Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Christmas wishlist!

My wishlist!

3.1 Phillip Lim motorcycle jacket, €1.350 / Tory Burch flat shoes, €225 / Solange Azagury-Partridge black enamel ring, €1.225 / Mango leather glove, €43 / Lauren Ralph Lauren felt fedora hat, €33 / MAC Cosmetics sheer makeup, €15 / NARS Cosmetics bright lipstick, €19 / NARS Cosmetics matte lipstick, €19 / Lancôme , €45 / Jo Malone London Travel Candle Collection Set, €73 / Grace Coddington, €27

I have talked a little about some shopping that I had planned for family and friends, but let me be selfish for a second and map out my very own ‘wish list’ …kind of. Some of them are realistic finds within my budget this year, and some, well, are very much not. 3 1 Phillip Lim motorcycle jacket I’m looking at you with lust and yet realistic non expectation! :) 

For me Christmas time is very much about gift giving, I love giving gifts, I love the whole process of it all. From making my list (checking it more than twice, because let’s be real I’m not as organised as Santa, nor do I have as many helpers!) to heading out to the shops (or finding the websites) and picking out the gifts for my loved ones. Then there’s the wrapping, I am usually tasked with all the wrapping, for everyone’s presents. My mum loathes shopping and gift wrapping (I know, I question our relation at this time of year too!) so I’m left to wrap my pile, hers, and sometimes my Aunt’s as well.

I know I’m a tiny woman, but when did I sign up to be an elf?!

First up for me is the long coveted Phillip Lim jacket, there is one very similar by Burberry, I think, that is just as lovely, but being realistic again (as painful as it is) I may have to find a dupe to these as I could never justify that much on one thing that doesn’t have four tires and a steering wheel, you know? But, a girl can dream!

Since I live in flats I may have to just treat myself to the Tory Burch Reva flat. I’ve heard a lot of good quality things about the TB shoe line, and well, there’s no better time of year to try some new things right?

Next up, the Solange Azagury ring might also be on that fantasy list for the time being, but it’s so unusual and chic that I’ve had a lusting for it ever since I saw it on the lovely and rather elegant Lisa Eldridge during a few of her videos.

The Mango gloves, the Ralph Lauren fedora are two things I’ve been thinking of for a while. I never wear hats unless it’s the cold weather, but I live in Ireland … so shouldn’t I be wearing hats all the time, you ask? Well, hm. Probably. :D But I never do, I feel silly in them, even though I love hats in all shapes and sizes and I’ve decided that this year I’m going to take the advice of many a friend and stranger and use the fact that I ‘really suit’ hats, and indulge! That, and everyone needs a quality glove in the freezing weather, why not make it stylish and a little bad-ass while we’re at it?!

Makeup, makeup everywhere. The one time of year I think all us ladies get to stock up on our most favourite of goodies, this is it. I’m a huge long-time lover of Lancôme (I also like alliteration – geek!) products so I always get a good few of them, along with Clairns, MAC and Nars!

The Jo Malone candles is also a thing or three that I’ve had my eye on for a minute now, could I justify spending that much money on something I’m essentially going to set fire to? Hmm. Maaaybe not. But then again, hey, I don’t have kids or a husband to worry about just yet, so if I can’t overindulge now, when can I?  I will talk myself into this, you know I will! :S

Grace Coddington, aka Queen of all things Grace Coddington. I’ve had a style/creative/woman crush on her for a long time now. I basically think she’s a flawless woman in all that she lays her hand to do. Seriously if you aren’t familiar with her work in the fashion world I implore you to go look her up and fall in crush love with her as I have. A couple of people have got their hands on her memoir before me and I’m well jealous, a book I think I’ll utterly enjoy from start to fab fashionable finish!

What’s on your list this Christmas?!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Emma Stone : Coat Envy!

Is there even such a thing as Coat Envy? If there is I have it for various fashionable ladies of Hollywood, but that could just be chalked up to good old fashioned 'Closet Envy'! The Coat Envy this week comes courtesy of Miss Emma Stone. She can rock any colour hairstyle and still look fresh and fab, but it's her winter coat collection that I've been obsessing over in her candid shots lately! Here are just a few of her fantastically versatile and ever growing collection.
Here she's teamed her Maje jacket with some cute MiuMiu flats!

With bonus Anna Wintour and her amazing winter offering!

Emma's coat here is the Fay Funnel coat and runs for E890!

She ticks all the boxes for the best of the trends for A/W12. We've got toggle, checkered, vibrantly coloured, and even boucle!

Here are some of my highstreet alternatives to Emma's stylings: 
Boucle from Dorothy Perkins for £69.
Found here

 Checked/Houndstooth style.

 I love this Anastasia - Turquoise Womens Double Breasted Winter Coat from Amazon for a right steal at just £49.99! I think a really bright standout colour for a winter coat is a great tip for keeping things cheerful in a sea of black this cold season.

Bonus! Vibrant toggle/duffel coat.
Anyone that knows me, knows I love a red coat for winter / Christmas time. I don't know what it is but I've had mine now for two years, and it just really helps me get into the Christmas mood or something. I probably look like one of Santa's little helpers in my military style swing coat but I do love it so. It was also super handy this time last year when I was visiting Paris. I was the little blonde woman in the mad red coat, in a sea of unimpressed Parisians in the sea of black and grey! 
This one has the leather detail similar to one of Emma's too, but for a fraction of the price.

What are some of your winter faves when it comes to wrapping up! Sound off below or on my twitter page if you see me there lovelies! 

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ebay 60 percent off sales!

Guys I'm so late on this but if you're floating around online looking for some Christmas shopping ideas, hit up before midnight tonight! I've spotted some amazing bargains for myself and the fam! Happy shopping!

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Clarins Paris : Vital Light Serum review!

Clarins Paris – Vital light Serum.

I was given a number of these tiny little sample size bottles from Clarins Paris via a friend of mine that works for them. I had bought something from their line and so I was able to get a few sneaky samples as a result. I had I would say about four of these little guys they sit at 10ML so all in all I’ve had a decent sized amount of product in which to try out in the 40ml. I’ve been using it since March and I have to say, I love it!
I haven’t had the best of luck where things like serums are concerned, having the most sensitive skin of anyone I know, I tend to just react badly to certain brands or certain consistencies within a brand and whatever I’m putting on my skin. 

This however had zero negative effect on my skin what so ever, but did it have a positive one?

It really did.

I am always healthily skeptical when I hear of all these magical products that will prolong your this and zap your that. I just don’t buy it, but for the most part? This did what it said on the tin…er… box?
I found it really amazing to put on right after you’ve washed, and cleansed your face pre-moisturiser, pre-everything really. It gives your face a really light, non-greasy base and can in fact act as a moisturiser all on its own, it’s that hydrating.

What Clarins says : 

Dark spot correcting, age repairing 

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, Oily
Texture: Fluid

The powerful age repairing concentrate that restores deep luminosity with a targeted action on the dermis layer of the skin, while correcting dark, age spots. 

Now since I’m a little young for age spots I think it’s safe to say they didn’t do much for those on me, since they don’t really exist yet (can we get an Amen?) But as far as luminosity, dark circles, and over all skin condition, it really does a great job. I am almost out of my little sample sizes but I will most definitely be purchasing the full size version of this once it runs out, it has become a staple in my makeup bag for sure!
30ML runs at £57.00 in the UK/Northern Ireland via

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hitting the shops!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the yearly horror of the Christmas shop for me. That time of year when all your own personal desires when it comes to all the things in the tiny stores, the big department stores, and in my case the beauty counters has to be cast aside in favour of what your friends, family and significant other wants or needs for Christmas.

Stressful right?

Little bit.

Which is why this being the first week of November, I aim to start 'early', and get it done at a decent time and leave myself extra time for those forgotten gifts and last minutes nicknacks. Never mind those abnormal people that have their entire Christmas shop for 500 people done by next week, we don't concern ourselves with those highly organized robots! :D

I like to put thought into my Christmas pressies, even for the most distant of friends or family that I haven't seen in ages, which isn't the easiest thing to do when you haven't seen a person from one Christmas to the next, but never let it be said that I would turn down a shopping challenge! Never!

 I've spotted a few things online browsing that I can pin for certain people!And the rest I hope to pick up in person for everyone else, my own 'self gifting' might be another post altogether ;)

Some age old favourite stocking fillers!

 Some posh undies for the men in your life!

Some very cute thin crew necks from for layering underneath the cardi, hoody, or jacket of his choice!

 The 'toggle' coat or what we used to call it the 'duffle' coat when I was a kid is so back on trend this season in both Menswear and Womenswear, I love the nostasgic feeling of the buttons, and just how chic is manages to pull together the most casual of outfits, all the while keeping you super toasty! This one is the JACK & JONES / HENRY WOOL JKT £ 179.95 which I found via !

No stocking is really complete without seemingly useless additions, like sweeties (extra points if they're the corner shop kind that we all still know and love no matter where we've moved to! Cola bottles, jelly rings, the works!) does an array of these little babies!

Love love love!

For the one that loves to cook, why not indulge with Nigellla! Finger licking is optional!

 And one of many ideas for your lovely mum or Gran are these personalised candles! Such a cute idea!

So, that's my little Christmas present inspiration post, I know I'm inspired myself to get cracking, I hope I've inspired you!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kardashian Kollection for Dorothy Perkins!

The Kardashian sisters have invaded the UK this week with their first collection with Dorothy Perkins! The Kardashian Kollection (no we haven't forgotten how to spell, it's their 'thing') hits the stores this week and here are just a few of my picks from the Kollection that I have a feeling I'll just have to get my hands on. The collection itself includes dresses, shorts, blazers, blouses and of course accessories. As a huge fan of accessories (I maintain they can make even the plainest outfit looked amazing) I have picked a couple of bags from the showing that I think are rather cute.

All in all there isn't anything utterly mind-blowing from the selection, but since they are aimed at girls like themselves that have a booty and a bust, I feel that the every-day lady would be well suited to some of their styles. It's not aimed at the waif thin demographic and I like that aspect as usually the larger bummed lady is left out when it comes to trends and style having to make do with fitting into items designed for smaller women but just sized up. I find that the contouring on the dresses and the overall styling of the tops and trousers shows their audience that they're designing clothes not just for the every-day woman but that would suit their figures as well. I can't wait to go and take a look at how my favourite pieces match up in reality when it hits stores here on Thursday the 8th of November. Items rage from £30-55 and up.

Source photos.