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Monday, March 14, 2016

Matte vs Radiance – Bourjois Edition.

Matte vs Radiance – +BourjoisUK  Edition.

Those of you that have been with me for a while know what a huge fan of the high-street brand Bourjois I am.

I have a Bourjois addiction, no joke. 


So when they brought out these newly formulated foundations, I was so excited to try them. First up is the Bourjois Air Matte foundation – retailing for £9.99 in +Boots UK.

As I'm someone that has dehydrated/ dry skin most matte foundations are a serious no-no for me, for the simple reason that, well, no one has time for drying foundations sticking to any nooks or crannies, since we're sort of doing our best to make it look like there are no nooks nor no crannies! So with this I was a tiny bit skeptical, but wanted to try it out for myself anyway. Lo and behold, we might have a winner!

 It's thick in consistency, and feels almost bouncy (that's a thing, right?) to apply, which were good things in my book because it meant one, that a little goes a long way so you aren't caking and layering on any more than necessary to get a full face of coverage, and two, well, it just felt really nice on application.

With the Air Mat I'm the shade 02 Vanilla - a little darker than my usual, but I found it worked well as this doesn't really oxidise any darker than it goes on. So, half way through your day you don't find that you have this un-matching neck situation, that sometimes happens to me with certain other high-street/drugstore brands (ahem shan't name any names...)

As for the dry skin situation, well their tagline for this is "Let's the skin breathe, light as air" and it does feel that way, at least for me. It's a lightweight formula once applied, I'd say really similar to their Healthy Mix Serum in consistency and as you'd expect, dries completely matte, but thankfully, not completely flat!

Light to medium coverage depending on your application process.

Lasting time -  Says 24 hours but I would say a solid 10 hours give or take, with no flaking or fading when used with a primer underneath.


 The City Radiance collection (including a matching concealer that wasn't stocked in the boots I visited sadly) is the dewy cousin to the Air Mat foundation. It comes in six shades and is lighter in texture and thinner in consistency than the Mat , it gives a really light coverage, but really does leave behind that natural glow that they promise. Their tag for this is 'Skin Protecting Foundation, Brightening Effect' complete with SPF 30 (so perfect for daily wear when out and about, though less great for any photo-taking occasion). This also comes with a built in Anti pollution screen, radiance boosting pigments that promise a ' fresh and even complexion' so all in all built and named for anyone living the city life! Retailing for £9.99.

Does it do what it says on the tube?

Basically yes.

It's not a full coverage foundation by any means, but it does leave tired skin looking refreshed, and with a heavier concealer, any blemishes etc could be controlled if you're after a over-all light finish. This, I would say, would be a perfection foundation to use for one of those 'no makeup - makeup' days.

In this particular foundation I am 01 - Rose Ivory.

Light Coverage - Similar to that of a CC cream.
Lasting time - I clocked in at six hours before I noticed it had faded enough that I could have reapplied / refreshed the base. It wore evenly though, so thankfully no patches!


Can be purchased here on +Boots UK 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentine Gifting Ideas!

Wasn't it just New Years? Time is flying and with Valentine's Day sneaking up on us this week why not check out these sweet gift giving inspirations!

For those of us local to Ireland/Northern Ireland be sure to check out Jasper!  A local brand with a fab online store offering some really stunning lines of jewellery and accessories. They have up until midnight tonight an amazing 70% off on certain lines, including their beautiful Swarovski Crystal line (always a hit, if you're stuck just saying!)  Be quick though as it all ends tonight!
Sale Terms: The 70% checkout discount code is discount70a ( it's valid to midnight on Tuesday February 10th 2015 and applies to all stock) Gift wrapping and gift note services do not apply when the discount code is used. Minimum spend €30 

Is she always late? Why not gift her something that she'll love and will also look amazing on her arm and we don't just mean yourself! 

This Michael Kors Parker Rose Gold Ladies Bracelet Watch is retailing for
£229.00 via +House of Fraser and teamed with this beautiful bath oil from Jo Malone and you'll be coming up roses

If she never has her phone out of her hand (and let's be honest, we're all guilty of this!) why not add a treat of a new cover! Some really unique and fun items can be found on here on Etsy, to really let your accessories stand out from the pack. Plus it allows you to support indie artists too, which is never a bad thing!

For the guy in your life, why not keep him stylish in this classic slim v-neck from +Ralph Lauren via +Brown Thomas Dublin! Or with this +Barbour  Harper Henley Sweatshirt for the more off duty days!


Slim V-Neck Merino Wool Sweater


Harper Henley Sweatshirt
Other options include the +GUCCI Guilty giftset via +Boots UK if he's in need a new smell ( I actually like this and would wear it myself, even though I have the female version there is something nice and unisex-ish about this too)

And if you've left it to the last minute as most (ahem) men tend to do, you can't go too far wrong with a big bunch of flowers and some chocies to share in front of a netflix night! The gifts are all great but it's the time together that counts right? Until next time, with hopefully less cheesy chat and more beauty blathering! Chat soon! 


Monday, March 24, 2014

Makeup Shake Up!

Hi guys! How is March treating you so far? Has there been any March Madness you'd like to share? Or has it been a calm but cold transition into 'Spring'? I've been a little MIA from here but you can always find me on Twitter / Instagram or Tumblr if you need to get in touch!

I have been on a bit of a journey this past month or so, I've been helping a few makeup newbies take their first tentative steps into the world of 'doing yourself up', as I liked to call it.

First up let's talk about Lindsay, a great girl in her 20's from the Mid-West in the United States. She and I have been blog buds for some time now, and once I learned that she never really had experimented with makeup or skincare in the past (She's now in her early 20s!) I was itching to help her discover this side of things. It took a little gentle convincing (or, you know, firm but loving pushes in the right direction, either or...) to get her to open up to the idea that she could wear makeup and look amazing, it could feel natural and not like a mask of madness on her skin, and it could make her feel more confident. We talked over a lot of her fears too which I think are beyond important, when first starting to experiment with anything you're unsure of.

"But what if I look like a drag queen" - says She.
"Trust me you won't!" - says I. 
"Are you sure ?!" - says She.
" I swear, we'll teach you how to blend!" - says I.

 We started off with basic skincare, cleanse right, and moisturise day and night - now is the time to start investing in your skin so twenty years from now your skin won't look like it's fifty years from now. I suggested something light and natural, and she settled on +Aveeno Cetaphil skincare to start with. We then moved on to makeup, I wanted her to experiment at first, to see if it felt like something she'd want to continue, so we decided to go with cheap & cheerful - just in case she never used them more than once, I was conscious of a budget for beginning.

I decided to try a middle of the road - budget wise - Foundation. For me the key elements to a good face of makeup start with the moisturiser, or primer, and the foundation. Everything else can be as budget friendly as you like, depending on how you use them. For this I suggested my favourite foundation - the holy grail of high-street makeup - +BourjoisUK  Healthy Mix. However, we discovered that this wasn't widely available in the states, and if it was, it was for almost triple the price that we pay for it here in Ireland/ Uk. So, that was a no go. The next stop for us was +Boots UK  and their US site. Here we settled on their own brand No.7 for foundation, ordering it in the palest shade they had, because like me and many of us Caspers, Linds is a pale girl. So, without me being there in person to swatch for her, I sent in her right direction, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best come delivery day.

Then came tools, and the only ones I could suggest to her in good conscious was the +realtechniques core collection to start. I've been a massive fan of the +Sam Chapman creations for ages now, and only seemed right to start her off with the best - and the best value for money too - because as hard as it was to rein me in, budget, budget, budget!! 

Next up we hit +e.l.f. Cosmetics for just about everything we could think of, and well, she went a liiitttle crazy!

And it was amazing.

 I was attempting to welcome her gently, thinking, hey there's a half price sale, maybe she'll see one or two things she'll like. Nope, it turned out she was a natural and demanded almost one of everything they had on offer! I was doing my Chandler happy dance, and was so excited for her to dive in and have a play around with all this stuff!  It sounds strange, I suppose but I knew that she would benefit so much from it all. Not just from the superficial fun aspect of it all, but from the other side of the coin too.

The side that most people can relate too.

That, no matter how beautiful you are naturally - and let's face it, when we're being objective, we've all got something naturally beautiful about us - but when you get that new product that enhances your already epic lashes or compliments your freckles or makes your amazing eyes stand out just a little bit more. There's a moment of empowerment that comes with that, something that puts that extra little pep in your step.

So my excitement and pride was pushed aside as we waited for her to receive all her goodies, and when she did, she was just as excited to try things out. Lindsay started off slowly, spending time blending and perfecting her foundation *which was a perfect match!* and moved on from there. She most importantly was having fun with her new adventure, and I was happy she was happy. I had in a weird, roundabout way helped a person thousands of miles away, even in a small way, it was an amazing feeling of accomplishment - even with something as 'silly' as makeup.

I'm not a 'guru' or an 'expert' or even someone who gets it right every time. I'm not the girl that wears ten pounds of slap, fake tan and hair extensions every day, but I'd never judge those who are! If I had the time or notion to do this everyday, I probably would, because whatever floats your boat, right?

I think that starting to feel comfortable with yourself and within yourself starts with finding even the littlest of ways to make yourself feel like your best self. If it's going for a run, or going window shopping or starting a new diet, or buying that new lippy, whatever it is that makes you feel like the best you, I say go for it! 

Some products used included :

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Soap & Glory Haul/Review! : )

Or rather a mini haul of sorts since I finished one of the products, repurchased another, and I'm adding in one simply because they look super pretty all lined up together, like a little S&G family. That's weird, I know, sorry. But they dooo. Anyhow, it's no secret that I'm a sucker for Soap&Glory as a brand, mostly because their stuff usually is an epic wave on the senses! I've already done a review for the foot cream and if you'd like to read that, it's here :)

Since then I've been meaning to comment on the rest of the products that I've tried from their range. My first S&G experience was with their Hand Food and really they have named it rather aptly because it smells that good you could be tempted to eat it. Don't though, that would be wrong and probably not end all that well for you! :o
The Hand Food (almost wrote Foot, smh!) smells divine because it's of their Original Pink Scents smells (and really if you had to describe a colour to go with this smell, it really would be pink, so well done there S&G!) it also contains shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow. So all in all it's a party for the senses and for the winter-battered hands we're left with when the snow and cold clears, not that it ever really leaves Ireland, so it really comes in handy all year around in my case! I love it and as soon as I'm finished with my ...third travel size I want to invest in a big one for home, and probably another travel size for the handbag. Never have too much of a good thing!