Friday, February 22, 2013

Tom Ford’s milkshake brings all the stylish ladies to the yard.

Tom Ford’s milkshake brings all the stylish ladies to the yard, just a few of the highlights fashion wise included almost bobble-head-esq Anna Paquin, Allison Williams, Liberty Ross (and her fab nails matching her statement jacket - love!) and Rita Wilson!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Product Review: Boots No.7.

Boots No.7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing brush.

Finally, I’ve gotten my hands on this little beauty. Having been tempted by the Clarisonic brush that came out a little while ago now, I was pained to go ahead and pay the £100+ mark for the original, and so I kept putting it off. Could I really justify over £100 (making it at least 130euro depending on the exchange) on a face brush? I himm’d and I haa’d over buying it, but in the end, I decided to search for an alternative. Knowing me as you do now, you know I love nabbing a bit of a bargain into the deal.

So, when I came across this on the website, I was excited. Since Boots have a history of road-testing their products and coming up with amazing things that do not always break the bank. Coming from No.7 (a brand within boots that works with the likes of renowned makeup artist and one of my Youtube faves Lisa Eldridge) I knew this would be just as good as the original it was clearly duping for.
Price wise it is a steal, no really, it almost is.

For this week and up until the end of February it is running at £15.00, now seriously for £15.00 you really cannot lose. It is also running on the Boots 3 for 2 deal, and so myself and my friend bought one, and we got one free (told you it was a steal!) that is serving as a cheeky birthday present for my aunt now. It was and will retail for £24.95 after the promo sale, but even at that compared to the prices floating around for the others on the market, it is still beyond reasonable in my opinion. Now since I only got this yesterday, I have only used it twice, but even at that I can really feel the difference on my skin. I have dehydrated, dry, sensitive skin, and so I decided to use it with my regular cleanser for a few minutes last night and then again this morning. There are two settings, one slow and another fast, for various areas on the face that you want to work on in more detail. It is battery powered but luckily comes accompanied with two to start, so you can check how it works straight away.

So far, it has left me with super smooth, baby soft skin.

Big thumbs up!

Product Review : Elemis.

                       #Elemis Fresh Skin Scrub Review:

This tiny little gem came with the January @GlossyBoxUK, so I have been using it for a little over a month now, and I have to say, I love it!

I have extremely sensitive, dry/dehydrated skin, so my search for the right scrub that will do a good scrubbing job without breaking me out is seemingly never ending. I can usually tell within one or two uses if something is going to suit my skin type or not, and since I’ve been using this every other day for over a month, I think it’s safe to say I might have found one that will be on the ‘keeping’ list.

This came in a 30ml size, and after many uses of this it still has about a quarter of the tube left. It feels amazingly refreshing on the skin and when used with my new No.7 beauty brush it just feels heavenly, leaving nothing behind but baby soft skin! It smells primarily of mandarins, so that refreshing orange scent is the first thing I noticed, after that notes of cherry (from the cherry powder ingredient I assume) is the next thing to hit the scenes as the tiny jojoba beads do their magic and exfoliate your skin.

 I have been using this as the next step in my nightly makeup removal routine, just to give it that extra bit of cleansing and I have found from I started using it my skins has actually broken out less, and it even has a much brighter appearance without makeup than it had before.  I will absolutely be purchasing the 100ml of this if I can get my hands on it, if you got it in your Glossybox what were your thoughts on it? Have you tried it or any of the other Elemis products before? I have not, but now they definitely have my attention!




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Product Review :

Soap & Glory ‘Heel Genius’ Foot Cream.

A little random #review this time, I mean Foot Cream, really? Yes, really. We all love a manicure don’t we? Even one done at home can do wonders for your tired and neglected tootsies, especially in the unforgiving winter months when we’re stuffing them inside fluffy socks and big cosy boots, they need a little (or a lot, depending :O) of love and I started a few weeks ago with this product from one of favorite brands Soap & Glory ( I may have to do a review on their scrubs, they are simply amazing).

 In an attempt to bring my feet back to life for my very optimistic few of the amazing spring and summer we’re going to get this year, what? What do you mean I live in Ireland and it does nothing but rain! Nonsense I say, I’m convinced we’re going to get the tropical weather we’ve been so harshly denied in the past. Mock me if you must! ;)

This product, like a lot of the Soap&Glory products promises a lot of things for the money. They say that it helps provide ‘soft, smooth, even lovely to look at’ feet with this light green shade of cream that contains Allantoin, Glycerin, Macadamia Oil, Menthol (explains the fresh smell!), Bilberry, Orange & Lemon fruit acid smoothers all to act in-sync to leave everything soft and smooth if applied liberally for a certain amount of time. Does it do what it promises? I think it does, I mean it’s not going to turn your feet back twenty years, or make feet any less creepy if you’re creeped out by feet, but, it does leave even the roughest most neglected skin feel smooth and soft, and it helps with the nail cuticles as well which makes giving yourself that much needed pedicure that much easier. I loved the smell of this, refreshing without being too fake-sweet, and the tinging cooling sensation was very welcomed after a long day on my feet. It has become a staple of my nighttime routine before bed that’s for sure!

Rating 8/10



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