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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Affordable skincare gems from Superdrug!

 Happy New Year everyone! Hope that 2016 is treating you nicely so far! Just a super quick post from some recent finds of mine from +Superdrug .

First up the +Superdrug brand own Vitamin E Moisture Boost Facial Serum, this was a impulse buy about two months ago, I was on the look out for a new Vitamin E cream product and stumbled onto this, and I have to say it's fantastic! Light weight, fast absorbing and leaves the skin with a really realistic glow that makes it fab for wearing in lieu of a heavy moisturiser, or as one of the steps in your pre-makeup routine. I've found that since I've started using this (and since the cold snap just refuses to go away) that it's really helped add an extra layer of protection to my skin as well as ultimately helping my makeup look smoother and more glowy and for the price point of under £5 can you really say no?


So, if you're on the look out for something similar, be sure to give this a try.
Now this might seem silly, because it's really only make up wipes, but honestly how many times have you picked up makeup wipes and they've done nothing but wipe your makeup around your face? In my case, far too often. 

+johnsonandjohnson  Face Care Makeup Be Gone Wipes.

Now, I try not to just resort to wipes when taking my makeup off, because as we know, there's still a lot left even if we 'look' like there's not. But these, again, were another impulse buy, I needed new ones so these were the first I saw. But honestly, as someone with dry and very picky skin, things like face wipes can be utterly drying almost instantly, so when I found these - thick and full of hydration (if you follow my TWITTER you'll have seen me raving about these already) and they removed, I want to say, at least 90 percent of my makeup with two wipes. I followed that up with my new ALPHA H  face wash, but for those of us on the go, or just feeling lazy. These are fantastic for dry skin. Not drying in the slightest either.
Win for affordable January finds!!