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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Style Crush : Olivia Palermo!

Now if you're like me, you know who she is but not exactly what it is she does - other than wear clothes wonderfully. I knew of Ms Palermo from The Hills spin-off The City, a few years ago and while her personality left... a little to be desired on that show, her sense of style was something that no one could really question. Since then she's landed herself modelling contracts for some exciting fashion houses, but generally continues to do whatever it is a fashionable 'socialite' does. Whatever that is.
Anyway enough of that, let's look at some of her recent ensembles!

 From her killer heels on the cobbled streets of NYC to her cool Euro style while on the continent, as well as her thing for super flattering cat-eye shades, she's definately in the top five of my style crushes that's for sure!

Who's your Style Crush ladies, and why!? Sound off below you know I love hearing from you!

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Spring to Autumn/ Winter with this eye-catching trend!

Spring in to Autumn/ Winter because Printed Jeans are still A-okay!

It’s September, so that means it’s more than acceptable to start prepping (if you haven’t already!) for the rest of A/W2012.  As an Irish girl, we tend to have mixed seasons, and lots of rain, even if it’s labelled ‘summer’ or not. So a lot of one’s A/W wardrobe often gets carried through all year around. This is a good thing for me as it gives me an excuse to indulge in some of my favorite accessories, Scarfs. There will be a post on that, don't worry! For now though, let's discuss the Printed Pant Phenomenon.

I disliked the printed jean trend at first. It scared me. I first saw it on girls that didn’t need to be drawing that kind of attention to their legs in any shape, or form. And it put me off a little. Plus being a shortie, I figured 'eh these wouldn't be for me at all!' But, then again I’ve seen them worn ‘properly’ and they’ve looked amazing. By properly I mean with a toned down top and  accessories, letting the crazy print of the jean speak for itself. I would personally never go crazy print top or bottom unless you have the confidence and the attitude to carry it off. As so few of us do. And there are even a few prints out there that work for us of the vertically challenged persuasion, they just tend to be a little calmer rather than crazy.

Here are some of my favorite  muted prints for the colder weather to come.


Miranda Kerr, Oliva Palermo and Katie Holmes are all huge fans!

What do you think?