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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentine Gifting Ideas!

Wasn't it just New Years? Time is flying and with Valentine's Day sneaking up on us this week why not check out these sweet gift giving inspirations!

For those of us local to Ireland/Northern Ireland be sure to check out Jasper!  A local brand with a fab online store offering some really stunning lines of jewellery and accessories. They have up until midnight tonight an amazing 70% off on certain lines, including their beautiful Swarovski Crystal line (always a hit, if you're stuck just saying!)  Be quick though as it all ends tonight!
Sale Terms: The 70% checkout discount code is discount70a ( it's valid to midnight on Tuesday February 10th 2015 and applies to all stock) Gift wrapping and gift note services do not apply when the discount code is used. Minimum spend €30 

Is she always late? Why not gift her something that she'll love and will also look amazing on her arm and we don't just mean yourself! 

This Michael Kors Parker Rose Gold Ladies Bracelet Watch is retailing for
£229.00 via +House of Fraser and teamed with this beautiful bath oil from Jo Malone and you'll be coming up roses

If she never has her phone out of her hand (and let's be honest, we're all guilty of this!) why not add a treat of a new cover! Some really unique and fun items can be found on here on Etsy, to really let your accessories stand out from the pack. Plus it allows you to support indie artists too, which is never a bad thing!

For the guy in your life, why not keep him stylish in this classic slim v-neck from +Ralph Lauren via +Brown Thomas Dublin! Or with this +Barbour  Harper Henley Sweatshirt for the more off duty days!


Slim V-Neck Merino Wool Sweater


Harper Henley Sweatshirt
Other options include the +GUCCI Guilty giftset via +Boots UK if he's in need a new smell ( I actually like this and would wear it myself, even though I have the female version there is something nice and unisex-ish about this too)

And if you've left it to the last minute as most (ahem) men tend to do, you can't go too far wrong with a big bunch of flowers and some chocies to share in front of a netflix night! The gifts are all great but it's the time together that counts right? Until next time, with hopefully less cheesy chat and more beauty blathering! Chat soon! 


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Going gaga for Gatsby! Hair & Makeup inspiration.

With the worldwide and much anticipated release of the Great Gatsby coming up very soon, it seems everyone and their mama - at least in fashion and beauty terms - is going utterly gaga for all things Gatsby! I can't really say I blame them however, as the time period of the book and now the film is one that is so utterly rich in inspirational style. Everything from the hair, the makeup and the fashions of the 1920s is something that we all seem to latch on to, look up to and strive to emulate whenever the mood strikes. How many of us have been a Flapper girl at Halloween solely to get away with the drop waist glamour, the (faux) bobs, and the feathers? I know I have!

 I say the faux bob because I unlike a few of my friends have never been brave enough (or had the jawline for it) to cut the mane into a 20s bob, but I salute you if you have, it's not an easy choice going so short! If like me you are a little scared of going full chop there is the solution of The Faux.

Start by heat styling your hair whichever way you'd like it -straightening, wavy curl, or full on curly curly) and part it a little slightly off the center of the head. Then make a low ponytail, about halfway down the length of your hair from the base of your neck to the bottom.Then just tuck and roll the ponytail underneath, moving upwards until you reach the nape of your neck, then discreetly secure underneath with slides/bobby pins - ones that colour match your hair would be perfect as they'll be harder to spot! Complete the do by spraying hair with a strong hold finishing spray.

Image - Pinterest

The style of the film, and of the Hollywood version of the 20s in any film really focuses on the softness of the era, style wise at least. The soft makeup - with a daring lip from time to time, but mostly a soft eye and base - the silks and drop waist dresses, the buckle Maryjane's and the headpieces. Everyone from Downton Abbey to Miuccia Prada has caught the bug - rightfully so too since she was co-costume designer on the film! Click here to see some of her original sketches.

Ralph Lauren Ready-to-Wear S/S 2012

For the Daisy look - seen here from Carey Mulligan in her Vogue shoot for this month's issue, I see they've focused on the soft base with a slight smokey eye and berry lip. It's bold, teamed in with the elaborate feather dresses and headpieces, it runs the risk of looking too 'over done' - but - bad photo-shopping aside, I think it's a look that looks stunning on her, it really helps the audience get a sense of who  this character is.

My dupes for the Daisy look at home would be the following :

Start off with a good base, and for a good base make sure you cleanse and tone and of course slap on a good moisturiser, one of my faves is the 'Total Moisture facial cream' by +Benefit Cosmetics

Next up is your foundation (or use a primer if you feel you may need one!) for this flawless finish I find I work with liquid foundations best, and this one from +BourjoisUK the 'new' Healthy Mix (full review if you'd like it, later in the week?) is fab! 

Next up to conceal any unsightly blemishes go for a hydrating concealer, something like the new FakeUp by +Benefit Cosmetics I hear is fantastic for those of us with a dry under-eye area. After that I'd focus on eyes, using any plumping and thickening lash lacquer that will help to widen and thicken your lashes giving you that wide-eyed seemingly innocent Daisy look.

Using a neutral pallet, such as the MUA Heaven and Earth Pallet - £4! would be ideal if you're on a budget.

Sweeping a neutral across the entire lid, followed by a darker shade in the crease for depth, and a little of that under the lash line below should finish off the shadow work. If you feel so inclined, the winged eyeliner look can only add to the luxurious drama of the 20s look, choosing a gel liner I find is easier to work with over a liquid - it's less messy and there's less room for mistakes! I use the +Maybelline UK  gel liner in black for this effect.

Finish off the look with a deep berry shade for an over the top statement face, or a softer neutral shade for that subtle more understated vibe.

For the berry shade I love the Fabulous Fig from +Revlon or the softer sheen shade in Temptress to round off the look.

Happy facepainting, peeps!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Christmas wishlist!

My wishlist!

3.1 Phillip Lim motorcycle jacket, €1.350 / Tory Burch flat shoes, €225 / Solange Azagury-Partridge black enamel ring, €1.225 / Mango leather glove, €43 / Lauren Ralph Lauren felt fedora hat, €33 / MAC Cosmetics sheer makeup, €15 / NARS Cosmetics bright lipstick, €19 / NARS Cosmetics matte lipstick, €19 / Lancôme , €45 / Jo Malone London Travel Candle Collection Set, €73 / Grace Coddington, €27

I have talked a little about some shopping that I had planned for family and friends, but let me be selfish for a second and map out my very own ‘wish list’ …kind of. Some of them are realistic finds within my budget this year, and some, well, are very much not. 3 1 Phillip Lim motorcycle jacket I’m looking at you with lust and yet realistic non expectation! :) 

For me Christmas time is very much about gift giving, I love giving gifts, I love the whole process of it all. From making my list (checking it more than twice, because let’s be real I’m not as organised as Santa, nor do I have as many helpers!) to heading out to the shops (or finding the websites) and picking out the gifts for my loved ones. Then there’s the wrapping, I am usually tasked with all the wrapping, for everyone’s presents. My mum loathes shopping and gift wrapping (I know, I question our relation at this time of year too!) so I’m left to wrap my pile, hers, and sometimes my Aunt’s as well.

I know I’m a tiny woman, but when did I sign up to be an elf?!

First up for me is the long coveted Phillip Lim jacket, there is one very similar by Burberry, I think, that is just as lovely, but being realistic again (as painful as it is) I may have to find a dupe to these as I could never justify that much on one thing that doesn’t have four tires and a steering wheel, you know? But, a girl can dream!

Since I live in flats I may have to just treat myself to the Tory Burch Reva flat. I’ve heard a lot of good quality things about the TB shoe line, and well, there’s no better time of year to try some new things right?

Next up, the Solange Azagury ring might also be on that fantasy list for the time being, but it’s so unusual and chic that I’ve had a lusting for it ever since I saw it on the lovely and rather elegant Lisa Eldridge during a few of her videos.

The Mango gloves, the Ralph Lauren fedora are two things I’ve been thinking of for a while. I never wear hats unless it’s the cold weather, but I live in Ireland … so shouldn’t I be wearing hats all the time, you ask? Well, hm. Probably. :D But I never do, I feel silly in them, even though I love hats in all shapes and sizes and I’ve decided that this year I’m going to take the advice of many a friend and stranger and use the fact that I ‘really suit’ hats, and indulge! That, and everyone needs a quality glove in the freezing weather, why not make it stylish and a little bad-ass while we’re at it?!

Makeup, makeup everywhere. The one time of year I think all us ladies get to stock up on our most favourite of goodies, this is it. I’m a huge long-time lover of Lancôme (I also like alliteration – geek!) products so I always get a good few of them, along with Clairns, MAC and Nars!

The Jo Malone candles is also a thing or three that I’ve had my eye on for a minute now, could I justify spending that much money on something I’m essentially going to set fire to? Hmm. Maaaybe not. But then again, hey, I don’t have kids or a husband to worry about just yet, so if I can’t overindulge now, when can I?  I will talk myself into this, you know I will! :S

Grace Coddington, aka Queen of all things Grace Coddington. I’ve had a style/creative/woman crush on her for a long time now. I basically think she’s a flawless woman in all that she lays her hand to do. Seriously if you aren’t familiar with her work in the fashion world I implore you to go look her up and fall in crush love with her as I have. A couple of people have got their hands on her memoir before me and I’m well jealous, a book I think I’ll utterly enjoy from start to fab fashionable finish!

What’s on your list this Christmas?!