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Saturday, February 13, 2010

What to look forward to : Spring/Summer 2010 Trends

Designer Dibs.
With the recession still in the forefront of our minds and let’s face it, our bank balance as well, impulse buys have to now more than ever be few and far between. So now more than ever the important thing to do when we see various trends from a number of designers popping up here and there, is to plan with a little imagination. 

If like me you live with daily designer envy on an extremely high street budget you possibly already know the trick. Take your inspiration from the big wig fashion houses and what they tell us we should be wearing ( because clearly without them…HOW would we know what to put on our backs *side eye*)

Chanel tells us with their Spring / Summer collections - through the eyes of  Dolly Jones(Vogue) that we can expect a softer gentler side to our trends with “the clothes comprised pale pink, black and white silk ribbons that had been woven into tweed jackets with ragged edges, pale tan patchwork suede skirts and fluffy woven chiffon jackets that featured a touch of sparkle at the edge”
Sparkly tweed? How many of us can rock that look? This thankfully isn’t your granny’s tweed, this is after all Chanel. High hemlines, chunky clog heels that means no death defying stiletto madness, well tailored femininity? Sign me up.


It also seems that the desire for the loud proud headache inducing colouring of last summer is thankfully some might say, not being revisited this coming season. Instead "the big story for summer though, is nudity - the vast majority of shows opened with nude, ice-cream colours, making cut and drapery the big style statements as opposed to eye-popping colours. Where last summer we obsessed about colour blocking, next will be about subtleties of tone: nude with peach with washed out nutmeg, or grey with icy blue." (Dolly Jones). She says that Stella McCartney as well as Fendi offer the clearest examples of this thus far.

We can see this clearly bleeding into the high street already as winter fashions slowly edge out in anticipation for the summer months. With Topshop showing pieces with the new rules in mind.Just a handful of the ideas coming at us in the next few months...Ah, bring on the summer...Now If we could only find some SUN.