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Monday, March 14, 2016

Matte vs Radiance – Bourjois Edition.

Matte vs Radiance – +BourjoisUK  Edition.

Those of you that have been with me for a while know what a huge fan of the high-street brand Bourjois I am.

I have a Bourjois addiction, no joke. 


So when they brought out these newly formulated foundations, I was so excited to try them. First up is the Bourjois Air Matte foundation – retailing for £9.99 in +Boots UK.

As I'm someone that has dehydrated/ dry skin most matte foundations are a serious no-no for me, for the simple reason that, well, no one has time for drying foundations sticking to any nooks or crannies, since we're sort of doing our best to make it look like there are no nooks nor no crannies! So with this I was a tiny bit skeptical, but wanted to try it out for myself anyway. Lo and behold, we might have a winner!

 It's thick in consistency, and feels almost bouncy (that's a thing, right?) to apply, which were good things in my book because it meant one, that a little goes a long way so you aren't caking and layering on any more than necessary to get a full face of coverage, and two, well, it just felt really nice on application.

With the Air Mat I'm the shade 02 Vanilla - a little darker than my usual, but I found it worked well as this doesn't really oxidise any darker than it goes on. So, half way through your day you don't find that you have this un-matching neck situation, that sometimes happens to me with certain other high-street/drugstore brands (ahem shan't name any names...)

As for the dry skin situation, well their tagline for this is "Let's the skin breathe, light as air" and it does feel that way, at least for me. It's a lightweight formula once applied, I'd say really similar to their Healthy Mix Serum in consistency and as you'd expect, dries completely matte, but thankfully, not completely flat!

Light to medium coverage depending on your application process.

Lasting time -  Says 24 hours but I would say a solid 10 hours give or take, with no flaking or fading when used with a primer underneath.


 The City Radiance collection (including a matching concealer that wasn't stocked in the boots I visited sadly) is the dewy cousin to the Air Mat foundation. It comes in six shades and is lighter in texture and thinner in consistency than the Mat , it gives a really light coverage, but really does leave behind that natural glow that they promise. Their tag for this is 'Skin Protecting Foundation, Brightening Effect' complete with SPF 30 (so perfect for daily wear when out and about, though less great for any photo-taking occasion). This also comes with a built in Anti pollution screen, radiance boosting pigments that promise a ' fresh and even complexion' so all in all built and named for anyone living the city life! Retailing for £9.99.

Does it do what it says on the tube?

Basically yes.

It's not a full coverage foundation by any means, but it does leave tired skin looking refreshed, and with a heavier concealer, any blemishes etc could be controlled if you're after a over-all light finish. This, I would say, would be a perfection foundation to use for one of those 'no makeup - makeup' days.

In this particular foundation I am 01 - Rose Ivory.

Light Coverage - Similar to that of a CC cream.
Lasting time - I clocked in at six hours before I noticed it had faded enough that I could have reapplied / refreshed the base. It wore evenly though, so thankfully no patches!


Can be purchased here on +Boots UK 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Affordable skincare gems from Superdrug!

 Happy New Year everyone! Hope that 2016 is treating you nicely so far! Just a super quick post from some recent finds of mine from +Superdrug .

First up the +Superdrug brand own Vitamin E Moisture Boost Facial Serum, this was a impulse buy about two months ago, I was on the look out for a new Vitamin E cream product and stumbled onto this, and I have to say it's fantastic! Light weight, fast absorbing and leaves the skin with a really realistic glow that makes it fab for wearing in lieu of a heavy moisturiser, or as one of the steps in your pre-makeup routine. I've found that since I've started using this (and since the cold snap just refuses to go away) that it's really helped add an extra layer of protection to my skin as well as ultimately helping my makeup look smoother and more glowy and for the price point of under £5 can you really say no?


So, if you're on the look out for something similar, be sure to give this a try.
Now this might seem silly, because it's really only make up wipes, but honestly how many times have you picked up makeup wipes and they've done nothing but wipe your makeup around your face? In my case, far too often. 

+johnsonandjohnson  Face Care Makeup Be Gone Wipes.

Now, I try not to just resort to wipes when taking my makeup off, because as we know, there's still a lot left even if we 'look' like there's not. But these, again, were another impulse buy, I needed new ones so these were the first I saw. But honestly, as someone with dry and very picky skin, things like face wipes can be utterly drying almost instantly, so when I found these - thick and full of hydration (if you follow my TWITTER you'll have seen me raving about these already) and they removed, I want to say, at least 90 percent of my makeup with two wipes. I followed that up with my new ALPHA H  face wash, but for those of us on the go, or just feeling lazy. These are fantastic for dry skin. Not drying in the slightest either.
Win for affordable January finds!!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Tan Talk : Bellamianta Luxury Tanning.

Hi guys! It's smack dab in the middle of summer now, no doubt about it. We've bought new clothes, embraced the sandal season, lightened our hair and tanned our skin...

All naturally, right?

Well, since this is Ireland (and N.Ireland!) and this is pretty much what OUR summer looks like -

 We might be needing a little extra help when it comes to getting that sun-kissed tan!

This is why I'm super excited to introduce a new luxury brand of self tanning that allows you that summer glow of a two week lounge by the pool in just under sixty seconds!


This homegrown luxury brand is based and manufactured in Ireland. Provides clean, nutritious, luxury tanning products that are formulated with the cleanest ingredients without compromising on performance.

Their aim was to build skincare that provides built in nourishment, hydration that is extremely fast drying to produce a streak free, beautiful, summer ready tan for those of us who just can't sit still! 

With a develop time of just over 2-4 hours for full end result colour, it also guarantees no transfer on to clothes, resulting in a perfectly natural, golden tone in harmony with you own skins natural shade. It also promises a water resistant finish that will last up to 7 days!

The amazing women behind this new product are putting their 20 years’ experience in the beauty industry to good use in delivering a product that is not only all of the above but free from all the nasty stuff that hides so easily in our daily beauty routines.

With Bellamianta you can ensure your streak free fake bake will be free from the following :
  • Parabens
  • Harsh Chemicals
  • Genetically modified ingredients (GMO’s)
  • Parfume
  • Alcohol
  • Animal derivatives
  • Petrochemicals
  • Sulphates
  • Silicones
I was lucky enough to be sent some of this product before it's official launch on Aug.1st, and I've spent the weekend testing it out for you guys!

 Complete with this sweet lux black velvet mitt - that feels so amazing on your skin. I was ready to get started!

A little hilarious before and directly after one application. Yes I am that white. Yes you can laugh!

Processing time - No  baking biscuit smell, no streaking, no patch panic! 

The next morning dressed and ready with a subtle olive toned tan that suited my original skin tone. No tango tan in sight!

All in all three days after first applying I can safely say I've showered (patted dry mind you!) and lived life with a streak free tan in the utterly endless pouring rain (!!) and more than one person has complimented the natural finish, and even asked if I'd been abroad! (Hastag Winning!)

This is definitely a keeper!

You guys can go show the Bella ladies some love over on or if you're on Facebook or Twitter go give them a wee like and a follow too, you won't regret it!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

4th of July- - Cocktails&Cupcakes

With summer well under way I was so happy to celebrate (in our own little non-American way) the 4th of July with friends (and a Bestie's baby's big day!) this past weekend. Showing up in red,white and blue I representing to say the least! All thanks to the beautiful gift I received from Onjenu London. 

The super soft silk-feel of this faux-wrap style 3/4 sleeved midi dress meant I could enjoy my day in the sun, have a ton of fun with friends and not have to worry about how I looked OR felt. So comfortable and stylish, and for me a bold choice as I'm usually a plain vs print kind of girl! But this might just be a step in a change of direction for me, so much colour I was hard to miss!

Anything that starts off with spontaneous selfies is sure to be a good time, right?

Midi-length and so comfy!

Matching Cocktails??

Standard mirror-mirror selfie! Hi! 

You have to rock a red lip with a dress like this right? Did I pull it off? 

A little red, a little white and of course something blue - and so sweet!

Hope everyone had an amazing and stylish weekend no matter what you did!


Monday, January 26, 2015

Clarins Instant Concealer Review - with added Irish Humour!

Hi guys!

I'm back with this little beauty of a find that I picked up over Christmas.

The Clarins Instant concealer. 

Shame on me as I had no idea this was floating around since late 2013? And as a fan of +Clarins UK  that is a shame on me because I should have seen it, but missed it! Not anymore! Oh it's just so lovely you guys. It's very smooth and creamy though really a liquid application that offers medium coverage when set.
Now two of my faves from this brand together - Both in the shade 01!

Consistency is creamy and blends well against veins and blue skin colouring

See? No veins! Let's not comment on how pale the rest of me is compared to their palest shade shall we? So place I'm almost see through eeeek!!
My main under eye issue is that 'sunken' look you get some times from being dehydrated and sleep deprived and all the other things that life throws at you, not so much the blue/dark under circle issues but more the 'oh dear she's near death??' looks if I go without makeup because team that with the super pale skintone ... well it's a bit of a shock let's not lie! But I was really surprised by the transformation. Meaning, I actually had some blue tones that I just wasn't covering properly because the out come of this vs the others that don't tone that down?

Sort of stunningly different!

So, I loved the idea of trying this repeatedly and wore it all through out January just to see - as it promises not to crease and so far I haven't had an issue with creasing or drying out. Because of this I would wager that it's a good one for us dry-skin types or mature-lady skin types as well, as it won't sit in the fine lines around that area nor will it settle and do that awful 'crack' thing concealers with a decent coverage tend to do sometimes, you know? It's that the worst kind of crack?Minus-Craic as we say! (Craic, it's an Irish thing you're with me here right?) It also states that it promises to 'revive' tired eyes. As I've been unwell lately, I certainly have put that to the test, and honestly beyond the sniffles, no one even guessed so there you go!

Ps. Adopt the 'pat,pat,pat' way of applying this and it will go miles more on such little product as opposed to the swipe and rub motion!

My only con to this would be their shades are very, very limited. Which is a shame for my darker skinned ladies and just baffling to me, because everyone needs to be able to benefit from under eye goodness right?? Get on that Clarins!! :o

EXTREME CLOSE UP WAYNE'S WORLD STYLIE. But a well blended finish me thinks, even in super bight lighting and taken with my phone. Sorry HD cam is on the blitz :((     

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Instagram Indulging, January hauls & Upcoming Beauty Banter!

If you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen a few updates from me this month. Including how I started off 2015 with a clean slate blog wise, I gave it a bit of a make under, stripping things back to basics. Back to my favored aesthetic of minimalist and negative space, leaving breathing room for more focus on my posts rather than my side projects! I hope you like it ;) 

This month has also been a tad hectic in real life, but one that has left me with a bit of a obsession with my phone and that little photo app. Anyone else suffering from a ‘gram addiction? I never used to, in fact up until recently it was a sporadic occurrence for me to spend much time on Instagram at all, beyond the mandatory check in once a day. Lately though I’ve found myself loving it, finding the littlest things worth a heart or two, finding amazing new followers and a place for chit chat about my January #hauls! 

Hashtag #Scaredtocheckmybankaccount??

I have officially put myself on a shopping ban though, until at least the end of next month. As realistically, there is nothing I really ‘need’ cosmetic or skincare wise that hasn’t been taken care of by Christmas gifts, or the sales. But the good news is I have a ton of new items available for reviews in the coming days. Including +AnastasiaBeverlyHills +Origins +MAC Cosmetics & more! 

See my initial pics via my Instagram!! 

Needless to say that’s enough right?

Is it ever enough? Is this where we fall into a consumerism crisis of conscience? As well as an over use of alliteration? Hm. Maybe!

I have been a fan of +Origins  for a couple of years now, but never really dived in to the brand the way I wanted to. I think I solved that with the purchase of their ‘mini’ set. A fantastic offer from +House of Fraser  Belfast that is allowing me to try out all their most popular goodies, without the commitment of a full size product. So far, I am loving them all, and I will have a more in-depth review coming soon. Also within my holiday haul was the new +Clarins UK Concealer, and while their shades are limited so far, being super pale sometimes pays off, as I fit their shade 1 almost perfectly. It’s a smooth application of liquid concealer, that even on the first and second application, the results are pretty great and it's something I want to review properly soon as well!

Also, after discovering my +BourjoisFrance addiction (there is no other name for it at this point let's be real) when I was organising my makeup the other day it was suggested via Instagram that I do a Brand Focus post. It was so inspiring to me because it really is a brand I have loved and championed for years now.So, that should be coming up so and I'm super excited about going in dept on one of my favourite high-street skincare and makeup  brands!
I hope to see and hear from you all soon in the coming weeks, much more beauty banter to come well in to 2015 


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fall/Winter Wardrobe Must-Haves Part 1

Very Cranberry - Essie!

Cranberry Goodness!

More than just a sauce for that Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey, the shade of the 2014/15 winter season is one that I personally can’t get enough of! Crowding the catwalks at Paris and Milan Fashion Week, we can see that it’s not a trend we’re going to escape easily. Personally, I love autumn /winter more so than spring/summer because I get to embrace my two fashion loves – dark colours and scarves without judgement! (But really, I live in Ireland I could rock the dark all year around and it would be fine, it rains every other day anyway!) This year I’m all about the plums, cranberries and uber rich jewel tones!

From scarves and coats to jumpsuits, nails and skirts it's clear I'm not the only one loving this trend! 

Over sized scarf from ACNE

To +Primark online and +ASOS the rich hues are everywhere for every shape, size, and mindset!

If you’re too shy to go full on with your clothes then the safer bet lies within your accessories and makeup choices.Whether it’s a deep royal purple eye, a flashy emerald green, or bold ruby lips, the options to be bold in winter is always there. The days are darker, so shall be our lips! Right? Eh, well, maybe

For an everyday look, depending on your workplace, the bold makeup looks above might not be the best of ideas – I mean unless funny looks and ‘ooh that one… where does she think she’s at!’ conversations are your thing, in that case, fire away! But, on the off chance that it’s a tad more conservative, the accessory option is always a good one.

Keeping it simple like Scarlett J here, is an acceptable middle ground. 

For a bolder lip look - keep the eyes and cheeks fresh but focus on a dark berry or plum shade - Mac Lush Life is just one perfect example!

 Strong eyes but barely there lips and cheeks can work easily without becoming too-much and overpowering your face. 

Pack on the gold shimmer on top of a black matt base for this sultry glam look!
You can keep the face neutral all for one area, lips or eyes. In Scarlett's case she's chosen a pretty mauve shadow, with a barely there cheek and pinky fresh lip. Compared with the model to the left, choosing a packed on gold shimmer against a black matted down look with a nude pink lip to pair things down making the eyes the focus of the look. The options and looks are endless, and isn't that just how we like it?

Till next time,