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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Blogity bits and bobs!

Hey Peeps,

Just a few random things relating to the blog - firstly a few of the #FABB girls have nominated me for the Liebester Award and as such they leave questions for each of their nominees to answer - basically to get to know everyone a little bit better! And I've been nominated for the @BlogAwardsIreland in the Beauty & Fashion category which is sweet as anything, so thank you! I have no such ideas that I'll even get shortlisted but this is pretty cool in itself as I never find myself on any of these lists or anything!

First up, from the lovely Bex over at  Bexberry we have her questions:

Q1: Why did you start your blog

A1: I started this over on Tumblr a little while ago now, basically as somewhere to file away my obsession with beauty, makeup, fashion and all things just a little bit glam. A couple of years later, I have a fully blown Tumblr addiction. So then I decided to try and tidy things up a little more by doing reviews of things I've stumbled upon over on another platform, and here's where I ended up!

Q2: How long have you been blogging, and what do you think makes a good blog?

I used to have a LiveJournal which was more personal rants and rambles more than specifically aimed ones like on here, so all in all about six or so years. Beauty blogging since 2010 though. A good blog is one that's from a real p.o.v and it's real thoughts not ones you know are paid for (and you know, you know?) I think a good blog is a place that gives you something you can relate to but also aspire to if that makes sense.

Q3: What is one beauty product you won't leave the house without?

Tough one! I'd say at this point a great moisturizer!

Q4: What is your must have fashion staple?
Scarves! I love scarves, I must own at least 30 at this point. They jazz up even the most boring of outfits and since this is Ireland we get use of thin, thick and snood ones almost all year around. If not that then a statement necklace for the same reasons!

Q5: Where are you from?
Born in Dublin, Raised in bouncing between Derry and Donegal. :)

Q6: If someone where to give you a gift card to ANY store, which store would it be?

Hmmm. Anywhere at all? Chanel! Or Mulberry. On a more realistic scale, somewhere like +Debenhams  or @SpaceNK to feed the bblog addictions of course lol!

Q7: What is your holy grail beauty product/s?
Oh God! I would say +BourjoisUK Healthy Mix is one that never fails to do what it says on the tin and I've raved about it a lot. Another is +mac makeup Prep&Prime for primer, and #Chanel Coco Rouge Shine for every day lippie (fave shade is 'boy) I'll stop there or we'll be here all night!

Q8: What makes you laugh until you a.cry or b.snort?

Most things to be honest, I'm terrible at keeping my emotions in check! I cry at tv shows at the drop of a hat, and I laugh myself sick at stupid things like cat gifs or Billy Connolly on the regular.

Q9: What is your guilty pleasure?
Nothing that gives you pleasure should make you feel guilty ;) But again, being the geek that I am most things I love tend to get side-eyed by the 'normal' folks in my life. I love sci-fi tv shows or shows like Supernatural and Trueblood... Of course I watch for the plot alone and not at ALL the hot men... ahem. No of course not.

Q10: If you could have one super power, what would it be?
Is Teleporting a superpower? If not, that'd be handy. I hate traveling anywhere. I love getting there but hate the travel aspect of having to get there lol!

Q11: Can you name all of the Dwarfs from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? NO CHEATING!!
Erm. Dopy, Doc, Sleepy, Grumpy... errrrrm... Bashful... Sneezy? And I can't remember the rest! Oops!

Thanks hun! Fun questions!!!

Then from Sweet Carolyn (bad pun? good song? good pun, bad song? who knows!) over at ForeverScarlett we have her questions! 

  1. Best book you’ve read recently?
Grace Coddington's Memoir. I've been fascinated by her for years and was so glad to read more about her from her own pov. She's a legend with a heart and that's amazing.  I write more than I read and hope to some day work up the nerve to publish!
  1. Beauty product you can’t live without?
  1. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?
 Everywhere! But, failing that I'd love to explore Western Europe a little more, bit by bit hopefully I will and failing that, Hawaii. I've no idea why other than it looks like paradise on earth!
  1. Favourite item in your wardrobe?
 Ooooh tricky. For winter it's my red military coat and for 'summer' or that part of the year where we see a bit of the sun it's my Tory Birch tan sandals.
  1. Why did you first start blogging?
 On and off on various different platforms for a long time now, nerdgirl that I am. But beauty blogging on here not even a year, and before that EIC was on tumblr since 2010 I believe!
  1. Favourite style icon?
 I have a few modern ones ranging from Lauren Conrad (never gets it wrong - also hair cape envy!) Olivia Palermo - Even though I'm not sure what exactly she 'does' for a living other than wear clothes and get coffee, but what a life! lol! I love mostly finding bloggers that do their own touch on trends and work it in a wearable way, it makes it much more real than the rakes down the runway.
  1. Best tip for blogging success?
 I wish I knew! Haha! No, I have no idea, some blogs that I see are super basic and a little boring but somehow have a zillion followers and people are obsessed, but then ones I see that are a little different and quirky and real hardly have any so it's really hard to know! 

Best fashion/beauty advice you ever received? 

Your eyebrows are sisters not twins and to find a good tailor for someone as short as me it will be so necessary.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
 I hope to be back living in a city of some kind, no idea where the tide will take me but I like city life since I am a country girl raised lol, other than that hopefully in a job I like doing that I'm good at making a somewhat decent living and traveling a little more than I do now! You know, nothing bad but who knows! Gimme that crystal ball!

Best concert you’ve ever been to?

A friend and I did Mumford&Sons last Christmas VIP in Belfast. It was utterly amazeballs. 

Favourite TV character?

Oooh gurl, we could be here all day! lol! *Puts on nerdgirl hat*

Great Questions!!! xoxo 

 From one my fave Derry Redheads I also have these from The Red Dutchess!

 1. What's your favourite quote and why?
Be who you are because those who matter don't mind, and those who mind don't matter!

2. If you think you were alive in a past live, who were you?

I think this all the time actually. Mostly it's feelings I get in old places and things like that, it's probably dumb as hell but it's a strong feeling constantly! I have no idea who I was, I'd like to think I was someone that did something good and looked fab in her corset while doing so but knowing my luck I was probably some unfortunate housemaid or something lol!

3. What matters most to you in this world, be it a value, principle or possession?
That's a complicated one! We all have different values and place different value on different things based on our principle beliefs or ideals so... I'd argue value and principle of things would rate higher than the possession of them because ultimately true possession isn't really possible long term. <--How much of an ejit do I sound right now?! ;) #ramble 

4. If stranded on an Island with 5 famous people who would they be, and why?
Tom Hanks for his raft buildings skills, Alexander Skarsgard for his ... everything. An Olympic rower of some kind lol, Bear Grylls so he could teach us to survive if Tom's building skills fail us, annnd someone like Gordon Ramsay for the lawls.

5. What's your best physical feature and best trait as a person?
Hmm. I'll go with the boobs, sure why not lol. And as for a trait, I don't know I think I try to be a decent person, and I like helping people and working hard to do that. So maybe that? That or my non stop sarcasm skills, forever getting me into bother!