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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Product Review : Elemis Fresh Skin!

Elemis skincare – one of the UK's leading luxury skincare brands have a new project, and it’s one that I couldn’t be happier about. They are in the middle of launching their newest line of skincare products for those of us coming out of our teens and into our twenties where we are as they say stuck in the ‘in-between’ period of skincare – something I definitely agree with. I found in my teens my skin was manic, with hormones and school stress as well as being a teenager in general and just the everyday confusion that comes with that time. I found my skincare routine was beyond misinformed. So, I love that large luxury  brands like Elemis is targeting this period in our lives and attempting to improve the knowledge out there for girls in their teens, before their precious teenage skin is ruined by chemical filled products that can do more long term damage than we realise at that age.

Now, it is safe to say I said a thankful goodbye to my angst-filled teen years a while ago at this stage. But still, as a twenty-something with what seems to be lifelong sensitive skin (thanks, genetics!) that spa brands with excellent reputations such as Elemis are coming up with something that treats my skin for its age and not just ‘anti-aging’ or ‘youth-activating’ or whatever the tagline might be this month.

 Products designed for the stage of our skin, at the stage of our lives right now.

We have ‘Fresh Skin’ by Elemis. It’s a range of ten products aimed at the market of us ‘in-betweeners’ and so far I’ve tried three of the ten products and I am really impressed. The first of course was via @GlossyboxUK in form a of a sample sized scrub (Review Here) which I have since re-purchased because not only does it smell divine but it doesn’t break me out (score!). Next up I have tried out two more products in the form of the *Dreamy Sleep Night-Time Moisturiser, and the *Super Boost Moisturising Serum. 

First up I tried the serum, as I am a huge advocate in my circle of friends for the benefits of a good serum for dry/dehydrated skin, I cleansed and toned and set about using a pump or two of this by patting the product into my skin as opposed to rubbing it in. I like it better this way as I feel it gives the product more time to rest on the skin and sink in more naturally instead of harshly rubbing and buffing in. Having been using this daily for over a week now, I can say that it really does add a bit of a ‘boost’ to the skin, particularly to naked skin and I even got some compliments when I wore it under my makeup instead of using my regular moisturiser. 

Never a bad thing, right?! 

Next up was the night cream, and I have to admit I have been a bit lacking when it comes to really doing much in the form of nighttime skin care. I mean, I always try to remember to take my makeup off, but we are all guilty of forgetting (or you know, being too lazy…tell me I am not alone on this one!) to take it off, but really my usual routine is that at best at night. I had been sort of kidding myself in that I didn’t need any night time creams, until now.

 I think I’ve seen the light on this part of skin care to be honest, I didn’t really think a night cream could make that much of a difference to my skin, particularly as quickly as it has, but using the Dreamy sleep I have noticed a huge difference in the state of my skin first thing in the morning. I’m noticing that the over-all redness is less so, and the hydration levels seem better, at least my skin feels super soft and supple in the am, and that’s pre-any makeup etc.

Nothing about the products really put me off, they smell lovely (like the scrub too, so I’m sensing that their overall scents are all similar fruity /fresh), they don’t break me out or leave redness or a heavy feeling on my skin and they’ve improved the texture of my skin and the look. What more could I ask for really? Right? If you're looking for an affordable range of skincare with a luxury backing, this would be it for sure!

Do you have a favourite Elemis product? If so what is it! Let me know!!


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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Product Review : Elemis.

                       #Elemis Fresh Skin Scrub Review:

This tiny little gem came with the January @GlossyBoxUK, so I have been using it for a little over a month now, and I have to say, I love it!

I have extremely sensitive, dry/dehydrated skin, so my search for the right scrub that will do a good scrubbing job without breaking me out is seemingly never ending. I can usually tell within one or two uses if something is going to suit my skin type or not, and since I’ve been using this every other day for over a month, I think it’s safe to say I might have found one that will be on the ‘keeping’ list.

This came in a 30ml size, and after many uses of this it still has about a quarter of the tube left. It feels amazingly refreshing on the skin and when used with my new No.7 beauty brush it just feels heavenly, leaving nothing behind but baby soft skin! It smells primarily of mandarins, so that refreshing orange scent is the first thing I noticed, after that notes of cherry (from the cherry powder ingredient I assume) is the next thing to hit the scenes as the tiny jojoba beads do their magic and exfoliate your skin.

 I have been using this as the next step in my nightly makeup removal routine, just to give it that extra bit of cleansing and I have found from I started using it my skins has actually broken out less, and it even has a much brighter appearance without makeup than it had before.  I will absolutely be purchasing the 100ml of this if I can get my hands on it, if you got it in your Glossybox what were your thoughts on it? Have you tried it or any of the other Elemis products before? I have not, but now they definitely have my attention!




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