, let’s be real) but it’s all so effortless looking even if a lot of effort has been put in. A+ style!

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