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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Questions via LellieMoi: The Liebster Award

I only saw these a few days ago because I'm fail. It was part of the The Liebster Award requirements to get to know your fellow bloggers better!

Her questions and my answers are as follows -

1 What was your first makeup purchase?
I think it was from Avon when I was 12? My mum was an Avon lady for years, so I think it's also where I caught the bug of wanting to experiment with more makeup and try and test as many things as possible!

2 Have you found your Holy Grail foundation?

I think I might have. Highstreet would be @Bourjoisuk Healthy Mix or HM serum. Higher end is a toss between +Clarins  everlasting foundation and +Lancome USA Teint Idole Ultra.

3 What country would you like to settle down in?

Probably here, I think. All in all I love Ireland and I'd like to grow old here, but that's a long time coming and I'd like to explore as much of the world before I get too old to do so!  
4 Are you a shoes or handbags girl?
Oh handbags all the way. Since I have issues with my knees, it means that wearing heels is almost a complete no-no in my world, so over the years Ive gotten totally addicted to buying bags. I've started to get more sensible though, saving up for some nicer higher end ones rather than having a dozen cheapy cheap ones.

5 Do you take your makeup off every night?

99percent of the time I do but there are times when I just pass out tired. But otherwise I try my best to cleanse if I don't tone, and slap on some night cream! I don't want to be aiding genetics and getting old skin faster than I need to! 

6 Do you see yourself blogging in 10 years time?

Oh, probably! I've been doing it in one way or another since I was about 19 so I'll probably be still web-addicted at some point in the future! 

Thanks for the question and the nomination

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Follow FABB Friday.

It's been a while since I did a Follow Friday, mainly because I forget at times to follow the blogs I love properly. Instead I save the url and revisit when the mood hits for some light reading. I really need to start following more blogs and really hopping back into the bblog community a little more. As it stands I'm a member of #FABB a little but fabulous group of Northern Ireland ladies who blog on all manner of subjects. From Fashion and beauty to lifestyle and motherhood, there really is something for everyone and everyone for someone on the #FABB list! Be sure and check out these ladies, and follow and show some love!


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