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Monday, December 7, 2015

Le Blush Creme De Chanel - My most reached for blush this Autumn!

 As a fan of Creme Blush in general I was excited to try these Chanel Creme Blushes that I received as a gift from a friend for my 30th birthday in September (Thank you, Sherry!).

I adore Chanel's makeup line anyway, but I absolutely acknowledge that some of their products fall flat, while others (like these!) are wonderful in doing what they say they will and sticking true to their promise.

As I am a pale, blue-toned, Irish-skin-having-Irish-girl, these shades do work perfectly on my complexion, and their creme to powder formula perfect for those of us with a dry/dehydrated skin texture.

The two pinkish shades this time, a bright and blue toned baby pink experience with the Affinite (65), and a deeper raspberry toned flush with the Chamade (67) have been on my most-reached-for list since I received them, the creme to powder perfect for building as much, or as little product as you want or need. I tend to go easy on the blush, using only a flush here or there to highlight my cheek bones, and give a healthy colour to my otherwise at times Casper-esq skintone.

 +CHANEL promises a "A melt-away texture with a silky feel. Vibrant, luminous shades with a satiny finish." And they don't lie with these. The coverage is barely there (easily build-able), if you apply it with a soft touch - I like to use my +realtechniques buffing brush to apply and and buff into the skin so that it leaves no harsh lines, and is completely blended into my cheeks for the most natural finish possible.

But you can, if you so desire, layer these bad boys on and look a little crazy and I for one certainly won't judge you, because hey, sometimes you just want really rosy cheeks, right?

Ok so maybe NOT like this... 

But no, seriously though...

The coverage was tested on several occasions for me, and most recent being a wedding where I had to be on the go for at least 12 hours, and I needed something that as my skin is rather dry - particularly at this time of year, I needed something that wouldn't budge but continue to look *jazz hands * luminous. And as I checked my makeup several times throughout the night, my lipstick needed a few applications. My blush and base did not!

Tiny swatch test on my ghostly skin. Baby Pink or Raspberry it's nice to have a choice! 
This range comes in six shades over all, and these two in particular I find could carry you though a few seasons as they are diverse enough that light applications and the overall look of the rest of your makeup could take you very easily from Autumn /Winter into Spring/Summer. And even though they were a lovely birthday present I'd be happy to pay for the rest now that I know the +CHANEL formula works with my skin and works so well!



Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Origins Original Skin Super Serum - Review!

Origins asks (like the rest of your body) is your SKIN also having a quarter life crisis? Oh God, is it?? Is this something else we need to be panicking about? Hm. If so, this might be the product you seek!
 As a long-time fan of +Origins this was introduced to me during the +Debenhams  #DebsFoylesideBeauty blogger evening back in August, in sample form of course, with just the tiniest amount proving invaluable to my skincare routine within days.

I was quick to go back and buy the full size of this beauty in a 30ml size. It's been a staple in my makeup-bag since!
 This little beauty has taken me  from country to country, county to county, by bus, train and across the pond and back by (extremely dry and icktastic) plane! I usually break out like crazy as soon as those plane doors shut, so I was not looking forward to a 7hour + long flight there and back - I figured the results would be horrendous by the time I landed.

But guess what?

It was amazing.

Not a breakout in sight, no patchiness, no dry tightness, not a blemish nor a cyst (cyst acne is it's own special hell, any sufferers out there will agree with me!) appeared either.


Small ones at least!

It's light-weight and works wonderfully as a base for your foundation, with or without moisturiser!  It is as they say, for those of us 'transitioning from their twenties to their thirties' so it's perfect for me in the first few weeks of my new decade. +Origins  also say that this little pink bottle of perfection is a 'super-serum that helps the skin look fresher, brighter, and smoother while it minimizes the appearance of imperfections. Formulated with Canadian willowherb, Persian silk tree, and a potent blend of actives to support smooth, refined pores and boost skin’s overall quality, it features a blend of optics that help soften and blur the appearance of pores and imperfections, leaving skin looking healthy and glowing.' I have to say after trailing this for the past 3 months, I agree.  Agreeable to my sensitive skin too I was just thrilled to find a serum that didn't leave my skin feeling greasy or tight as they can run at either end of the spec from time to time when they dry, this was soft and supple and left my skin feeling the same way.

God bless Canadian willowherb??

When this runs out, or maybe even before I'll be sure to restock and maybe add in their 'Retexturisng Mask with Rose clay' as I'm curious to see how that stands up next to it's sister serum.

The Original Skin Serum retails for $39 or £32 depending on where you are!


Saturday, September 5, 2015

What's in my (Carry on) Bag!

Come fly with me! 

I'm off to New York City in a few days and it's my first transatlantic flight, and my first time in the city that never sleeps! I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm already planning my storming of +Sephora!

Ps. American readers! Any tips on what makeup I should get that we can't get here?? 

But first I must face the several circles of hell that is The Airport (Insert dramatic music here!).

I'll by flying +Aer Lingus Dub-JFK! Eep! 

With all the rules and regulations and lines and crying babies and crying twenty-somethings (or will that just be me???) it's hard to know exactly what to pack for a manageable carry-on bag these days.

But I've taken a decent crack at it! I think! I'm probably missing something to be honest, and I'll only realise what it is when we're taxiing down the bloody runway!

For a seven-ish hour flight I'm hoping to rely on my in-flight entertainment to get me through a decent chunk of it, and a very long, very welcome, after-dinner snooze to get me through the rest of it. I hear jet-lag isn't kind, so I'll hopefully remember to down a ton of water if  I can, too! Staying hydrated is key in such drying conditions, not only to keep your brain fresh but to keep your skin and hair hydrated too!

Minis of all your faves!!! 

Won't get far without my passport & rather lovely Dolce Document pouch! And hand cleanser because let's be real, planes are disgusting.

Eye spy mini faves to makeup a face on the fly! And necessary pain relief gel for this gimpy girl! 

Comfort for me is key! Flying Econ isn't exactly plush, so needs must and I make sure and pack some fluffy items to make the journey a little easier on me. A medium sized fleece rolled and secured with my sleep mask for snoozes, fits perfectly at the bottom of my carry-on. Add in some fluffy socks for mid flight, and some slippers for walking to and from the loo when needs arise! 

Plan on using your time in the air to give yourself a much deserved pamper treatment or two. Cleanse, tone and moisturise til seat-belt sign come on! 
+Origins  eye and hand creams in tiny form are the business! Find the bigger sizes on their website 

Thanks to our #BloggerNight at +Debenhams Derry a few weeks ago I was spoiled with travel size versions of my favourites including the +Benefit Cosmetics Pore-fessional, +Thierry Mugler Angel (a long time fave perfume of mine <3) as well as some handy +Clarins cleanser and moisturiser as well as some convenient +Urban Decay Cosmetics Seven Day's worth of eye-shadows in little  amazingly cute space saving packets!

(Also note never leave home without a deodorant, It's not glamorous but it's essential! As is your toothbrush and toothpaste. We weren't raised in the woods!)

 PS. Because I'm paranoid I also bring backup earphones with me because my GOD isn't it the worst being stuck somewhere without them? Trust me, it is.

Add a handy travel sized mirror for putting yourself back together when the plane lands, and a sweet makeup case to fit it all in and I think we're good to go! 

Are you heading anywhere nice soon? :D 


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Beauty Sleep!

As someone who regularly battles with insomnia the video from +Bensons for Beds via +Marie Claire  was somewhat enlightening, and in equal measure, a little terrifying.

She says as she writes this blog post at basically 3am.

 What is the point, I thought, suddenly, of faffing about with skincare and makeup to keep oneself fresh as a daisy, if the daisy is suffering massively because of my lack of sleep! Lack of sleep can be brought on by a number of things - stress, too much caffeine, uncomfortable bed, you name it there's probably something you're doing or thinking that's stopping you (and me, God, so me) from catching those much needed 40 winks!

Stress has got to be my number one, and 'eliminating stress' while often the gospel according to everyone ever, is, sadly, easier said than done. But, we try our best. We make our beds and bedrooms a fluffy, happy, serene place to snooze, we try and turn off the TV at a reasonable hour (laptops are harder, damn you internet!) we take hot baths, we attempt it all!

Even cutting down on our beloved caffeine, which, honestly, I'm going through withdrawals after a day and a half, I should be awarded sleep for my lack of diet coke, right?

Wrong, just a massive never ending headache unfortunately. So I cave. But, one tin a day won't kill me, right?

Well... that's another topic altogether! But definitely attempt to keep yourself as hydrated as possible, it really does help! Even if water can be sometimes just ugh,

But, back to the topic at hand... the test!

So, the video itself takes these women on day one after a proper night's sleep, and examine their skin in excruciating detail (brave, ladies, so brave!) and then, almost a week of under-sleeping if you will, they come back and do the same thing, and the results are compared.

It's a little scary how much change in a person's skin can appear in such a short period of time.

So to prepare for the battle once more, there are a few things that I've just been dying to try, just to see for myself if they could work for me.

First up is the gorgeous and sweet smelling Lavender Eye-Mask as rec'd by the lovely +Lisa Eldridge  via +BEAUTY BAY from The Holistic Silk eye mask.

Secondly we have the  This Works With Sleep Comes Beauty Hero Duo that I've heard nothing but amazing things about, and feel like, yeah, this might do something!

Besides, even if the spray fell flat, the primer has to be a plus, right?

As I normally do, if all else fails reach for my best eye cream (currently obsessed with the +Origins ginzing eye cream!) prep my skin the best I can and keep my makeup routine in the lanes of 'simple!' 'fresh!' 'wide eyed' and 'flushed' regions before going about my day.

My fresh-face-despite-three-hours-sleep go to is usually the following

+Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream - I have a tiny sample size of this and I can't wait to get a full size! 

+BourjoisFrance CC Cream in the shade IVORY 

My +AnastasiaBeverlyHills Brow Pomade, this item is so portable and I adore it for a defined brow. Though, for long distance travel I wager the pencil is probably your best best!

Finished off with a flush to the cheeks and lips with two subtle but uplifting shades of blush and lippie! With my +MAC Cosmetics creme blend blush in 'Unlimited' and their long-wear pro lip creme in 'overtime', that I'm almost out of and it's sold out! But they both do a great job of finishing p the fresh face attempts no matter how tired I am!

MAC 'unlimited'
What are some of your go-to items or tricks for when you can't get those much needed ZZs?!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Instagram Indulging, January hauls & Upcoming Beauty Banter!

If you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen a few updates from me this month. Including how I started off 2015 with a clean slate blog wise, I gave it a bit of a make under, stripping things back to basics. Back to my favored aesthetic of minimalist and negative space, leaving breathing room for more focus on my posts rather than my side projects! I hope you like it ;) 

This month has also been a tad hectic in real life, but one that has left me with a bit of a obsession with my phone and that little photo app. Anyone else suffering from a ‘gram addiction? I never used to, in fact up until recently it was a sporadic occurrence for me to spend much time on Instagram at all, beyond the mandatory check in once a day. Lately though I’ve found myself loving it, finding the littlest things worth a heart or two, finding amazing new followers and a place for chit chat about my January #hauls! 

Hashtag #Scaredtocheckmybankaccount??

I have officially put myself on a shopping ban though, until at least the end of next month. As realistically, there is nothing I really ‘need’ cosmetic or skincare wise that hasn’t been taken care of by Christmas gifts, or the sales. But the good news is I have a ton of new items available for reviews in the coming days. Including +AnastasiaBeverlyHills +Origins +MAC Cosmetics & more! 

See my initial pics via my Instagram!! 

Needless to say that’s enough right?

Is it ever enough? Is this where we fall into a consumerism crisis of conscience? As well as an over use of alliteration? Hm. Maybe!

I have been a fan of +Origins  for a couple of years now, but never really dived in to the brand the way I wanted to. I think I solved that with the purchase of their ‘mini’ set. A fantastic offer from +House of Fraser  Belfast that is allowing me to try out all their most popular goodies, without the commitment of a full size product. So far, I am loving them all, and I will have a more in-depth review coming soon. Also within my holiday haul was the new +Clarins UK Concealer, and while their shades are limited so far, being super pale sometimes pays off, as I fit their shade 1 almost perfectly. It’s a smooth application of liquid concealer, that even on the first and second application, the results are pretty great and it's something I want to review properly soon as well!

Also, after discovering my +BourjoisFrance addiction (there is no other name for it at this point let's be real) when I was organising my makeup the other day it was suggested via Instagram that I do a Brand Focus post. It was so inspiring to me because it really is a brand I have loved and championed for years now.So, that should be coming up so and I'm super excited about going in dept on one of my favourite high-street skincare and makeup  brands!
I hope to see and hear from you all soon in the coming weeks, much more beauty banter to come well in to 2015 


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tom Ford's Cherry Lush Lipstick Review!

 I haven't blogged in almost a month, and that's seriously shameful. But, I do have several excuses ...ahem, reasons.

Main one was we bid fair well to my little pink Dell, and I had to wait before I could properly replace her. Sadly, she died with all my photos for what I had planned to blog inside her and stupidly, they weren't backed up elsewhere! Augh, right? Anyway, I figured I should get a move on as I have a load of different bits and bobs that I've been trying out as I feed my never ending and ever debilitating shopping addiction! First up, we have my super splurge in June, and that was my first #TomFord Lipstick.

Cherry Lush 

I've always pondered on the Tom Ford line of cosmetics but never really attempted to try anything, I think that might have to change to be honest. This is just love, I love her I love Cherry and all her lush-ness. I took a badly lit +Instagram with my phone and it appears a lot more 'red-red' in that than it is in real life, but still, I like all the reds either way.
Given that I love my high-street brands, and am forever mixing and matching, I think it's only fair that a girl treats herself to some of the more quote - unquote- higher end things every now and then, right? We deserve it, right?
Well,  I think we do girls, we work hard, we go through a lot and at the end of the day if something makes you happy and you can have it, I say why the hell not!

This isn't just a way for me to talk myself out of buyers remorse from now on you know... no! It's not...

(It so is, but eh?!)

Back to Cherry! She's a bit of a babe, seen here on the other babe, the ageless Winona!

They say :

Tom Ford Lip Colors are formulated with rare and exotic ingredients including soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomile flower oil create an ultra-creamy texture with an incredibly smooth application. Specially treated color pigments are blended to deliver pure color with just the right balance of luminosity.
Tom Ford Lip Colors are formulated with rare and exotic ingredients including soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomile flower oil create an ultra-creamy texture with an incredibly smooth application. Specially treated color pigments are blended to deliver pure color with just the right balance of luminosity. - See more at:

Tom Ford Lip Colors are formulated with rare and exotic ingredients including soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomile flower oil create an ultra-creamy texture with an incredibly smooth application. Specially treated color pigments are blended to deliver pure color with just the right balance of luminosity. - See more at:

Sounds fab, right? Well, it kind of is, right up there with the +CHANEL Coco Shine lipsticks this one is super smooth and really hydrating (and didn't dry out my lips like I sort of expect most lipsticks to do no matter what they say!) and the pigment is just delish, teamed with a similar toned lip pencil you really have a great dramatic red lip colour but in a tone that's more .... night at the theater rather than say ... scary clown woman. That's never a bad thing, right? ;)

I'll definately be having a poke around the Tom Ford section's of my favourite dealers... I mean 'beauty counters' from now on!

Love it.

Don't forget the +Giveaway Promote that I have going ends in a couple of days see more here! +New Look