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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mini Primark Haul

+Primark @Penny's, Primani, whatever you want to call it it's safe to say that I have a sliiight addiction to popping into Primark/Penny's (NI it's Primark, in the 'south' it's Pennys, just an fyi!) Since I haven't been able to feed my addiction for at least a month, I was surprised I didn't as quick-buy crazy as I could have the other day which is both surprising and nice. We'll view it as having more self control where shopping for bargains is concerned, and that's never a bad thing, right?

Anyway, the mini haul today consists of : My first snood of the season! Yet another statement necklace (I know, I know, I can't give them up, sorry!) a new Hask tube of hair goodness - this time in Keratin, and two winey/purple coloured tops and a 'Snug' vintage looking decorative pillow. *Bonus Mulberry sneaking into the shot from Instagram!

 I think mustard will be the shade of the season this year, if not for everyone else, maybe just for me. Ever since I saw that mustard coat on Lizzie Olsen (see my star style crush up above for deets) I've been obsessed with finding accessories in that shade and the nood ticked that box so it was too good to pass up.
And having it retail at E6 it was just calling to me.

Next up is the newest addition to my necklace collection, and for work or jazzing up a plain outfit these types of costume jewellery is beyond handy. They're cheap, they're cheerful and they last a fairly decent amount of time for the price (this one retailed for E5) it has three colours throughout - rose gold, yellow gold and black with beaded detail and a folding down option for space saving when stored. I love these types of necklaces for work because it allows you a bit of personality in what needs to be a neat and professionally styled outfit.

The new Hask Keratin protein oil isn't something I've tried before (thought I am a huge fan of their other hair oils) so this was a no brainer purchase for me. Have to say, I've only used it once since I've got it but already (as you can hopefully see from the snood pic) my curls look a lot more bouncy and healthy than they were looking before I applied the oil. I'm a fan of anything that says it will save your hair, smooth it out and all without weighing it down. As I have such fine hair, it's always a struggle to find oils that do that but don't leave it looking limp and greasy when I know it's not. This could be a staple, so we shall see!

The two tops I bought were just 'basics' really, nothing to write home (or in a blog about? ;) ) but, necessary all the same. I love purple, it's even the accent colour of my otherwise white and cream bedroom, and I've been adding it slowly but surely to my wardrobe for A/W2013.

Bonus purple in the form of the +Primark online home wears department, with the little Snug pillow. No real science behind the purchase really, it was cute and sweet and I like cute sweet things so why not? Right?

Until next time!


Saturday, June 22, 2013

New Look Giveaway!


New Look Summer Dress Giveaway
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Best of luck!

Giveaway ends July22nd.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

MUA Makeup Palette - Undress Me Too Review.

Looking for an excuse for a Tuesday Treat? This could be it! The Undress Me Too (naughty!) palette from MUA is cute, compact and beyond affordable no matter what budget you've promised yourself you'll stick to. At £4 you can't really complain right? And for all these shades, and textures, you'd be a fool to pass it up. It's been deemed the 'dupe' of a certain other, more expensively priced eye-shadow palette on the market right now and I have to say that it really shapes up to look that way. Majority of the shades are very similar to the more expensive product, and if you've wanted to try out the shades without forking over a fortune, this could be a great way of doing so. As you can see mine has got some serious use since I picked it up a few weeks ago! If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen my first impressions.

They say ' The Undress Me Too Palette embraces this season’s fresh-faced look and urges you to strip back and go nude! Made up of 12 warm and timeless shades, this palette will suit all skin tones and any occasion. The pearlescent flesh-toned finish of Shades Naked, Devotion and Shy are perfect for highlighting the eyes, while the shimmering bronze hues of Shades Fiery, Lavish and Dreamy give a sultry effect. There are even smouldering contour tones in Shades Tranquil, Exposed and Wink so that you can transform your minimalist day look into a sexy smokey eye in an instant. Featuring a shade range that runs from the palest champagne to the grittiest gunmetal grey, this isn’t just ‘shades of beige. Each shadow has a distinct look that works for everyone.'

They aren't wrong. I've been reaching for this product every day for work since I got it. The shades are a lot more day-time friendly than some of the previous glitter-happy eye-shadows I've seen, the three matte shades - as you can see get a lot of use in particular. Wink has been my go-to crease shade since I got it, and it's been one that adds that depth needed without adding a heavy smokey feel which is perfect for day time and even more perfect when you're working in a professional environment, where you still want to play around with your look but want to remain respectful and appropriate. The darker shades - the black - is great for a over eyeliner powder to enhance and seal in a cat eye line, or smudged just right if you need more depth or indeed want to go for the full on smokey eye. The glittered shades aren't over saturated with glitter that makes them impossible to wear, in fact for the price I was really pleasantly surprised how easy these shades were to work with - and how long they lasted without caking or creasing. I've also bought a creme blusher and a press powder from the MUA range, and I think I'll have a wee review on those up soon, if you'd be interested in reading! ;)

The #MUA Undress Me Too retails for £4 /E5.50 and I found mine in my local +S Loves SuperDrug.

Happy Smudging Peeps!

Till next time!


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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Turn up Tuesday! Jean edition.

Boyfriend, Blue, Ripped, Skinny, Fitted, and Flared… the list of these magical jeans seems endless and timeless and so easily turned up. If you are a shorty like myself this is a very handy trick that thankfully has been back in Vogue for a couple of seasons now, to turn up the bottom of your jeans is A-okay now and no longer a ‘geeky’ ‘out of style’ move to attempt.

Or so they tell me.

Either way it’s wonderful because as a short stack I’m forever in the petite section of clothing stores and even then all jeans end up being just that little bit too long for me if I want to wear flats, it’s a nightmare! So this little trick is so welcomed in the house of EIC, and it’s fantastic that the already pre-turned jean are made ready-to-wear in most high street shops now, ranging from +New Look to @H&M to +Topshop and beyond. They look amazing with heels or wedges (or wedge trainers if you feel so inclined) and of course my cherished and comfy flats. 

So what are the best of the best?

New Look are good at the turn, those their range a little more on the bigger turn up than say Topshop’s LEIGH jean – it sits pre-turned and tiny at the ankle. But if you want them higher up, it’s an easy fix if they aren’t the super skinny type of material – you know the kind that feels like a second skin and makes you feel every single calorie you’ll intake that day?

Yeah, that kind.

I do love them though, and my favourite would have to be the LEIGH from Topshop. As a very recent Topshop jean convert I can say that. Because for years it was a shop I only spent money in if it was on much needed accessories (or their amazing makeup line!) but very rarely did I gravitate toward their casual clothing lines, I don’t know why, but the homeless hipster vibe they give off isn’t really my thing over all. 

BUT their jeans are just amazeballs, with the LEIGH winning out in my mind (or my legs, if you prefer) and I live in my various pairs.

Turn up Tuesday

Beware of vanity sizing though, TS is rampant with it and whatever size you are in one pair of jean may not be what you are in another – trust me! 

What are your favourite jeans on the scene and why?!

EIC/ Laura


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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Product Review: Boots No.7.

Boots No.7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing brush.

Finally, I’ve gotten my hands on this little beauty. Having been tempted by the Clarisonic brush that came out a little while ago now, I was pained to go ahead and pay the £100+ mark for the original, and so I kept putting it off. Could I really justify over £100 (making it at least 130euro depending on the exchange) on a face brush? I himm’d and I haa’d over buying it, but in the end, I decided to search for an alternative. Knowing me as you do now, you know I love nabbing a bit of a bargain into the deal.

So, when I came across this on the website, I was excited. Since Boots have a history of road-testing their products and coming up with amazing things that do not always break the bank. Coming from No.7 (a brand within boots that works with the likes of renowned makeup artist and one of my Youtube faves Lisa Eldridge) I knew this would be just as good as the original it was clearly duping for.
Price wise it is a steal, no really, it almost is.

For this week and up until the end of February it is running at £15.00, now seriously for £15.00 you really cannot lose. It is also running on the Boots 3 for 2 deal, and so myself and my friend bought one, and we got one free (told you it was a steal!) that is serving as a cheeky birthday present for my aunt now. It was and will retail for £24.95 after the promo sale, but even at that compared to the prices floating around for the others on the market, it is still beyond reasonable in my opinion. Now since I only got this yesterday, I have only used it twice, but even at that I can really feel the difference on my skin. I have dehydrated, dry, sensitive skin, and so I decided to use it with my regular cleanser for a few minutes last night and then again this morning. There are two settings, one slow and another fast, for various areas on the face that you want to work on in more detail. It is battery powered but luckily comes accompanied with two to start, so you can check how it works straight away.

So far, it has left me with super smooth, baby soft skin.

Big thumbs up!

Product Review :

Soap & Glory ‘Heel Genius’ Foot Cream.

A little random #review this time, I mean Foot Cream, really? Yes, really. We all love a manicure don’t we? Even one done at home can do wonders for your tired and neglected tootsies, especially in the unforgiving winter months when we’re stuffing them inside fluffy socks and big cosy boots, they need a little (or a lot, depending :O) of love and I started a few weeks ago with this product from one of favorite brands Soap & Glory ( I may have to do a review on their scrubs, they are simply amazing).

 In an attempt to bring my feet back to life for my very optimistic few of the amazing spring and summer we’re going to get this year, what? What do you mean I live in Ireland and it does nothing but rain! Nonsense I say, I’m convinced we’re going to get the tropical weather we’ve been so harshly denied in the past. Mock me if you must! ;)

This product, like a lot of the Soap&Glory products promises a lot of things for the money. They say that it helps provide ‘soft, smooth, even lovely to look at’ feet with this light green shade of cream that contains Allantoin, Glycerin, Macadamia Oil, Menthol (explains the fresh smell!), Bilberry, Orange & Lemon fruit acid smoothers all to act in-sync to leave everything soft and smooth if applied liberally for a certain amount of time. Does it do what it promises? I think it does, I mean it’s not going to turn your feet back twenty years, or make feet any less creepy if you’re creeped out by feet, but, it does leave even the roughest most neglected skin feel smooth and soft, and it helps with the nail cuticles as well which makes giving yourself that much needed pedicure that much easier. I loved the smell of this, refreshing without being too fake-sweet, and the tinging cooling sensation was very welcomed after a long day on my feet. It has become a staple of my nighttime routine before bed that’s for sure!

Rating 8/10



PS: Don’t forget about my wee Valentine giveaway, announced tomorrow!! :D

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Anna Dello Russo to design an over-the-top accessories collection for H&M

H&M is proud to announce a special collaboration with fashion icon and legendary Fashion Director Anna Dello Russo. An idol of the blogosphere whose flamboyant outfits are endlessly documented by style photographers and broadcasted globally through the web, Anna Dello Russo proved her unique sense of style creating a special collection of accessories for H&M. Unabashedly glamorous, precious and playful, the range is an expression of Dello Russo’s taste for ornamentation. Available from 4th October, 2012, at the peak of the global fashion weeks, in around 140 stores worldwide and online. The collection features jewellery, sunglasses, shoes, bags and a trolley allowing H&M customers uniqueness at an affordable price.

“I am excited by this collaboration: this is the first time H&M have involved a Fashion Director in a special project. This is the sign of an important evolution in fashion, and I am both thrilled and humbled to be the one chosen to lead it. I wanted to create precious accessories that are impossible to find. As a stylist I know accessorization is essential: it is the personal touch to any outfit. With these pieces everybody can have fun, turning an ordinary day into a fantastic fashion day”, says Anna Dello Russo.

“It’s been extremely exciting to involve Anna Dello Russo in this project, something completely different from what we have done before. Anna has a fantastic eye and a strong taste, apart from being a veritable fashion icon. She produced an extravagant range of accessories that will get H&M customers and everyone in love with fashion excited. The collection is a celebration of excess, fantasy and decoration” says Margareta van den Bosch, Creative Advisor at H&M.

Famously described by photographer Helmut Newton as a “fashion maniac”, Anna Dello Russo is one of contemporary fashion’s driving forces. An unparalleled eye, she has shaped the way we see fashion today through her groundbreaking work at Vogue Italia, where she served as a Fashion Editor for over twelve years working with photographers such as Helmut Newton, Michel Comte, Walter Chin, and later as the Editor in Chief of L’Uomo Vogue. Currently holding the role of Fashion Director at Large and creative consultant at Vogue Japan, Dello Russo is a darling of the fashion bloggers, whom she likes to please with extravagant get-ups, and countless changes of outfits, during the world’s fashion weeks.