Saturday, September 5, 2015

What's in my (Carry on) Bag!

Come fly with me! 

I'm off to New York City in a few days and it's my first transatlantic flight, and my first time in the city that never sleeps! I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm already planning my storming of +Sephora!

Ps. American readers! Any tips on what makeup I should get that we can't get here?? 

But first I must face the several circles of hell that is The Airport (Insert dramatic music here!).

I'll by flying +Aer Lingus Dub-JFK! Eep! 

With all the rules and regulations and lines and crying babies and crying twenty-somethings (or will that just be me???) it's hard to know exactly what to pack for a manageable carry-on bag these days.

But I've taken a decent crack at it! I think! I'm probably missing something to be honest, and I'll only realise what it is when we're taxiing down the bloody runway!

For a seven-ish hour flight I'm hoping to rely on my in-flight entertainment to get me through a decent chunk of it, and a very long, very welcome, after-dinner snooze to get me through the rest of it. I hear jet-lag isn't kind, so I'll hopefully remember to down a ton of water if  I can, too! Staying hydrated is key in such drying conditions, not only to keep your brain fresh but to keep your skin and hair hydrated too!

Minis of all your faves!!! 

Won't get far without my passport & rather lovely Dolce Document pouch! And hand cleanser because let's be real, planes are disgusting.

Eye spy mini faves to makeup a face on the fly! And necessary pain relief gel for this gimpy girl! 

Comfort for me is key! Flying Econ isn't exactly plush, so needs must and I make sure and pack some fluffy items to make the journey a little easier on me. A medium sized fleece rolled and secured with my sleep mask for snoozes, fits perfectly at the bottom of my carry-on. Add in some fluffy socks for mid flight, and some slippers for walking to and from the loo when needs arise! 

Plan on using your time in the air to give yourself a much deserved pamper treatment or two. Cleanse, tone and moisturise til seat-belt sign come on! 
+Origins  eye and hand creams in tiny form are the business! Find the bigger sizes on their website 

Thanks to our #BloggerNight at +Debenhams Derry a few weeks ago I was spoiled with travel size versions of my favourites including the +Benefit Cosmetics Pore-fessional, +Thierry Mugler Angel (a long time fave perfume of mine <3) as well as some handy +Clarins cleanser and moisturiser as well as some convenient +Urban Decay Cosmetics Seven Day's worth of eye-shadows in little  amazingly cute space saving packets!

(Also note never leave home without a deodorant, It's not glamorous but it's essential! As is your toothbrush and toothpaste. We weren't raised in the woods!)

 PS. Because I'm paranoid I also bring backup earphones with me because my GOD isn't it the worst being stuck somewhere without them? Trust me, it is.

Add a handy travel sized mirror for putting yourself back together when the plane lands, and a sweet makeup case to fit it all in and I think we're good to go! 

Are you heading anywhere nice soon? :D