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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Spring / Summer blush edit!

Spring has sprung... at least for the rest of the world I hear it has, for Ireland, as per usual, not so much springing as pouring! But at least one thing springs eternal and that's hope, hope that someday soon the sun remembers our tiny little isle and comes for a visit. In the vain of hope we shop! We  shop for spring dresses and shoes, and of course as a beauty blogger, we shop for makeup all with that lovely fresh, new, lively spring feeling. Gone are the dark shades we embraced in winter, the deep berry tones, the vixen reds, and in with the corals, pinks and highlights.
Oh, and bronzer too. Can't forget the bronzer after months in the dark, can we? We don't want to scare small children when the sun does start to shine again and people can see our face more clearly, so bronzer is a must! My Spring/Summer edit is as follows!

MUA Cream Blush Perfection in the shade  - Bonne Mine
MAC powder blush in the shade - Dame
Bourjois Délice de Poudre 
MUA Undress Your Skin - Shimmer Highlighter
Maybelline Dream Touch Blush in the shade 06

 If you guys follow me on Instagram you'll have already seen the MUA purchases and the Bourjois too I think, when I picked them up a couple of weeks back. I have to say I really do love MUA, for such a cheap as chips price range the actual range of products and how they work is amazing. Usually it's one of those things with makeup, you get what you pay for and the cheaper end products are usually a bit... you know... meh? But so far with the MUA bits I've tried, I'm pleasantly surprised.

 I'm a little guilty of never really straying that far from the spring edit all year around. Mainly because shades like this really do bring the face to life - that forever youthful, walk-in-fresh-air look we're all after all the time is usually just a blend away if you choose the right shade for your skin tone. Being pale it's easy for me to gravitate towards the lighter shades of pink and coral to get that colour back in my cheeks while still appearing natural. I love Spring and Summer for those excuses alone, that and the 'all natural' look in makeup becomes the way of life because we just want to make the most of the good weather and our plans don't really fit into spending more than ten minutes painting our faces, right?

The MAC - Dame is one of the few powder blushes I own, and I've had it for about a year now (can you tell by how ever-so-slightly grubby it looks? Sorry!) and it's definitely one of the ones I go to for that 'flush' of life on the apples of my cheeks with minimal face and eye makeup, it works wonders for a powder - even on my dry / dehydrated skin! 

The full review on the Dream Touch Blush can be found here.

+BourjoisUK Blush and Bronzer I picked up from @BootsUK a couple of weeks ago now, on a whim as you do and for me this is the first coral shade I've gone for in a long time - with the Bonne Mine - and I have to say I really do love it. The little pots that have been around since the 1800s really do deserve their longevity in terms of great pigment, great application (complete with tiny little oval shaped application brush) and just a great price point in general. The bronzer is very pigmented too for a highstreet brand which I found surprising. I have to go a little easier on this one than I might do with say my Urban Decay baked bronzer, as I said it's mostly because of how pale I am and I don't want to look too 'over done' on a daily basis. It does however make a fantastic contour colour for me, and I've been taking advantage of that a lot in the past couple of weeks. Be careful with contouring though, if it's just minimal every day makeup you're used to doing, with that you can escalate quickly from subtle contour to ... Kim Kardasian with just a sweep of a brush. So pay attention when doing that! 

 The two MUA products I picked up ( I also picked up a contour eyebrow pencil too which I might do a full review on if you guys are interested?) I picked up the cream blush because, well, I'm a sucker for creme / cream blushes in general and for the price points (I think it was less than a fiver for each product, which I mean, come on! How could you not?) and I fancied giving them a go. So far I find the creme/ cream blush to be super blendable, however it doesn't really have very much staying power throughout the day. I guess that's to be expected, there has to be some drawbacks to it being such an affordable product, but for the price really, would you mind reapplying once or twice through the work day for what you've paid for your wee blush? I know I don't mind! I wear it, and then dot the highlighter over the top. 

Now, the @MUA highlighter is the first time in a long time that I've deviated from my usual (Benefit - Highbeam) mostly because nothing really lived up to that - and it was a creme/creamy texture too. But! This caught my eye and I'm so glad it did. For £2 I think it was? It's a really great product I've gotten so many compliments on my new glow and my healthy look since wearing this on a daily basis and I was so pleased because it literally took two seconds to apply and that - unlike the blush- really did I found have good staying power throughout the day.

Big thumbs up on all my new buys - and some old ones too! What's your Spring / Summer Blush edit? Sound off below or follow me : 

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See you soon peeps! 


Monday, April 15, 2013

#Makeup Monday! : Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer.

Hi guys! Day two of Theme Week and we have #Makeup Monday! I have to share with you one of my 'holy grail' products - in fact this entire line of products earn a rightful place on that list, but this in particular is the latest addition! The +Bourjois Paris Deutschland. For the longest time I had issues with conclear, as most of us do from time to time, but because I never knew my 'type' of skin I was using products too drying for the skin type I'm stuck with and thus making it so much worse. That went on for a few years, before I really began getting into skincare and makeup and started really paying attention, from then on out I've tried to make more educated choices and not just pick something because 'ooh pretty' - but to be honest that wins out every now and again, I won't lie!

With the Healthy Mix range I've fallen in love with the original foundation ( a staple!) and even the serum (which apparently is better for my skin type but I still prefer the original, personal preference an all that jazz) and now the concealer.

I purchased the lightest shade (51) as we know it's for my Casper skin tone, so the lightest fits perfectly on me. In the photos (I blame my crappy lighting, sorry!) It appears a little more yellow toned than it is in real life and in day light for that matter, but trust me if you are a pale chick like me these are plenty pale!

Everyone and their Mamma knows what a fantastic brand Bourjois is, I mean it's been on the go since the 1800s and there are not very many brands today that can claim that kind of longevity, so they must be doing something right, right?

Damn right.

I stopped using their foundations to try others this past few weeks, and as far as highstreet available brands are concerned this is my favourite - I'm not scared to say it, they're THAT good.

The conclear itself goes on smooth, and creamy with a rich texture of satin as it glides on the under eye and on any discolouration or blemishing you may have. It's so light it almost fades like moouse, but it doesn't feel sticky or heavy at all and for someone with dry skin this is a God send.  Basically if you haven't given this brand a chance, you need to experiment with a company that have been serving us ladies since before your Granny's Granny was in lipstick!


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Friday, April 12, 2013

Question Asked : Can you reccomend a Primer?

I receive a few messages via email and on Tumblr mostly every now and again on what kind of makeup I use or skincare I prefer, and tonight I got this on possibly recommending a skin primer. Without much detail to go on, I could only give a couple of my favourites. Hope it helps you guys on the hunt for the next big primer in your life too!Featuring +Boots UK +Avon Ireland +MACMAKEUP MAC
If you have any questions or comments on what I post here on on Tumblr, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

EIC / Laura
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Sunday, March 10, 2013

At home spa treatment – Bath time!

At home spa treatment – Bath time!

As someone always looking for a way to pamper herself, and what girl isn’t let’s be honest, I love finding new and admittedly cheap (preferably free) ways of doing so. Therefore any and all ‘at home’ treatments will probably be tried and tested by myself or my friends at some point. The latest in the line of faking it until I make it (or at least book that spa appointment) is having a deep, hot bath filled with Magnesium flakes and or Epsom salts. I usually use Radox for tired muscles or some nourishing kind of bath oil for my Irish weather affected skin such as the JoMalone Red Roses bath oil, which is just … god it just smells so good. However, I’m almost done so I’ve been using it so sparingly to make it last until the next time I’m in Belfast perhaps and can smell my way to a new and different scent. But, the Epsom salt magic is really amazing for me. 

Basically, I have health issue that affects my legs, knees, and muscles and sometimes they become so tight and painful that it makes walking difficult. I’ve found that a scalding hot (no really, as hot as you can stand it) bath with two cups of this tends to put me somewhat to rights for a small amount of time if nothing else! It is great for runners or those who take their workouts seriously as well; reviving those tired muscles like it’s nobody’s business. What else it does and this was something I only found out recently is that it aids, rather effectively in weight loss. 

Apparently, it’s a trick that horse jockey’s use before a weigh-in to drop to their desired weight before a race – I guess depending on how often you indulge and how much product used it can increase weight-loss from anywhere between 1lb and 5lbs. But again I’m no expert on this and don’t weigh myself enough to know if it’s working like that for me, but I googled and apparently it’s a trick used, so nothing at all concrete don’t source me if it doesn’t work that way for you! It will work for your muscles though, that teamed with a drop or two of your favourite bubble bath or oil, and I know at least in my experience you get out feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

If you guys have any recommendations on a different oil that you love, leave some suggestions in the comments, I’d love to hear from you all! 



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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Product Review : Elemis.

                       #Elemis Fresh Skin Scrub Review:

This tiny little gem came with the January @GlossyBoxUK, so I have been using it for a little over a month now, and I have to say, I love it!

I have extremely sensitive, dry/dehydrated skin, so my search for the right scrub that will do a good scrubbing job without breaking me out is seemingly never ending. I can usually tell within one or two uses if something is going to suit my skin type or not, and since I’ve been using this every other day for over a month, I think it’s safe to say I might have found one that will be on the ‘keeping’ list.

This came in a 30ml size, and after many uses of this it still has about a quarter of the tube left. It feels amazingly refreshing on the skin and when used with my new No.7 beauty brush it just feels heavenly, leaving nothing behind but baby soft skin! It smells primarily of mandarins, so that refreshing orange scent is the first thing I noticed, after that notes of cherry (from the cherry powder ingredient I assume) is the next thing to hit the scenes as the tiny jojoba beads do their magic and exfoliate your skin.

 I have been using this as the next step in my nightly makeup removal routine, just to give it that extra bit of cleansing and I have found from I started using it my skins has actually broken out less, and it even has a much brighter appearance without makeup than it had before.  I will absolutely be purchasing the 100ml of this if I can get my hands on it, if you got it in your Glossybox what were your thoughts on it? Have you tried it or any of the other Elemis products before? I have not, but now they definitely have my attention!




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