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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

5 Top Tips To Mind Body & Soul Rejuvenation!

Our Morning View from Yosemite National Park <3
 Self Care has become the buzz phrase of the millennial, and honestly, thank God for that! Given the state of the world, it is one good thing to come from these ~trying times, that taking care of yourself is no longer viewed completely as selfish, or self indulgence. Now I know there are the usual ones. Spend time with friends, treat yourself, all that good stuff, and I support that 1000 % but what else is there?! We are dealing with a lot as a society, and so, when the times get tough here are my TOP FIVE tips for keep on keeping on!

  1. Alternative therapies. For those of us that deal with chronic illness in whatever form it might take, the medical side of things is pretty well covered in our day to day lives. But, let it do it’s job, and maybe indulge in a little peace of mind practice too! I fully recommend finding your local Reiki master and letting go for an hour. If that isn’t your shot of whiskey, then a monthly treat of a little Facial/ Spa treatment works wonders! Nothing some deep breathing, some microdermabrasion, with anything lavender, and rose can’t at least put into perspective!  Let’s literally stop and smell the roses, people, even if you’re smearing it all over your face! Oxygenate your skin, get that glow on the outside and it’ll make it’s way inside!

    Currently loving! 

    The +Lush Belfast  Rosy Cheeks Face Mask for that amazing DIY facial experience. It smells SO good, and it works wonders for dehydrated skin, acne scars and it really does give you rosy cheeks!

  1. Manifestation. Day Dream, basically. Do what they told you to stop doing in school. Binaural Music helps amazingly with those of us that deal with anxiety to sit back and drift away for ten or sixty minutes ;) Or if that doesn’t suit you, why not find your favourite new Podcast and learn something new, my latest fave has been from the Crooked Media Group with Pod Save America, and Lovett or Leave it!

  1. Earphones in, Trainers on, Walk a mile in your own shoes. FRESH AIR. It doesn’t have to be a mile. It could be more, it could be less than a ten minute dander around your neighbourhood. Regardless of what it is, getting outside and getting that fresh air is a must. I sometimes find myself reclusive, when my CP is acting up and my pain levels are just too high, or it’s raining, or there’s a new episode of that show I like or there's work to do … or … you know what I mean, any excuse is a good excuse. But, I do try and force myself to do this, because I always feel somewhat better afterward and I hope you would too!

  1. Read. Just do it (Nike Swoosh for dramatics). Find something you love, fictional or biographical, or somewhere in between, and let it cocoon you in another world for a little bit.

    Currently Reading: 

  1. Plan! I’m big on planning, not only does it help to minimise that tricky anxiousness, but it’s also fun. Planning travel to me, is almost as fun as the travel itself (Almost!) For the big Roadtrip this past spring from Ireland-Vegas-Cali it took months of prep and bookings and mapping out our days, and our nights, and where we wanted to see and where we didn’t. But, in the end it was completely worth it, as we each got to tick off places on our bucket list we’d done before, and all of us are planning a return trip in the near future. So, for me at least, it’s the little things that keep you looking ahead for the positives, could be a big dream trip, or it could be a weekend in the countryside, or on a beach an hour from home. Whatever it is, you can make it great if you think you can, you will! 

    Lots of Love, 


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

In the past year I’ve grown weary with my focus on just Beauty & Skincare on my blog.

Basically, I want to use this site to explore all the loves in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I still adore all things makeup & taking care of your skin, & I will continue to talk your ear off on those subjects, however I want to sprinkle other things in here too.

I hope you don’t mind!

I love home decor, & TV and Film ( a little I’ve touched on in the past, it was part of my degree after all!)  I love to travel, & I love to wine & dine with friends. So! Coming in 2017, Editor In Chic will have more of all of those things! Stick around, it’s about to get REAL! 😀

Ps. Thank you to the almost- 900,000– visitors, and over 2000 social followers to Editor-in-Chic in the past, it is utterly amazing to me that anyone saw anything I had to say, that many times – so much love ❤

Monday, July 27, 2015

Tan Talk : Bellamianta Luxury Tanning.

Hi guys! It's smack dab in the middle of summer now, no doubt about it. We've bought new clothes, embraced the sandal season, lightened our hair and tanned our skin...

All naturally, right?

Well, since this is Ireland (and N.Ireland!) and this is pretty much what OUR summer looks like -

 We might be needing a little extra help when it comes to getting that sun-kissed tan!

This is why I'm super excited to introduce a new luxury brand of self tanning that allows you that summer glow of a two week lounge by the pool in just under sixty seconds!


This homegrown luxury brand is based and manufactured in Ireland. Provides clean, nutritious, luxury tanning products that are formulated with the cleanest ingredients without compromising on performance.

Their aim was to build skincare that provides built in nourishment, hydration that is extremely fast drying to produce a streak free, beautiful, summer ready tan for those of us who just can't sit still! 

With a develop time of just over 2-4 hours for full end result colour, it also guarantees no transfer on to clothes, resulting in a perfectly natural, golden tone in harmony with you own skins natural shade. It also promises a water resistant finish that will last up to 7 days!

The amazing women behind this new product are putting their 20 years’ experience in the beauty industry to good use in delivering a product that is not only all of the above but free from all the nasty stuff that hides so easily in our daily beauty routines.

With Bellamianta you can ensure your streak free fake bake will be free from the following :
  • Parabens
  • Harsh Chemicals
  • Genetically modified ingredients (GMO’s)
  • Parfume
  • Alcohol
  • Animal derivatives
  • Petrochemicals
  • Sulphates
  • Silicones
I was lucky enough to be sent some of this product before it's official launch on Aug.1st, and I've spent the weekend testing it out for you guys!

 Complete with this sweet lux black velvet mitt - that feels so amazing on your skin. I was ready to get started!

A little hilarious before and directly after one application. Yes I am that white. Yes you can laugh!

Processing time - No  baking biscuit smell, no streaking, no patch panic! 

The next morning dressed and ready with a subtle olive toned tan that suited my original skin tone. No tango tan in sight!

All in all three days after first applying I can safely say I've showered (patted dry mind you!) and lived life with a streak free tan in the utterly endless pouring rain (!!) and more than one person has complimented the natural finish, and even asked if I'd been abroad! (Hastag Winning!)

This is definitely a keeper!

You guys can go show the Bella ladies some love over on or if you're on Facebook or Twitter go give them a wee like and a follow too, you won't regret it!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Clarins Instant Concealer Review - with added Irish Humour!

Hi guys!

I'm back with this little beauty of a find that I picked up over Christmas.

The Clarins Instant concealer. 

Shame on me as I had no idea this was floating around since late 2013? And as a fan of +Clarins UK  that is a shame on me because I should have seen it, but missed it! Not anymore! Oh it's just so lovely you guys. It's very smooth and creamy though really a liquid application that offers medium coverage when set.
Now two of my faves from this brand together - Both in the shade 01!

Consistency is creamy and blends well against veins and blue skin colouring

See? No veins! Let's not comment on how pale the rest of me is compared to their palest shade shall we? So place I'm almost see through eeeek!!
My main under eye issue is that 'sunken' look you get some times from being dehydrated and sleep deprived and all the other things that life throws at you, not so much the blue/dark under circle issues but more the 'oh dear she's near death??' looks if I go without makeup because team that with the super pale skintone ... well it's a bit of a shock let's not lie! But I was really surprised by the transformation. Meaning, I actually had some blue tones that I just wasn't covering properly because the out come of this vs the others that don't tone that down?

Sort of stunningly different!

So, I loved the idea of trying this repeatedly and wore it all through out January just to see - as it promises not to crease and so far I haven't had an issue with creasing or drying out. Because of this I would wager that it's a good one for us dry-skin types or mature-lady skin types as well, as it won't sit in the fine lines around that area nor will it settle and do that awful 'crack' thing concealers with a decent coverage tend to do sometimes, you know? It's that the worst kind of crack?Minus-Craic as we say! (Craic, it's an Irish thing you're with me here right?) It also states that it promises to 'revive' tired eyes. As I've been unwell lately, I certainly have put that to the test, and honestly beyond the sniffles, no one even guessed so there you go!

Ps. Adopt the 'pat,pat,pat' way of applying this and it will go miles more on such little product as opposed to the swipe and rub motion!

My only con to this would be their shades are very, very limited. Which is a shame for my darker skinned ladies and just baffling to me, because everyone needs to be able to benefit from under eye goodness right?? Get on that Clarins!! :o

EXTREME CLOSE UP WAYNE'S WORLD STYLIE. But a well blended finish me thinks, even in super bight lighting and taken with my phone. Sorry HD cam is on the blitz :((