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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mini Primark Haul

+Primark @Penny's, Primani, whatever you want to call it it's safe to say that I have a sliiight addiction to popping into Primark/Penny's (NI it's Primark, in the 'south' it's Pennys, just an fyi!) Since I haven't been able to feed my addiction for at least a month, I was surprised I didn't as quick-buy crazy as I could have the other day which is both surprising and nice. We'll view it as having more self control where shopping for bargains is concerned, and that's never a bad thing, right?

Anyway, the mini haul today consists of : My first snood of the season! Yet another statement necklace (I know, I know, I can't give them up, sorry!) a new Hask tube of hair goodness - this time in Keratin, and two winey/purple coloured tops and a 'Snug' vintage looking decorative pillow. *Bonus Mulberry sneaking into the shot from Instagram!

 I think mustard will be the shade of the season this year, if not for everyone else, maybe just for me. Ever since I saw that mustard coat on Lizzie Olsen (see my star style crush up above for deets) I've been obsessed with finding accessories in that shade and the nood ticked that box so it was too good to pass up.
And having it retail at E6 it was just calling to me.

Next up is the newest addition to my necklace collection, and for work or jazzing up a plain outfit these types of costume jewellery is beyond handy. They're cheap, they're cheerful and they last a fairly decent amount of time for the price (this one retailed for E5) it has three colours throughout - rose gold, yellow gold and black with beaded detail and a folding down option for space saving when stored. I love these types of necklaces for work because it allows you a bit of personality in what needs to be a neat and professionally styled outfit.

The new Hask Keratin protein oil isn't something I've tried before (thought I am a huge fan of their other hair oils) so this was a no brainer purchase for me. Have to say, I've only used it once since I've got it but already (as you can hopefully see from the snood pic) my curls look a lot more bouncy and healthy than they were looking before I applied the oil. I'm a fan of anything that says it will save your hair, smooth it out and all without weighing it down. As I have such fine hair, it's always a struggle to find oils that do that but don't leave it looking limp and greasy when I know it's not. This could be a staple, so we shall see!

The two tops I bought were just 'basics' really, nothing to write home (or in a blog about? ;) ) but, necessary all the same. I love purple, it's even the accent colour of my otherwise white and cream bedroom, and I've been adding it slowly but surely to my wardrobe for A/W2013.

Bonus purple in the form of the +Primark online home wears department, with the little Snug pillow. No real science behind the purchase really, it was cute and sweet and I like cute sweet things so why not? Right?

Until next time!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Style Crush : Olivia Palermo!

Now if you're like me, you know who she is but not exactly what it is she does - other than wear clothes wonderfully. I knew of Ms Palermo from The Hills spin-off The City, a few years ago and while her personality left... a little to be desired on that show, her sense of style was something that no one could really question. Since then she's landed herself modelling contracts for some exciting fashion houses, but generally continues to do whatever it is a fashionable 'socialite' does. Whatever that is.
Anyway enough of that, let's look at some of her recent ensembles!

 From her killer heels on the cobbled streets of NYC to her cool Euro style while on the continent, as well as her thing for super flattering cat-eye shades, she's definately in the top five of my style crushes that's for sure!

Who's your Style Crush ladies, and why!? Sound off below you know I love hearing from you!

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Friday, August 31, 2012

CultureTECH and a little bit of Primark up close and personal.

Having spent my last day of August in Derry, swanning around the CultureTECH fest currently on going there at the moment, I felt the need to make a mini post about it. Fear not, fashion still plays a part. As during the break I was able to make a beeline for the shops! Namely, Primark. Reasons? This girl is on a serious budget right now, leading up to my Birthday Weekend I plan on spending in Belfast with my girlies!

First up, CultureTECH.

Described as : Four days of tech, media and music in Derry, n.Ireland full festival tickets just £49, the warm welcome is free.
CultureTECH is a four-day festival of all things digital. Part tech/media conference, part music and arts festival, we’re creating a new kind of festival that blends work with play and encourages exploration and discovery across film, TV, animation, gaming, music, publishing, advertising and digital arts.

We’ve invited some of the world’s most interesting speakers to inspire us and some of our best and brightest creators to entertain us. We hope you’ll make some great contacts, have fun and – most importantly – discover something you’ve never seen before.

Having been busy the other days of it's run, I finally made it for most of today. Starting with a jobs talk in the Playhouse, followed by several inspirational speakers in the Millennium Forum, also in Derry. Talks on innovation, business, start-ups, and creativity were had, and enjoyed immensely. I think these kinds of events are beyond important, not just for recent graduates, but for grads like myself that maybe forgot for a while what it was they were striving for. They reaffirmed a great deal of faith today in this weary grad that's for sure! A wonderful thing for Derry, and for NI and Ireland in general. We need more inspiring sessions like this!

All info on the first CultureTECH can be found here.

Now on to the slight peeking at the PRIMARK A/W 2012 I did today. I was such a good blogger. I didn't buy a thing... okay, I bought one thing. But it was a much needed, very simple black knitted jumper/sweater. That's all. I swear.

I really could have done some serious damage in there today, but as I said, budget!!

From blush pink tee's with spike pocket detailing, to steel-cap flats (in lots of amazingly vibrant colours!) to seriously funky PJs? I did mention serious damage could have been done, right? ;)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Winter Wonderland!

I both love, and loathe Winter, being Irish and currently in Ireland, Winter basically begins in September and lasts through until April, possibly May! I know I have my basic Winter loves when it comes to fashion, style, and mostly comfort and heat. What I want to know, what's yours?