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Monday, December 7, 2015

Le Blush Creme De Chanel - My most reached for blush this Autumn!

 As a fan of Creme Blush in general I was excited to try these Chanel Creme Blushes that I received as a gift from a friend for my 30th birthday in September (Thank you, Sherry!).

I adore Chanel's makeup line anyway, but I absolutely acknowledge that some of their products fall flat, while others (like these!) are wonderful in doing what they say they will and sticking true to their promise.

As I am a pale, blue-toned, Irish-skin-having-Irish-girl, these shades do work perfectly on my complexion, and their creme to powder formula perfect for those of us with a dry/dehydrated skin texture.

The two pinkish shades this time, a bright and blue toned baby pink experience with the Affinite (65), and a deeper raspberry toned flush with the Chamade (67) have been on my most-reached-for list since I received them, the creme to powder perfect for building as much, or as little product as you want or need. I tend to go easy on the blush, using only a flush here or there to highlight my cheek bones, and give a healthy colour to my otherwise at times Casper-esq skintone.

 +CHANEL promises a "A melt-away texture with a silky feel. Vibrant, luminous shades with a satiny finish." And they don't lie with these. The coverage is barely there (easily build-able), if you apply it with a soft touch - I like to use my +realtechniques buffing brush to apply and and buff into the skin so that it leaves no harsh lines, and is completely blended into my cheeks for the most natural finish possible.

But you can, if you so desire, layer these bad boys on and look a little crazy and I for one certainly won't judge you, because hey, sometimes you just want really rosy cheeks, right?

Ok so maybe NOT like this... 

But no, seriously though...

The coverage was tested on several occasions for me, and most recent being a wedding where I had to be on the go for at least 12 hours, and I needed something that as my skin is rather dry - particularly at this time of year, I needed something that wouldn't budge but continue to look *jazz hands * luminous. And as I checked my makeup several times throughout the night, my lipstick needed a few applications. My blush and base did not!

Tiny swatch test on my ghostly skin. Baby Pink or Raspberry it's nice to have a choice! 
This range comes in six shades over all, and these two in particular I find could carry you though a few seasons as they are diverse enough that light applications and the overall look of the rest of your makeup could take you very easily from Autumn /Winter into Spring/Summer. And even though they were a lovely birthday present I'd be happy to pay for the rest now that I know the +CHANEL formula works with my skin and works so well!



Sunday, October 27, 2013

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Star Style Crush! Lizzie Olsen!

Now you know if you follow my tumblr blog of EIC that Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Olsen, her ever changing haircape of awesome, and her big bright smile feature heavily when I reblog celeb style posts. I love her care free somewhat quirky off duty style, and her more polished daring red carpet style just as much.  As the 'other Olsen' for the longest time, it's been nice to see her come into her own and out of the shadow of her billionaire twin sisters and start doing it for herself. She's chosen more indie roles and has yet to take on a real heavy mainstream project, but that doesn't stop the style mags and indie cult fashion sites from sitting up and taking notice of her style choices.

Myself included.

Her love of quirky floppy hats and insanely pretty coats caught my eye, as did her hair I won't lie. I miss being blonde but sadly my hair can't take the wear and tear not to mention the upkeep it takes to remain a ~natural blonde~. So, I live vicariously through my favorite celebs and see how they go about styling and maintaining their envious locks. 

In everything from the amazingly expensive The Row (her sister's brand) to H&M to JBrand this girl rocks it all and with such ease that it looks and feels so natural to her sense of personality, where other actresses our age tend to over do it or rely to heavily on a stylist to create their style... there's a sense that Lizzie Olsen is true to herself and what suits her. Of course I'm sure there is a stylist involved for the bigger events but even then she rarely hits a bum note.

From Tomboy to Chanel chic, but all with an underlying down to earth that is sorely missed in young Hollywood lately.  Needless to say I love her choices!

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Monochrome wins at Cannes 2013.

 Not everything is Black&White they say, well they clearly aren't watching the Cannes 2013 red carpet are they?! Because if they were they would see that just about everything there is black and white. From the gowns on the big red carpets, to the more dressed down press conferences, monochrome is king of Cannes!

Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence,  and Noomi Rapace to name a few have been working the two colours this week and with interesting results. Some looks have been fantastic, Lawrence's Dior for example and some fell almost flat - Rooney Mara and her Dior pick teamed with harsh hair felt too over done for her - but I loved her makeup, go figure.

Noomi shows us how to work a tux trou with tude!

Emma Watson in Custom Chanel

 The go-to makeup looks for Monochrome seem to be very much working with a neutral base, soft smokey eyes and a variation of a red lip. A look that can easily be achieved using @illamasqua
skinbase foundation, @Dior and +MACMAKEUP MAC  in one of their cult faves, Ruby Woo. For a softer nude lip, I would go with the delish Dior Rouge Dior Lip Color in Angelique Beige

The  thing that I adore most about this trend is that it's timeless, it suits every skin tone, and every figure and height. Unlike the animal print trends or the likes, this one is one that can carry you from one season to the next, from now, to fifty years from now. I  love it, and I look forward to keeping an eye on the rest of the festival to see if anyone else breaks out in black and white.

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Peek at Chanel Cruise 2014 - Singapore

If there is such a thing as whimsical punk, I think Chanel Cruise 2014 is just that. I love the fabrics and the intricate patterns this collection offers, and I'm ashamed no one snapped up the 1st look for the recent MET Gala, that and a Mohawk with some seriously smokey eyes would have been punk perfection!

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