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Monday, June 6, 2016

Mini Rimmel Haul – Pound Stretcher edition.

You pop in to +Poundstretcher for a new bin and some batteries and you come out with an accidental mini haul of Rimmel goodies, all for £1 each! You know me; you know I love a bargain (doesn’t everyone? Mmhm!) And this was a surprise to me, because I never knew they did any sort of branded products!

They had big baskets filled to the brim with +RimmelLondon make-up and nail varnishes, though a lot of them were similar colours / shades etc. so, I just bought a few that I could find that were different and that thought would suit my skin tone. I picked up three eyeshadow sticks (Two KATE range and one Scandal-Eyes), and three nail polishes to try.


The three eyeshadow sticks are extremely pigments and so buttery soft to apply, they do dry super quick though so be sure to be on the ball when it comes to blending it all out, or have a setting spray at hand to help keep them damp enough until you've achieved your desired level of blend. They make fantastic liners on their own, on the water line to really make your eyes pop, or on the lash line on the lid to really give a dramatic look that finishing touch.

Why is it you always find cute polish the day AFTER you crop your nails?

The three polishes I picked up were just fun shades that will look great in summer, I've already popped on the 60 second 'Coralicious' with the +Rita Ora Pop Art top coat for fun on my fingers, and Space Dust - that perfectly matches my laptop by the way is living on my toes and loving it!

"Space Dust" is the kind of awesome that matches my laptop exactly! I can co-ordinate with my electronics now, amazing!  
The shade 'Bluffing' in day light
Bluffing in artificial light.

Electric Sapphire in day light

Same shade in artificial light

Deep Amethyst in artificial light

Same shade in natural day light

Have you picked up any make up bargains lately?! If so where?! Be sure to let us know!



Monday, June 24, 2013

Rimmel London Salon Pro no.247 'Isn't She Precious'

Rimmel London Salon Pro no.247 'Isn't She Precious'

 If you've been following me on Instagram, you'll have seen when I bought this in my mini haul from Boots a good few weeks ago now. In an attempt to keep my nails 'good' and look after them I've been diving into the world of nail polish slowly but surely. I love, love, love the new Salon Pro range from +Rimmel London  and 247 Isn't she precious has been my first try.

It comes with a massive applicator, so large in fact that one sweep does the whole job for you. The polish itself is smooth, and gel like in texture, but without being too harsh on even the weakest of nails(ahem). 
I choose this baby pink shade because I was looking for something sweet and summery, and I've owned only dark shades of polish for a long time, so venturing into the pastels is new and exciting for me. It also matches a few pink items of clothing I own and it's been nifty being matchy-matchy! 

Have you been trying out the Salon Pro range? If so what's your fave shade and what should I be checking out next?!