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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Must-haves for Autumn/Fall PRIMARK Edition!

Must-haves for Autumn/Fall +Primark  Edition!

You know and I know that the old “I’ll just pop in for socks” excuse never works, we go in for socks and somehow get transported to another universe where the “ooh sure it’s only €4!” takes over and it’s all downhill from there, right? Ten minutes turns in to forty five, and you forget the socks and come out with a whole new bedroom ensemble, and a new pair of boots (but still no socks for the boots!) and three pairs of jeggings and make-up in two different shades because sure it was only four euro lads, and you might need both!

Yeah, me too.

If we stop kidding ourselves and decide to go for it shame-free here are just a few of my must-haves for the new season at PRIMARK/PENNYS (depending on which side of the border you fall). 

Starting off with the bane of our lives when September rolls around, the yearly struggle of finding the right Winter Coat ™. 

The waterfall effect duster coat comes in two shades, black and dusk pink, perfect for the milder Autumn weather, pre-winter - over a light jumper and jeans, or a dress and tights. Next up the the classic belted mac with a wide collar in a knotted grey and white shade, I absolutely need this coat in my life because it looks so cosy and comfortable, and such an easy to wear piece for the milder months and easily transitioned right in to winter. NEED!

 Anyone that's been following my blog for a time knows I have a bit of a scarf obsession, and infinity scarves are the bomb for me. I've lost count at this stage how many I have, and yet I can't help myself! Do you see where the 'they're just five euro' mentality comes in now?

Mmmhm there it is.

But aren't these two adorable? Loving the waffle textured beige and the deeper berry toned scarf, both perfect with the other items shown too as a mix and match. Teaming the berry toned one over the 3/4 sleeve top and the cute stone washed denim jeggings + the duster jacket? It's a look I'm not mad at for sure! The New York themed hoodie made the cut simply because it's one of my best memories of this past year, and it's simple, and over-sized is key for a lazy weekend look. This, some dark skinny jeans, and my +adidas  All Stars? A win for chic comfort.

If winter coats aren't your thing yet I spotted a gorge fleece lined cropped textured jacket with a slight waterfall effected neckline that is the perfect every-day wearable jacket in my opinion, stylish but simple, and yet bang up to date trend wise too, and a complete steal for £25!

Honourable mention, because again, anyone that knows me knows that Housewares and Make-up are my two favourite things in life, and if you ever lose me in a department store (which, happens more often than you think I'm only 5'0!) these are the two places I will probably be.  So tiny mention for the +Primark online +Primark home items, a few key pieces for me for A/W 2016 are
as always a good blanket, for snuggling up to on the sofa, or for that extra insulation at bed time, teamed with the their long-burning candle range, this one is a favourite of mine; invoking memories of summer on those thundery nights to come with their Sea Salt & Lavender scent.

Ps. It's always important to support your local girl gang, and look stylish as hell while raising hell, so why not do both with that cute re-useable bottle/straw combo!

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Post is NOT sponsored in any way I just love me some primark :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fall/Winter Wardrobe Must-Haves Part 1

Very Cranberry - Essie!

Cranberry Goodness!

More than just a sauce for that Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey, the shade of the 2014/15 winter season is one that I personally can’t get enough of! Crowding the catwalks at Paris and Milan Fashion Week, we can see that it’s not a trend we’re going to escape easily. Personally, I love autumn /winter more so than spring/summer because I get to embrace my two fashion loves – dark colours and scarves without judgement! (But really, I live in Ireland I could rock the dark all year around and it would be fine, it rains every other day anyway!) This year I’m all about the plums, cranberries and uber rich jewel tones!

From scarves and coats to jumpsuits, nails and skirts it's clear I'm not the only one loving this trend! 

Over sized scarf from ACNE

To +Primark online and +ASOS the rich hues are everywhere for every shape, size, and mindset!

If you’re too shy to go full on with your clothes then the safer bet lies within your accessories and makeup choices.Whether it’s a deep royal purple eye, a flashy emerald green, or bold ruby lips, the options to be bold in winter is always there. The days are darker, so shall be our lips! Right? Eh, well, maybe

For an everyday look, depending on your workplace, the bold makeup looks above might not be the best of ideas – I mean unless funny looks and ‘ooh that one… where does she think she’s at!’ conversations are your thing, in that case, fire away! But, on the off chance that it’s a tad more conservative, the accessory option is always a good one.

Keeping it simple like Scarlett J here, is an acceptable middle ground. 

For a bolder lip look - keep the eyes and cheeks fresh but focus on a dark berry or plum shade - Mac Lush Life is just one perfect example!

 Strong eyes but barely there lips and cheeks can work easily without becoming too-much and overpowering your face. 

Pack on the gold shimmer on top of a black matt base for this sultry glam look!
You can keep the face neutral all for one area, lips or eyes. In Scarlett's case she's chosen a pretty mauve shadow, with a barely there cheek and pinky fresh lip. Compared with the model to the left, choosing a packed on gold shimmer against a black matted down look with a nude pink lip to pair things down making the eyes the focus of the look. The options and looks are endless, and isn't that just how we like it?

Till next time,


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mini Primark Haul

+Primark @Penny's, Primani, whatever you want to call it it's safe to say that I have a sliiight addiction to popping into Primark/Penny's (NI it's Primark, in the 'south' it's Pennys, just an fyi!) Since I haven't been able to feed my addiction for at least a month, I was surprised I didn't as quick-buy crazy as I could have the other day which is both surprising and nice. We'll view it as having more self control where shopping for bargains is concerned, and that's never a bad thing, right?

Anyway, the mini haul today consists of : My first snood of the season! Yet another statement necklace (I know, I know, I can't give them up, sorry!) a new Hask tube of hair goodness - this time in Keratin, and two winey/purple coloured tops and a 'Snug' vintage looking decorative pillow. *Bonus Mulberry sneaking into the shot from Instagram!

 I think mustard will be the shade of the season this year, if not for everyone else, maybe just for me. Ever since I saw that mustard coat on Lizzie Olsen (see my star style crush up above for deets) I've been obsessed with finding accessories in that shade and the nood ticked that box so it was too good to pass up.
And having it retail at E6 it was just calling to me.

Next up is the newest addition to my necklace collection, and for work or jazzing up a plain outfit these types of costume jewellery is beyond handy. They're cheap, they're cheerful and they last a fairly decent amount of time for the price (this one retailed for E5) it has three colours throughout - rose gold, yellow gold and black with beaded detail and a folding down option for space saving when stored. I love these types of necklaces for work because it allows you a bit of personality in what needs to be a neat and professionally styled outfit.

The new Hask Keratin protein oil isn't something I've tried before (thought I am a huge fan of their other hair oils) so this was a no brainer purchase for me. Have to say, I've only used it once since I've got it but already (as you can hopefully see from the snood pic) my curls look a lot more bouncy and healthy than they were looking before I applied the oil. I'm a fan of anything that says it will save your hair, smooth it out and all without weighing it down. As I have such fine hair, it's always a struggle to find oils that do that but don't leave it looking limp and greasy when I know it's not. This could be a staple, so we shall see!

The two tops I bought were just 'basics' really, nothing to write home (or in a blog about? ;) ) but, necessary all the same. I love purple, it's even the accent colour of my otherwise white and cream bedroom, and I've been adding it slowly but surely to my wardrobe for A/W2013.

Bonus purple in the form of the +Primark online home wears department, with the little Snug pillow. No real science behind the purchase really, it was cute and sweet and I like cute sweet things so why not? Right?

Until next time!


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Primark A/W 2013 Sneak Peek!

Having spotted a few A/W collection online I thought I'd pick out just a few key pieces that I just might have to pick up for the new fashion season. I love my bargain buys, while I do splurge on the higher end stuff from time to time, I like nothing better than a accessible trend and Primark/Penny's allows us recessionistas to do just that!
I can't pass up an bag like this with a chain like that. These types of bags are amazing for everyday, or heading out on walks where you just need some cash and your phone. Light weight and still stylish. Come to me!

What can I say, I'm a sucker for a statement necklace as you well know by now. Costume Jewellery is fab in my book and what better way to experiment with styles than with stunning budget buys like this for under £10

Timeless Wardrobe Alert! The Mac never goes out of style and for shorties like me this cropped version is just perfection! I love the coloring and the contrast buttons as well as the sleeve details

Now I know you're seeing the fringe and wondering if I've fallen down, but no. I'm not a massive fan of fringe but here it seems more understated and less yeeehaw you know? So that's a plus. Besides, my hunt for flat stylish boots is never ending so there's also that!!

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Monday, June 3, 2013

PRIMARK Launches on ASOS

Excited much? I think so! It's always been the one flaw I've had with Primark/Penny's that they didn't have an online shop, but now it seems they are on the road to fixing that! Now all you guys abroad who can't pop into a Primark on the regular for a bargain or ten now have access to some of their items! The ASOS /Primark shop is now open! Happy Shopping!


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Make a Statement!

Make a Statement - With your jewellery that is!

 I have become over the past year nothing short of obsessed with 'statement' pieces when it comes to my accessories. I do not know what it was that clicked for me, maybe it was it becoming a huge trend, maybe it was when I went from blonde to brunette and thus embraced gold again like it was going out of fashion (which it never will!)

 On the other hand, maybe it was all of those things combined, but out of nowhere, I went from a dainty ring / silvers mostly kind of girl, to a big shocking in your face necklace / rings kind of girl. Of course, with this transformation I feel like my clothing style has calmed down a lot more, I’m reaching for more classic, tailored pieces over baggy jeans and clothes that just Do. Not .Fit. 

 I am learning every day though and that is what counts, right? Here are some of the reasons why I love this trend so much and pray it never dies! 
+Rachel Zoe  launched her jewelry line at @Neiman Marcus last summer and it’s all so very Zoe. Chunky and hard to ignore, it’s just like the jewelry she reaches for herself. Big, bold and glam and on the more expensive side of things for those of us on a serious budget, but if the bank account allows, I say go for it! Nicole Richie ( a once upon a time, long time client of Ms Zoe herself) has her House of Harlow line that also does really interesting over-sized pieces like the Starbust ring that I had for a long time before losing it :( )

Here are also some of my +Primark online and +Dorothy Perkins finds that I love too, and on a much more realistic high-street budget if you're just beginning to mess around with pieces like this.

House of Harlow 1960 Starburst Abalon cocktail ring, £65

Dorothy Perkins - Crackle Beads - E26

Rachel Zoe Crystal Bangles.

What are some of your favourite pieces to jazz up the every day? Do you have a favourite Etsy or high-street brand, I'm always looking for ideas so sound off if you have any! :D 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Primark A/W Hits... and misses.

Hi guys! How is the Crimbo shop coming along? Nicely I hope! For me? Hmm, not so much. But I will get organised, or I will be that short girl in a red coat freaking out with a million bags and a million things to wrap come Christmas eve.

But, I'm hoping it won't come to that.

Hoping being the key word here ;)

Anyway, for now let's let the Christmas pressure subside with a peek at the Primark/Penny's A/W12 collection, the hits and sadly the epic misses.

As you can probably tell from my hit picks, I do love myself a good coat - in fact I may be obsessed with coats in general. It is a really good thing I live in a country where it rains and is freezing the majority of the time! But I love a good jacket too, and if the 'leather' one didn't have the fur hood it would have been a serious contender for an all year round every-day jacket. Alas with the fur trim it does sort of limit the wear time to late Autumn and Winter. They have a great Boucle jacket here as well, a great little cheap dupe if you want to emulate the little black jacket from Chanel for example. Or if you just want to chic up a pair of dark jeans and a casual top, it works wonders on smartening up just about any look. The sleeveless tuxedo jacket is so on trend for this season, the whole tux look in general has been making waves since the straight leg trouser has been seen on the likes of model Miranda Kerr and Jessica Alba amongst others. The little tartan skirt caught my eye when I realised that I hadn't worn one of those since I was a little girl, and it might be time to give it another whirl, this time of course without the knee high socks and maryjanes, right?


The cinched in waist on the one over-coat is love, since those coats go wonderful with dresses, jeans, leggings underneath but can sometimes add more bulk to the middle area when we ladies want to still ensure we have a figure where our outerwear is concerned, at least this short-arsed, apple-shaped one of us does ;)  I also love the off-center coat with the zip detail and the very feminine soft pink jumper too which would go fab with jeans on a lazy day. The pink bubble necklace caught my eye since it reminded me so much of the J CREW bubble necklace that retails for over $100. Needless to say the Primark version will be nowhere near that, even after you convert your currency!

And the misses -

Do I have to comment on how unflattering these items are? No, I don't think I do!




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