About Editor-in-chic

Hi guys! I'm Laura and welcome to Editor-in-chic.com.

 I'm an Irish blogger specialising in Lifestyle, Travel, Makeup & Beauty topics. As of 2018 I've decided to expand the content of EIC to include my work life. As a Social Media Content Creator / Manager for SME I'll be adding tidbits on SM changes, trends and chats focusing around what I do for my clients!

Feel free to contact me with any business queries @ Editorinchicblog@gmail.com. 


The veracity of my blog is tremendously important to me. Any reviews will always be 100% honest, which may not be 100% positive all of the time if the products fail to live up to their hype and or product statement. I really believe in straight talking, and if I am blogging on a subject, I will always aim to be honest and forthcoming with any and all opinions, good or bad. Any post that features an item sent to me for review, consideration or as a gift will be denoted by '*'.

Laura / EIC

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