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Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Few Festive Faves!

The tree is up, the fire is keeping us toasty, all the lights are twinkling and the angelic little decoration rests atop the tree. And you may or may not have had the Kelly Clarkson Christmas album on repeat for days ...  Lovely, right? So lovely. But that's not all there is to it, there's also people - lots and lots of them if you're like me that require gifts for the festive 'everyone you know and a few you don't comes to visit' period.

If like me 2014 was a bit of a roller-coaster, it's a great opportunity to push yourself into the spirit of things around you and attempt to see the year out on a more positive note. And what a better way of doing that than gifting and stocking filling for the ones you love, the ones that have seen you through the previous 12months with some of the cutest items out there?

First up is an adorable site I found earlier in the year on the hunt for a new phone case - +Society6 offers the most creative designs from Geek to Chic in Women's, Men's, Home &Accessories. Shops and artists from all over the world contribute and let me tell you, I've lost an hour or two there browsing for unique home accessories or some sweet and environmentally friendly shopping totes!
Today they have a fab deal on their totes including $5 off AND free worldwide shipping, so get on that! I may or may not have sneaked a little tote as a treat for myself.


Cute though, right?

Speaking of phone covers, I've become a bit of a addict of late. I chop and change far too much but there are just so many, and they're all beautiful. I'm currently rocking the shiny shield from +Captain America: The Winter Soldier which is just a little bit geeky but rather bad-ass looking if I do say so myself. (A+ film as well, check it out, one of the best of 2014!)But for gifting I've chosen the sweet and chic case from +kate spade new york via which is just beautiful and something I wouldn't mind finding in my stocking come Christmas morning!

On the cosmetics side of things, 2014 was another year of trial and error with makeup and skincare. But the fight continues, right? Two of my favourites this year (one based on packaging alone, because I am a magpie apparently) is the forever fave of +Benefit Cosmetics - Everything they do somehow becomes a favourite, and as much as I love a dupe every now and then I find it hard to give up my Beneobsession for anything. A great stocking filler I found is their Sugarlicious Deliciously nude…lip & cheek kit £25.50. Perfect for the fashionista among your ranks (or you know, a gift to yourself because hey, why not?) who wants to try out the mini versions of timeless classics such as their -
  • Benetint rose-tinted lip & cheek stain
  • High beam luminescent complexion enhancer
  • Sugarbomb "sugar rush flush" face powder
  • Ultra plush sugarbomb lip gloss
The second one was all +Agent Carter's fault or more so Hayley Atwell and her twittering for introducing me to the +Besame Cosmetics that they use for character and for the new show coming in January. The 40s look in makeup has always been a favourite of mine, and her look is just so flawlessly done - and we share a skintone and hair colouring so it's always good to know what might work on me from little details like that. The Besame cosmetics are so unique, they are packaged as if they came straight from the 40s and 50s, and their quality is simply stunning. On my wishlist is the 40s perfection that is the Red Velvet lippy! But check out their authentic style of mascaras and press powders. Perfect for that little something different that no one else is sure to have thought of! 

The splurge item on the list is of course the flawless @JoMaloneLondon. For obvious reasons  really - her scents are just amazing and long lasting, and the candles - while expensive are a real treat and a tiny luxury that is sure to be cherished!

Everyone, man woman or child in my opinion should have a cashmere scarf in their wardrobe. Not only are they incredibly soft, cosy and long lasting, but chances are they're super stylish as well. The one I chose for the list comes from +Nasty Gal in a nude/pink check pattern that is sure to compliment just about every coat/jacket combo and will surely keep you looking put together and polished even when there is no time for effort at all! Plus, did I mention softer than a kitten? Yes please.

The two final items are ones I have already and love - the Ugly Christmas Jumper has become somewhat of a thing this past few years, and love them or loathe them, they are EVERYWHERE. I was partial to this red one from with a quote from a childhood classic Home Alone. It's cute without being too in your face, or so I tell myself. Either way it works out great for that Ugly Christmas Jumper 'night out' that everyone and their mother seems to be doing now too.

Clubbing in a jumper, is this 1990? Apparently!

And last but not least, a little sweet Karma. Via these simple but elegant pieces go with every outfit, casual to formal they are delicate and beautiful and averaging around €30+ a gift that's sure to impress!

(Olaf included only if you sit to watch Frozen for the nine millionth time, sorry folks!)

Whatever you're getting up to this Holiday season I hope you do it happily, safely and full of love.

Till next time!


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Of Belfast, Northern Ireland, Christmas Markets & Mumford & Sons.

Myself in a horse-shaped hat! As you do!

This weekend was a busy one for me and a few friends as we traveled down to Belfast for the Mumford &Sons concert that was playing on Saturday night at the Odyssey. We had sprung for VIP tickets, and never was I as glad that I overpaid for something as I was that night. The seats were wonderful, as was the bar treatment and the meal, not to mention the show itself. If you are a fan of Mumford, I strongly recommend seeing them live at some point; I promise you will not regret it! The most incredible atmosphere I think I have ever experienced at a concert! 

However, before and after said concert we indulged in a little last minute Christmas shopping, and it was our first time to visit the Continental Market that visits Belfast every year around this time.
The market itself is filled with various stalls from all around the world, all of them offering a taste of somewhere new and exciting. The majority were food stalls, and if you are brave, there were many stalls with some … unusual items on sale. Kangaroo burgers, I’m looking at you! Nevertheless, if you aren’t so adventurous there are tons of other stalls offering everything from crafts, gardening accessories & plants, clothes, hats, shoes! You name it; they have it, from around Europe and beyond these stalls offer the causal Northern Ireland shopper a little something from abroad, right at home. German beers and Bratwurst to Spanish Paella, Waffles, Crêpes and Dutch pancakes, Cakes, Cheese, the list is endless it really is, and if you’re hungry enough your palate will thank you for a number of new experiences!
Here are just a few of my snaps from the weekend!

  Have you been to the market, or Belfast at Christmas? What did you think of it?! Let me know!!

I went a little shopping mad too while there, my bank account is just not very happy right now!

                                          Real Techniques Core Collection. I've been wanting to get my hands on the full collection for a while now, finally have!  : Buy here! 
 Figuier Coloured Scented Candle : DIPTYQUE : Buy here!
Chanel ~surprise~ ;) 

Chanel Nail Varnish in 08 - Pirate. It's glorious! Buy here! 

Benefit gift set! Buy here! 

How cute is this? I love it, It's adorable, and so cosy too with legging and boots. I spotted it in New Look and just had to have it, given my love for my pets ;) Buy here!

This one is New Look too - find it HERE.
Remember Moomin? Moomin flasks from TOPSHOP, but I can't find it online :(
Victoria Sq Christmas decor, very festive, very chic!

Bonus: Half naked Irish men, singing for a good cause! Merry Christmas!! xox

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Primark A/W Hits... and misses.

Hi guys! How is the Crimbo shop coming along? Nicely I hope! For me? Hmm, not so much. But I will get organised, or I will be that short girl in a red coat freaking out with a million bags and a million things to wrap come Christmas eve.

But, I'm hoping it won't come to that.

Hoping being the key word here ;)

Anyway, for now let's let the Christmas pressure subside with a peek at the Primark/Penny's A/W12 collection, the hits and sadly the epic misses.

As you can probably tell from my hit picks, I do love myself a good coat - in fact I may be obsessed with coats in general. It is a really good thing I live in a country where it rains and is freezing the majority of the time! But I love a good jacket too, and if the 'leather' one didn't have the fur hood it would have been a serious contender for an all year round every-day jacket. Alas with the fur trim it does sort of limit the wear time to late Autumn and Winter. They have a great Boucle jacket here as well, a great little cheap dupe if you want to emulate the little black jacket from Chanel for example. Or if you just want to chic up a pair of dark jeans and a casual top, it works wonders on smartening up just about any look. The sleeveless tuxedo jacket is so on trend for this season, the whole tux look in general has been making waves since the straight leg trouser has been seen on the likes of model Miranda Kerr and Jessica Alba amongst others. The little tartan skirt caught my eye when I realised that I hadn't worn one of those since I was a little girl, and it might be time to give it another whirl, this time of course without the knee high socks and maryjanes, right?


The cinched in waist on the one over-coat is love, since those coats go wonderful with dresses, jeans, leggings underneath but can sometimes add more bulk to the middle area when we ladies want to still ensure we have a figure where our outerwear is concerned, at least this short-arsed, apple-shaped one of us does ;)  I also love the off-center coat with the zip detail and the very feminine soft pink jumper too which would go fab with jeans on a lazy day. The pink bubble necklace caught my eye since it reminded me so much of the J CREW bubble necklace that retails for over $100. Needless to say the Primark version will be nowhere near that, even after you convert your currency!

And the misses -

Do I have to comment on how unflattering these items are? No, I don't think I do!




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