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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Turn up Tuesday! Jean edition.

Boyfriend, Blue, Ripped, Skinny, Fitted, and Flared… the list of these magical jeans seems endless and timeless and so easily turned up. If you are a shorty like myself this is a very handy trick that thankfully has been back in Vogue for a couple of seasons now, to turn up the bottom of your jeans is A-okay now and no longer a ‘geeky’ ‘out of style’ move to attempt.

Or so they tell me.

Either way it’s wonderful because as a short stack I’m forever in the petite section of clothing stores and even then all jeans end up being just that little bit too long for me if I want to wear flats, it’s a nightmare! So this little trick is so welcomed in the house of EIC, and it’s fantastic that the already pre-turned jean are made ready-to-wear in most high street shops now, ranging from +New Look to @H&M to +Topshop and beyond. They look amazing with heels or wedges (or wedge trainers if you feel so inclined) and of course my cherished and comfy flats. 

So what are the best of the best?

New Look are good at the turn, those their range a little more on the bigger turn up than say Topshop’s LEIGH jean – it sits pre-turned and tiny at the ankle. But if you want them higher up, it’s an easy fix if they aren’t the super skinny type of material – you know the kind that feels like a second skin and makes you feel every single calorie you’ll intake that day?

Yeah, that kind.

I do love them though, and my favourite would have to be the LEIGH from Topshop. As a very recent Topshop jean convert I can say that. Because for years it was a shop I only spent money in if it was on much needed accessories (or their amazing makeup line!) but very rarely did I gravitate toward their casual clothing lines, I don’t know why, but the homeless hipster vibe they give off isn’t really my thing over all. 

BUT their jeans are just amazeballs, with the LEIGH winning out in my mind (or my legs, if you prefer) and I live in my various pairs.

Turn up Tuesday

Beware of vanity sizing though, TS is rampant with it and whatever size you are in one pair of jean may not be what you are in another – trust me! 

What are your favourite jeans on the scene and why?!

EIC/ Laura


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Friday, August 31, 2012

CultureTECH and a little bit of Primark up close and personal.

Having spent my last day of August in Derry, swanning around the CultureTECH fest currently on going there at the moment, I felt the need to make a mini post about it. Fear not, fashion still plays a part. As during the break I was able to make a beeline for the shops! Namely, Primark. Reasons? This girl is on a serious budget right now, leading up to my Birthday Weekend I plan on spending in Belfast with my girlies!

First up, CultureTECH.

Described as : Four days of tech, media and music in Derry, n.Ireland full festival tickets just £49, the warm welcome is free.
CultureTECH is a four-day festival of all things digital. Part tech/media conference, part music and arts festival, we’re creating a new kind of festival that blends work with play and encourages exploration and discovery across film, TV, animation, gaming, music, publishing, advertising and digital arts.

We’ve invited some of the world’s most interesting speakers to inspire us and some of our best and brightest creators to entertain us. We hope you’ll make some great contacts, have fun and – most importantly – discover something you’ve never seen before.

Having been busy the other days of it's run, I finally made it for most of today. Starting with a jobs talk in the Playhouse, followed by several inspirational speakers in the Millennium Forum, also in Derry. Talks on innovation, business, start-ups, and creativity were had, and enjoyed immensely. I think these kinds of events are beyond important, not just for recent graduates, but for grads like myself that maybe forgot for a while what it was they were striving for. They reaffirmed a great deal of faith today in this weary grad that's for sure! A wonderful thing for Derry, and for NI and Ireland in general. We need more inspiring sessions like this!

All info on the first CultureTECH can be found here.

Now on to the slight peeking at the PRIMARK A/W 2012 I did today. I was such a good blogger. I didn't buy a thing... okay, I bought one thing. But it was a much needed, very simple black knitted jumper/sweater. That's all. I swear.

I really could have done some serious damage in there today, but as I said, budget!!

From blush pink tee's with spike pocket detailing, to steel-cap flats (in lots of amazingly vibrant colours!) to seriously funky PJs? I did mention serious damage could have been done, right? ;)