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Sunday, December 13, 2015

SASS and BOHO Luxury Hand Poured Candle Review - Perfect scents make perfect sense!

 Our sense of smell is one of the biggest triggers to memories within ourselves. A scent can bring back memories long forgotten, and remind you of a time, a place, or a even of a person. It's why at Christmas time, it's always the smells that bring us back first and foremost. New perfumes, certain foods, or just an atmosphere that can stir nostalgia. It's part of the reason why I love buying new scents - in all forms, but my favourite is in new candles and oils, for other people, as well as myself, in the hopes of providing a tiny bit of relaxing nostalgia, or a creation of a new memory.

 Which is why this past week I was thrilled to receive some gorgeous new scents from a brand spanking new NI based Luxury Hand Poured Candle Company SASS & BOHO.
Three scents so different from each other in style and notes, but with that underlying luxurious comfort that comes from something hand crafted with care. 

 Three scents that included:

LES ÉCURIES – Santaliff – Leather :

This was an unusual scent for me, as I tend to gravitate toward more floral or essential oils in tone, and yet I found it had a place in my home very easily. It wasn't overwhelming, and the longer the flame burned on it, the nicer it got. A smell that starts off with a strong undertone masculine spice but somehow evolves into something lighter and more floral when burning. A nice surprise and perfect for that guy in your life!

My personal favourite of the three was the  MYKONOS – Rose of Saffron & Pink Pepper:

Described by Sass and Boho as " Spicy and alluring. Uplifting and has a certain optimism to it. It’s bold and zesty, but has a warmth that’s comforting. It’s the contrasts that make it exciting: feminine and floral, yet sexy and exotic"  - It's a sweet and spicy smell that exudes femininity and an optimism, perfect for anyone that is drawn to more obviously floral scents, ending on the sweeter end of the smell spectrum!

 The third was the larger of the three candles sent, and which now lives in my living room, as it is the perfect time of year for such a smell to be present, with the, well, presents!

(Retails for £21.00)

With a 50 hour burn time promised this beauty is aptly named Christmas Night because it encapsulates the warmth and optimistic feel of the holiday season. With tones of warm spicy cinnamon  and clove and something else I can't quite place. It's the perfect luxury gift for this time of year, or for filling your own home with the comforting smells of Christmas past, present and future that even my Santa's couldn't help but get in on the act! !

Check out SASS and BOHO over on their newly launched site HERE. For all of these and more!