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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lustable Fashion! The Lust List!

The Lust List for EIC is basically my way of jotting down items I love and filing them away for when I let loose on the purse strings, drain my poor wee bank account, and hit the shops. It's difficult being sensible with money - but it's amazing the things you learn to live without on a resessionista's budget!
For the next splurge I have my eye on these beauties!
 ASOS Popper Front Fit And Flare Mac - £78.78.  I really need a mac coat in my life, I know they are a capsule wardrobe must-have and I want! But, I've forever been annoyed by how standard macs fit me, being a shortie I have to hem everything. This fit and flare from ASOS looks like it might be the perfect shape for me! Definitely on the list! Don't you love it? I looove it.

Another one from ASOS - apparently I have jacket fever tonight, is this babe. 

Now usually I steer clear of beige because when I was a blonde it seriously washed out my already ghost-like shading, but since going back to my roots - literally - I have become more accepting of it, but still waiting. This however is just too cool. I love how effortless it looks, classic with a modern edge for sure.

Debenhams SS13 Vicenza Necklace, £18. You know I love me a crazy statement necklace!

Mango Crystal bib! 

Going dotting for this sleeveless blouse from +Next 
 What's on your Lust List?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ebay 60 percent off sales!

Guys I'm so late on this but if you're floating around online looking for some Christmas shopping ideas, hit up before midnight tonight! I've spotted some amazing bargains for myself and the fam! Happy shopping!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hitting the shops!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the yearly horror of the Christmas shop for me. That time of year when all your own personal desires when it comes to all the things in the tiny stores, the big department stores, and in my case the beauty counters has to be cast aside in favour of what your friends, family and significant other wants or needs for Christmas.

Stressful right?

Little bit.

Which is why this being the first week of November, I aim to start 'early', and get it done at a decent time and leave myself extra time for those forgotten gifts and last minutes nicknacks. Never mind those abnormal people that have their entire Christmas shop for 500 people done by next week, we don't concern ourselves with those highly organized robots! :D

I like to put thought into my Christmas pressies, even for the most distant of friends or family that I haven't seen in ages, which isn't the easiest thing to do when you haven't seen a person from one Christmas to the next, but never let it be said that I would turn down a shopping challenge! Never!

 I've spotted a few things online browsing that I can pin for certain people!And the rest I hope to pick up in person for everyone else, my own 'self gifting' might be another post altogether ;)

Some age old favourite stocking fillers!

 Some posh undies for the men in your life!

Some very cute thin crew necks from for layering underneath the cardi, hoody, or jacket of his choice!

 The 'toggle' coat or what we used to call it the 'duffle' coat when I was a kid is so back on trend this season in both Menswear and Womenswear, I love the nostasgic feeling of the buttons, and just how chic is manages to pull together the most casual of outfits, all the while keeping you super toasty! This one is the JACK & JONES / HENRY WOOL JKT £ 179.95 which I found via !

No stocking is really complete without seemingly useless additions, like sweeties (extra points if they're the corner shop kind that we all still know and love no matter where we've moved to! Cola bottles, jelly rings, the works!) does an array of these little babies!

Love love love!

For the one that loves to cook, why not indulge with Nigellla! Finger licking is optional!

 And one of many ideas for your lovely mum or Gran are these personalised candles! Such a cute idea!

So, that's my little Christmas present inspiration post, I know I'm inspired myself to get cracking, I hope I've inspired you!