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Friday, October 12, 2012

Calling all Ireland/UK Ladies! It's time to cop a feel!

                                                                Cop a feel!

Girls, it’s time to be honest with ourselves here. Boobs, breasts, tatas, tits, boobies, whatever you want to call them, we have them, we love them, and we’re awfully attached to them - literally.

So, in the spirit of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, myself and the lovely ladies of #FABB are partaking in a fund raiser where you can win a massive goodie filled hamper (applies to the UK/Ireland only, sorry guys!) within the hamper there is a huge array of beauty products, tans, perfumes, and vouchers to be won all in aid of this fantastic month filled with daily reminders that Breast may be best when you have kids - as they say, but you have to look after them all your life before they can repay the favour and look after your little ones! Please check yourself regularly, it’s so important for early detection!

In 2009, 48,417 women and 371 men in the UK were diagnosed with breast cancer.
    In 2010 there were 11,633 deaths from breast cancer in the UK.
    In 2005-2009, 85% of women in England survived their breast cancer for five years or more

Never feel embarrassed to talk about it, with friends or family and more importantly with your local doctors. IF you think you’re at risk with family history or even without, keep checking, go for mammograms when asked, don’t ignore things in the hopes that ‘it’ll never happen to me’! The stats are frightening and very real. Cancer is a horrible disease and it has touched so many families not only in Ireland and the UK but worldwide, and it has a way of sneaking up on seemingly healthy, active, busy people and stopping them in their tracks if things are left too long!

We all have a story, we all have experienced it - either via family or friends or as a sufferer ourselves, and by having this post, this little fundraiser, bringing to the forefront of many fashion and beauty blogs the reminder to check yourself before IT wrecks yourself is always welcome on my blog and the blogs of my #FABB ladies!

This fundraiser from FABB means we raise a little bit of money to go towards a wonderful Cancer charity Pretty in Pink. A 'Just Giving' site has been set up - here. There you can donate as much as you feel you can, for every £5 you donate, it enters your name into the hat for the main prize! So, if you donate £20, that's five chances at winning the loot! Get to bidding, Ladies!


(For a peek at the rest of the prizes go here!)