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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Jessica Alba's 'Honest Company' Launch Beauty Line.

While it's not a household name in this part of Europe, Jessica Alba's billion dollar company has been making headlines, for all the wrong reasons on this side of the pond (you know, nappies burning skin, sunscreen not doing all that much screening! Eek!) But, I figure my lovely American readers (Hi thanks for popping by all of you :D!!) would be interested to know that her company is set to launch it's own beauty line on September 9th. 

As you know, I'm always on the lookout, not only for new cosmetic lines to try (because hey, who doesn't like trying new makeup, right?!) but to find some that have a certain ethical code, that also promise to be kind to skin and offer as many naturally based ingredients as possible, it's a mission. But, when you stumble upon them it's rewarding in a weird makeup obsessed way, right?

The beauty line will have it's own website too, and as such may be hoping to distance itself from the product fail scandal of late.

The collection promises to include a whopping 17 options for skincare, and a 66-product makeup range including lip pencils, concealer, blushes, eye shadow to name a few pieces. The skincare options will, apparently, offer SPF-infused moisturizers (made from an entirely different formula from the failboat ones causing all the scandal, thankfully!. They'll also offer skin cleansers and eye creams all with the promise from THC that it would be made from natural ingredients, naturally.

So my question is this, do we care? Do we need another celebrity beauty range making us promises that it may be unable realistically to keep? As seen by the SPF fails and such within their other lines?

Hm. I'm not sure, but having options is never a bad thing. My American peeps will have to tell me all about if they decide to give The Honest Company an Honest try! (Sorry, I do love a good pun!)