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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Turn up Tuesday! Jean edition.

Boyfriend, Blue, Ripped, Skinny, Fitted, and Flared… the list of these magical jeans seems endless and timeless and so easily turned up. If you are a shorty like myself this is a very handy trick that thankfully has been back in Vogue for a couple of seasons now, to turn up the bottom of your jeans is A-okay now and no longer a ‘geeky’ ‘out of style’ move to attempt.

Or so they tell me.

Either way it’s wonderful because as a short stack I’m forever in the petite section of clothing stores and even then all jeans end up being just that little bit too long for me if I want to wear flats, it’s a nightmare! So this little trick is so welcomed in the house of EIC, and it’s fantastic that the already pre-turned jean are made ready-to-wear in most high street shops now, ranging from +New Look to @H&M to +Topshop and beyond. They look amazing with heels or wedges (or wedge trainers if you feel so inclined) and of course my cherished and comfy flats. 

So what are the best of the best?

New Look are good at the turn, those their range a little more on the bigger turn up than say Topshop’s LEIGH jean – it sits pre-turned and tiny at the ankle. But if you want them higher up, it’s an easy fix if they aren’t the super skinny type of material – you know the kind that feels like a second skin and makes you feel every single calorie you’ll intake that day?

Yeah, that kind.

I do love them though, and my favourite would have to be the LEIGH from Topshop. As a very recent Topshop jean convert I can say that. Because for years it was a shop I only spent money in if it was on much needed accessories (or their amazing makeup line!) but very rarely did I gravitate toward their casual clothing lines, I don’t know why, but the homeless hipster vibe they give off isn’t really my thing over all. 

BUT their jeans are just amazeballs, with the LEIGH winning out in my mind (or my legs, if you prefer) and I live in my various pairs.

Turn up Tuesday

Beware of vanity sizing though, TS is rampant with it and whatever size you are in one pair of jean may not be what you are in another – trust me! 

What are your favourite jeans on the scene and why?!

EIC/ Laura


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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Style Crush : Olivia Palermo!

Now if you're like me, you know who she is but not exactly what it is she does - other than wear clothes wonderfully. I knew of Ms Palermo from The Hills spin-off The City, a few years ago and while her personality left... a little to be desired on that show, her sense of style was something that no one could really question. Since then she's landed herself modelling contracts for some exciting fashion houses, but generally continues to do whatever it is a fashionable 'socialite' does. Whatever that is.
Anyway enough of that, let's look at some of her recent ensembles!

 From her killer heels on the cobbled streets of NYC to her cool Euro style while on the continent, as well as her thing for super flattering cat-eye shades, she's definately in the top five of my style crushes that's for sure!

Who's your Style Crush ladies, and why!? Sound off below you know I love hearing from you!

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Primark A/W Hits... and misses.

Hi guys! How is the Crimbo shop coming along? Nicely I hope! For me? Hmm, not so much. But I will get organised, or I will be that short girl in a red coat freaking out with a million bags and a million things to wrap come Christmas eve.

But, I'm hoping it won't come to that.

Hoping being the key word here ;)

Anyway, for now let's let the Christmas pressure subside with a peek at the Primark/Penny's A/W12 collection, the hits and sadly the epic misses.

As you can probably tell from my hit picks, I do love myself a good coat - in fact I may be obsessed with coats in general. It is a really good thing I live in a country where it rains and is freezing the majority of the time! But I love a good jacket too, and if the 'leather' one didn't have the fur hood it would have been a serious contender for an all year round every-day jacket. Alas with the fur trim it does sort of limit the wear time to late Autumn and Winter. They have a great Boucle jacket here as well, a great little cheap dupe if you want to emulate the little black jacket from Chanel for example. Or if you just want to chic up a pair of dark jeans and a casual top, it works wonders on smartening up just about any look. The sleeveless tuxedo jacket is so on trend for this season, the whole tux look in general has been making waves since the straight leg trouser has been seen on the likes of model Miranda Kerr and Jessica Alba amongst others. The little tartan skirt caught my eye when I realised that I hadn't worn one of those since I was a little girl, and it might be time to give it another whirl, this time of course without the knee high socks and maryjanes, right?


The cinched in waist on the one over-coat is love, since those coats go wonderful with dresses, jeans, leggings underneath but can sometimes add more bulk to the middle area when we ladies want to still ensure we have a figure where our outerwear is concerned, at least this short-arsed, apple-shaped one of us does ;)  I also love the off-center coat with the zip detail and the very feminine soft pink jumper too which would go fab with jeans on a lazy day. The pink bubble necklace caught my eye since it reminded me so much of the J CREW bubble necklace that retails for over $100. Needless to say the Primark version will be nowhere near that, even after you convert your currency!

And the misses -

Do I have to comment on how unflattering these items are? No, I don't think I do!




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