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Saturday, August 24, 2013

FABB PJ Party : Malone Lodge Hotel Editon.

Hi guys!

So in the spirit of attempting to evolve the blog from static product reviews - which are great and something I love and will continue to do. But, I want to spread my wings, and my writing a little wider. What better way to do that than to tell you all about my first #FABB experience. You know us FABB girls right? It's a Northern Ireland based blogger network of sorts where a mishmash of ladies (so far anyway!) meet up and blog about it. I've already done a little blog post with all the ladies blog links if  you're interested it's here.

My first #FABB experience was, well, fab! The lovely Anna from The Malone Lodge Hotel a beyond chic converted Victorian Townhouse -  invited us for a blogger sleepover of sorts to celebrate the fact that the hotel has undergone something of a facelift with lots of upgrades and changes.

Having made the 'I can't drive' trip to Belfast - consisting of a car, and two buses mind you to get there from where I live currently - I was beyond pleased to be greeted by warm and welcoming hotel staff and this big babe of a room. 

 We were gifted by a rather lovely bedtime onesie from BANK fashion - Navy and Neon Pink (they read my mind!) thank you very much for what I'm sure will become my winter bedtime staple!

The spacious bathroom was filled with Pinken goodies to try

The girls and I met up for a cocktail or two before we were shown to our rooms. I was sharing with the lovely Leslie from LellieMoi, check our her blog - her bag addiction rivals my own! I was fawning over her Balenciaga as we chatted away into the wee hours - in our accidental matching jammies might I add!  A hilarious coincidence considering before last night we'd never met in person! 

There was four (er seven?) in the bed and the little one said...roll over!

Getting a brief history on the hotel! Love to hear of a family run business still going strong!

Audrey has her own hallway, she greets you with her chicness on the way to the loos!

The Remains of the Day: A period piece from the original townhouse to which part of the new edition was converted. This room is used primarily for wedding photos with a window and a nod to the past. I loved the details.

Knife&Fork - apt name and such wonderful service! Their food is really top notch! Have the french toast for breakie!

Drink up in Macklin's Bar! Just off the entrance to the MLH

The welcome to our little underground den of pampering!

Food food and more food!

And cake with ice-cream, seriously it was amazing

Some of the girls opted for Medi Spa treatments!

More cake! This time via CakesByJames in Belfast. Sweet!
While there were some WIFI woes - not a great thing to happen to a bunch of net addicted bloggers - all in all it was well worth the trek, meeting new peeps (and old friends for dinner too Hi Claire ;) and getting to explore a piece of chic Belfast business. A business that's family run at the core so it gives it a more personal feel made obvious by their choice in staff. They were so friendly genuinely so, and could not do enough to make your stay as comfortable and as pleasant as possible. A big thanks to Anna, Gareth, Carla and all the girls for their time and effort. If you're ever in the area and looking for a modern boutique hotel in the leafy and lovely Eglantine Avenue,(close to the Lisburn Road and the city centre and of course Queen's University) then I'd strongly rec' this for you, it's treat!

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

At home spa treatment – Bath time!

At home spa treatment – Bath time!

As someone always looking for a way to pamper herself, and what girl isn’t let’s be honest, I love finding new and admittedly cheap (preferably free) ways of doing so. Therefore any and all ‘at home’ treatments will probably be tried and tested by myself or my friends at some point. The latest in the line of faking it until I make it (or at least book that spa appointment) is having a deep, hot bath filled with Magnesium flakes and or Epsom salts. I usually use Radox for tired muscles or some nourishing kind of bath oil for my Irish weather affected skin such as the JoMalone Red Roses bath oil, which is just … god it just smells so good. However, I’m almost done so I’ve been using it so sparingly to make it last until the next time I’m in Belfast perhaps and can smell my way to a new and different scent. But, the Epsom salt magic is really amazing for me. 

Basically, I have health issue that affects my legs, knees, and muscles and sometimes they become so tight and painful that it makes walking difficult. I’ve found that a scalding hot (no really, as hot as you can stand it) bath with two cups of this tends to put me somewhat to rights for a small amount of time if nothing else! It is great for runners or those who take their workouts seriously as well; reviving those tired muscles like it’s nobody’s business. What else it does and this was something I only found out recently is that it aids, rather effectively in weight loss. 

Apparently, it’s a trick that horse jockey’s use before a weigh-in to drop to their desired weight before a race – I guess depending on how often you indulge and how much product used it can increase weight-loss from anywhere between 1lb and 5lbs. But again I’m no expert on this and don’t weigh myself enough to know if it’s working like that for me, but I googled and apparently it’s a trick used, so nothing at all concrete don’t source me if it doesn’t work that way for you! It will work for your muscles though, that teamed with a drop or two of your favourite bubble bath or oil, and I know at least in my experience you get out feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

If you guys have any recommendations on a different oil that you love, leave some suggestions in the comments, I’d love to hear from you all! 



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