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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Makeup Revolution London : Radiance Palette Review!

Highlighting became 'Strobing' this year and then it became such a massive 'thing' - the on trend must-do when applying your make up. It's been everywhere and back again, so it's no surprise that the market has been inundated with all kinds of new radiant, highlighting, strobing palettes. I've got my fave few - the old school loves such as the High Beam from +Benefit Cosmetics  or the +MAC Cosmetics Soft&Gentle.

So with the craze still going, I decided to try a more affordable high-street alternative in the form of the +Makeup Revolution  Radiance Palette! I've been so impressed with what I've tried from M.R so far - their eye-shadows are fab and I love their lipsticks too!

So, on to the palette itself.

Utterly gorgeous packaging, and you know how I love me some shiny packaging. Rose gold box with a sleek black hard plastic palette inside, with the signature gold lettering from +Makeup Revolution, inside three separate shades and a full mirror.

 They say : ‘Take Instant RADIANCE Everywhere You Go". Containing our unbelievable Radiant Light Illuminators. So soft and natural, to bring instant illumination to your complexion.
Breathe , Exhale, & Glow sophisticated palette with full-size mirror.
Three shades inside. A gold, a champagne and a pink shade of highlight

Swatch. Subtle highlight
I say : With these highlights I found a few things 1. This is not the mega watt flash of highlight, this is a subtle flush of radiance. So  2. If you're used to or looking for something with massive pigmented pay-off, this might not be for you. But if you are in search of that understated glow this might be the one for you.

The texture of these I have to say, is lovely, super soft and buttery and they don't kick up a lot of powder when used with fingers or a makeup brush = major plus for me! They apply softly, with a powder finish so if you want something stronger you made need to make the application more than once, carefully though, you don't want to look like a flash bulb!

The one major flaw with these I found was their wear time, rather the lack there of. They just didn't last as long as I needed them to. I found that over the top of either a matte foundation, a dewy foundation or a CC cream that they dissolved into my pale, pale skin-tone after a half hour, which, let's be real, isn't ideal.  But for the price point of €8 I believe I paid for this one, it could be worth a try to see for yourself how it might work on you.

It may work better for longer on darker skin tones, or skin types but for me it just didn't have that lasting power I need from my highlight - as gorgeous as they are!


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Back to Blonde & Thursday Faves!

Happy almost Weekend everyone! I hope the last week in Jan has been going good! It's been all go here at EIC! I'm in the middle of planning a wedding with one of my oldest friends, and I honestly never knew how much WORK it was for one day! Insane! Glad I'm not the bride just yet! ;)

#NewHair! I decided this week to take the plunge and go back to blonde again. It's been over three years since I've been this bright and I have to say, I love it! Even though it's that much more difficult to maintain, and I was rocking the dip-dye and then the baylayage look for some time, I was feeling brave and wanted to be brighter! Have you taken the hair plunge lately? If so how did it turn out for YOU?!  A huge thank you to CM Hair for her work on my do!!

#Longhair kinda DO care :D xo

Thursday Faves!!

Two trusted favourites and some newbies for this week in details. I'm never far from my +BourjoisFrance  foundation - one of my all time holy grail products with the Healthy Mix foundation. And my go-to scent recently  from +Juicy Couture  that just gives that fresh spring time smell that is just what is needed for the still-too-dreary Jan days!

The newbies are in the form of the +MAKE UP FOR EVER   Artist plexi-gloss in 202. I love this for shine and texture but there is a slight smell that reminds me of petrol and that's really not nice at all. But the form of the gloss makes up for the scents, but only just.   The two skincare/makeup items are my new +Lancome USA  Hydra-Zen eye cream and the +Clarins  Rouge Eclat in No.13 Woodrose, a really soft, wearable dusky rose that is perfect for every day wear without appearing over done.

Until next time,


F O L L O W O N I N S T A G R A M 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

EIC does NYC

It's been a month since I set off for my first trip to New York - to meet up with friends across the pond. I was anxious of course, flying such a long way alone, a strange city, all that jazz. But, I was also so excited because I love to travel full stop and this was part of a bucket list of places for me, personally, that I wanted to touch base on 'in my 20s'. I was cutting it fine, I turned 30 (that's me sobbing in the distance!) on the 28th of last month, and I won't lie, it's been an adjustment!

But New York City, oh my GOD. I mean, it's iconic for a reason, it's steeped in our culture - countless films, songs, stories all hail from here, about here, because of here. So going there and ticking it off my imaginary bucket list was a fun time for me.
Not too shabby though not for the claustrophobic at times! 
No filter needed #FreedomTower

The site of the Twin Towers was beautiful but extremely eerie. 

Humidity on the water 1. Me 0.
NYC in the palm of my hand, you could say, or at least between my fingers! 

Tipsy @ Top of the Rock!
 The amazing views is what gets you, I mean a city is a city, is a city, but THIS isn't an ordinary city.

As I said before, she's iconic for a reason, and it hits you in the heart from the get go.
I got very attached to my floppy hat! 
 I fell in love basically.  The cheesy tees are right I do heart NY!

Living in Brooklyn, mastering the subway lines, alone (!!!) meeting the people, and seeing the 'real' parts of a city on a trip like this is what made it special. I could have easily just stuck with the big buses of tourists, and tourist trails of shiny NYC to find my way around and what have you - which is fine, but I needed something real. It was a personal test along side a much needed holiday, if I'm being totally honest. And I think I came out the other side a braver person for it.

My friend and her friends, all in one way or another proper locals if you will, intended to make sure I saw my fair share of 'touristy bits' (because hey I've never met a gift shop I didn't love!) but  that the other neighbourhoods beyond just the city itself interested me too - Like Dumbo, which I instantly fell in love with due to the architecture porn around every corner! We hit up Bushwick and I stayed in Crown Heights, loved the hilariously over-priced but very pretty Prospect Park. Brooklyn Heights to views of the East River, and all the other parks in between - Battery Park is beautiful  and something you experience a little of as you board the ferry to Liberty Island and Ellis Island,  as well as the big momma of them all - Central Park.

From the Village to Chelsea, to Governors Island (which I highly rec for a relaxing day on the hammocks - brings snacks!)  to Liberty Island, to Manhattan, and back again. I covered a lot of ground in 8 days, and my legs and knees (the joys of zero cartilage, lemme tell you!) My spirit guide Sarah was thankfully there to guide me through the trickier parts of things, intro me to American  sized food portions (oh,my,god?) and teach me that, yes, I can master the subway system at night. That day drinking is acceptable, people love tattoos and this is a city that gets my sarcasm, and also has a real weird love for Irish people.


A little.

A photo posted by Editor-in-chic (@laurainchic) on

Starbucks and chill in Battery Park
You can't go to NYC and not experience their pizza. Even their worst pizza, I'd imagine is better than our best. It has ruin all overs for me, I won't lie!

The lovely Mandy over at +Gypsy Warrior in NJ! Be sure to check out their online store! So much to love! 

Climbing inside her was a odd experience!! 

Blue skies and education from Ellis Is. +Evelyn Hill | Ellis Island Events  

I'm so glad I went in early Sep. I got the best of the weather (for an Irish girl 33c is enough thank you!) but also the fall of the leaves in all the pretty neighbourhoods <3

Blue skies and Brownstones

Views at dusk from +Central Park 

+Ellis Island 

Golden Hour is natures filter! 

+Prada Bug Lady on the Subway though... 

All the pretty architecture! 

Vegan bites @ChampsDiner

I learned they take their Brunch VERY serious in Brooklyn

Ever feel like you're being watched? 

Spirit guide basically! I have the direction of a drunk hamster!
I did mention the religion that is brunch, right? 
Sarcasm is the best marketing tool ... no?

@CentralPark you beaut <3 I fell in love, even if my legs want to kill me!

+Times Square is an assault on the senses, in the cheesiest touristy way ever. 

All in all like any trip it had it's up and it's downs, but thankfully so many more ups! I met some fantastically creative and positive people, made new friends and caught up with old ones ( PS: a blog post on my first +Reiki Healing  session coming soon!). I experienced a city I've always wanted to see. I can't wait to go back, as with somewhere this innovative and ever changing, there is still a ton for me to do and see, and to check off my little bucket list.

So, until next time, NYC in my 20s was a blast. Let's see how she treats me in my 30s! :D 


Friday, August 21, 2015

Debenhams Foyleside Beauty Night!

A Beauty Haul in a Beauty Hall!
The beautiful view of the Foyle & the Peace Bridge from our meeting spot!
 Last night I had the pleasure of attending a local shopping favourite of mine, Debenhams - Foyleside in Derry City for the relaunch of their new and improved (and sparkly and amazing, let's be real here,) Beauty Hall.  And let me tell you, it was fantastic!

Cupcakes & The Craic
For years +Debenhams , and particularly their beauty floor has been the go-to place for all my cosmetic needs and wants. Recently, with the much anticipated arrival of +MAC Cosmetics (arrived July 17th!) the people at Debenhams-Derry decided that a complete overhaul was called for, and the makeup makeover took place. 

The new Beauty Hall features high end cosmetic brands such as Chanel, Urban Decay, Bare Minerals, Dior, Estee Lauder, Clarins, Lancome and Benefit, and of course, now, MAC!

Sparkle and shimmer from UD's counter + some goodies from the amazing gift bags given!

J'adore <3
The night started off with the #BeautyBloggers being greeted by the lovely PR guru Laura and a select few of the fantastic staff from the store, where they provided us with bubbly, cupcakes, and the buzz about what we'd see on the tour of the over hauled beauty hall. It was also brilliant to get a little catch up with so many of the #FABB ladies from Belfast / around NI that I rarely get the chance to see since all our events are far flung for me where as this was, finally, local! So, getting to see them and to meet some new faces that are blogging out of Derry and the North West is just great!

UD blush heaven!
Swoot Swoo +MAC Cosmetics new makeup vanities 

 We were then walked through the various counters that are available in Debs-Derry and some of the new services they provide. You know, on top of being The Makeup Mecca of the North West now (as dubbed by me, but it seriously is I swear!). 

How cute is this pick N mix from +Clarins ???

At +Benefit Cosmetics we were talked through their newest service in-store waxing! They have a pretty little set up of a private room (Benefit-ed out to the max, you'll even have your own Bene-towels and robes!). This is a great service for anyone on the go, you have a one stop shop - literally - for any necessary waxing, a quick facial, and a professionally applied makeup application all without stepping outside! Here for this! Right?

The Benefit ladies on hand to show us all their new products! So lovely!

Wax on, Wax off!

Hello again!
 The staff on the night could not have been more welcoming or helpful, or generous come to that as we all received multiple gift bags with an array of goodies from the floor. Ranging from Gucci perfumes, Benefit makeup and skincare (the new eye-primer BB cream that I'll be sure to review on here soon!) Urban Decay eye-shadows and blush samples, Clairns skincare perfect plane sized too! Some sweet Origins skin mask and serum samples and a very sleek +Dolce & Gabbana wallet - perfect as a makeup pouch or as I plan to use it, as a wallet for my travel documents and passport when I fly to New York in a few weeks! All to name a few! It was like Christmas, as it was teamed up with a generous £50 voucher for the Beauty Hall - that I didn't have time to spend on the night but as it's local I'll be sure to be back - maybe close to my birthday next month to treat myself!

Such an education over at +Clinique UK !

Big +Origins fan so sampling their newest range is exciting! Love the pale pink too, very sweet.

Urban Decay Makeup Artist at work! <3

Derry already has so much to offer in terms of culture and history that it's wonderful to see from a local perspective, the investments continuing to be made by big companies such as the new addition of MAC and the expansion of already successful businesses such as +Debenhams that employ and empower so many.  

+Benefit Cosmetics UK & Ireland goodies <3

We need a bigger backdrop! :o

So if you haven't already, you definitely should pop in, see the fab staff and treat yourself! There is literally so much to choose from, if you could have spent a day in there before, you could spend a week in there now! 

Thanks for reading!