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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

5 Top Tips To Mind Body & Soul Rejuvenation!

Our Morning View from Yosemite National Park <3
 Self Care has become the buzz phrase of the millennial, and honestly, thank God for that! Given the state of the world, it is one good thing to come from these ~trying times, that taking care of yourself is no longer viewed completely as selfish, or self indulgence. Now I know there are the usual ones. Spend time with friends, treat yourself, all that good stuff, and I support that 1000 % but what else is there?! We are dealing with a lot as a society, and so, when the times get tough here are my TOP FIVE tips for keep on keeping on!

  1. Alternative therapies. For those of us that deal with chronic illness in whatever form it might take, the medical side of things is pretty well covered in our day to day lives. But, let it do it’s job, and maybe indulge in a little peace of mind practice too! I fully recommend finding your local Reiki master and letting go for an hour. If that isn’t your shot of whiskey, then a monthly treat of a little Facial/ Spa treatment works wonders! Nothing some deep breathing, some microdermabrasion, with anything lavender, and rose can’t at least put into perspective!  Let’s literally stop and smell the roses, people, even if you’re smearing it all over your face! Oxygenate your skin, get that glow on the outside and it’ll make it’s way inside!

    Currently loving! 

    The +Lush Belfast  Rosy Cheeks Face Mask for that amazing DIY facial experience. It smells SO good, and it works wonders for dehydrated skin, acne scars and it really does give you rosy cheeks!

  1. Manifestation. Day Dream, basically. Do what they told you to stop doing in school. Binaural Music helps amazingly with those of us that deal with anxiety to sit back and drift away for ten or sixty minutes ;) Or if that doesn’t suit you, why not find your favourite new Podcast and learn something new, my latest fave has been from the Crooked Media Group with Pod Save America, and Lovett or Leave it!

  1. Earphones in, Trainers on, Walk a mile in your own shoes. FRESH AIR. It doesn’t have to be a mile. It could be more, it could be less than a ten minute dander around your neighbourhood. Regardless of what it is, getting outside and getting that fresh air is a must. I sometimes find myself reclusive, when my CP is acting up and my pain levels are just too high, or it’s raining, or there’s a new episode of that show I like or there's work to do … or … you know what I mean, any excuse is a good excuse. But, I do try and force myself to do this, because I always feel somewhat better afterward and I hope you would too!

  1. Read. Just do it (Nike Swoosh for dramatics). Find something you love, fictional or biographical, or somewhere in between, and let it cocoon you in another world for a little bit.

    Currently Reading: 

  1. Plan! I’m big on planning, not only does it help to minimise that tricky anxiousness, but it’s also fun. Planning travel to me, is almost as fun as the travel itself (Almost!) For the big Roadtrip this past spring from Ireland-Vegas-Cali it took months of prep and bookings and mapping out our days, and our nights, and where we wanted to see and where we didn’t. But, in the end it was completely worth it, as we each got to tick off places on our bucket list we’d done before, and all of us are planning a return trip in the near future. So, for me at least, it’s the little things that keep you looking ahead for the positives, could be a big dream trip, or it could be a weekend in the countryside, or on a beach an hour from home. Whatever it is, you can make it great if you think you can, you will! 

    Lots of Love, 


Saturday, October 10, 2015

EIC does NYC

It's been a month since I set off for my first trip to New York - to meet up with friends across the pond. I was anxious of course, flying such a long way alone, a strange city, all that jazz. But, I was also so excited because I love to travel full stop and this was part of a bucket list of places for me, personally, that I wanted to touch base on 'in my 20s'. I was cutting it fine, I turned 30 (that's me sobbing in the distance!) on the 28th of last month, and I won't lie, it's been an adjustment!

But New York City, oh my GOD. I mean, it's iconic for a reason, it's steeped in our culture - countless films, songs, stories all hail from here, about here, because of here. So going there and ticking it off my imaginary bucket list was a fun time for me.
Not too shabby though not for the claustrophobic at times! 
No filter needed #FreedomTower

The site of the Twin Towers was beautiful but extremely eerie. 

Humidity on the water 1. Me 0.
NYC in the palm of my hand, you could say, or at least between my fingers! 

Tipsy @ Top of the Rock!
 The amazing views is what gets you, I mean a city is a city, is a city, but THIS isn't an ordinary city.

As I said before, she's iconic for a reason, and it hits you in the heart from the get go.
I got very attached to my floppy hat! 
 I fell in love basically.  The cheesy tees are right I do heart NY!

Living in Brooklyn, mastering the subway lines, alone (!!!) meeting the people, and seeing the 'real' parts of a city on a trip like this is what made it special. I could have easily just stuck with the big buses of tourists, and tourist trails of shiny NYC to find my way around and what have you - which is fine, but I needed something real. It was a personal test along side a much needed holiday, if I'm being totally honest. And I think I came out the other side a braver person for it.

My friend and her friends, all in one way or another proper locals if you will, intended to make sure I saw my fair share of 'touristy bits' (because hey I've never met a gift shop I didn't love!) but  that the other neighbourhoods beyond just the city itself interested me too - Like Dumbo, which I instantly fell in love with due to the architecture porn around every corner! We hit up Bushwick and I stayed in Crown Heights, loved the hilariously over-priced but very pretty Prospect Park. Brooklyn Heights to views of the East River, and all the other parks in between - Battery Park is beautiful  and something you experience a little of as you board the ferry to Liberty Island and Ellis Island,  as well as the big momma of them all - Central Park.

From the Village to Chelsea, to Governors Island (which I highly rec for a relaxing day on the hammocks - brings snacks!)  to Liberty Island, to Manhattan, and back again. I covered a lot of ground in 8 days, and my legs and knees (the joys of zero cartilage, lemme tell you!) My spirit guide Sarah was thankfully there to guide me through the trickier parts of things, intro me to American  sized food portions (oh,my,god?) and teach me that, yes, I can master the subway system at night. That day drinking is acceptable, people love tattoos and this is a city that gets my sarcasm, and also has a real weird love for Irish people.


A little.

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Starbucks and chill in Battery Park
You can't go to NYC and not experience their pizza. Even their worst pizza, I'd imagine is better than our best. It has ruin all overs for me, I won't lie!

The lovely Mandy over at +Gypsy Warrior in NJ! Be sure to check out their online store! So much to love! 

Climbing inside her was a odd experience!! 

Blue skies and education from Ellis Is. +Evelyn Hill | Ellis Island Events  

I'm so glad I went in early Sep. I got the best of the weather (for an Irish girl 33c is enough thank you!) but also the fall of the leaves in all the pretty neighbourhoods <3

Blue skies and Brownstones

Views at dusk from +Central Park 

+Ellis Island 

Golden Hour is natures filter! 

+Prada Bug Lady on the Subway though... 

All the pretty architecture! 

Vegan bites @ChampsDiner

I learned they take their Brunch VERY serious in Brooklyn

Ever feel like you're being watched? 

Spirit guide basically! I have the direction of a drunk hamster!
I did mention the religion that is brunch, right? 
Sarcasm is the best marketing tool ... no?

@CentralPark you beaut <3 I fell in love, even if my legs want to kill me!

+Times Square is an assault on the senses, in the cheesiest touristy way ever. 

All in all like any trip it had it's up and it's downs, but thankfully so many more ups! I met some fantastically creative and positive people, made new friends and caught up with old ones ( PS: a blog post on my first +Reiki Healing  session coming soon!). I experienced a city I've always wanted to see. I can't wait to go back, as with somewhere this innovative and ever changing, there is still a ton for me to do and see, and to check off my little bucket list.

So, until next time, NYC in my 20s was a blast. Let's see how she treats me in my 30s! :D