Wednesday, August 16, 2017

New Purchases and taking Treat Yo Self very literally!

Hi everyone!

I know, I know, it really HAS been (six months) 84 years, and for that I am an utter #failblogger. I accidently lost my mojo somewhere been planning a Trip of a Lifetime  and then witnessing the country I was tripping over, trip over itself in the US elections.

The state of the world as a result of this has honestly, really limited my ~notions on blogging and the like, which has been a shame because it really is a thing I enjoy and more so, connecting with like-minded, lovely people either on here or floating around my social media.

But, if you follow me on Twitter, you'd know that I've been struggling to keep my political opinions to myself. And, to some this is off-putting, and understandable, you follow me on here, on those platforms for beauty, for lifestyle, for the craic right? But, on the other hand I know I've made some amazing friends doing this gig, and for that I am always so thankful, and for those of you that have stuck around, and gone with the flow of the ever changing landscape of my rambles, I thank you muchly, I really do.

I had hoped in December to reboot Editor-in-Chic to focus more on the 'lifestyle' side of blogging, even though I sort of hate that term, as umbrella as it is, I just kind of want to share pieces of real life, with anyone who wants to read it. Then planning the trip (which I DO fully intend to write about, I want to piece together all my videos for you guys too - it was amazing let me just say that!) took over my life, then work, and you know this song by now!

But let's get back to business with some recent purchases, shall we?!

1. I finally splurged on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette! Because, it was a choice really between this one, that I had been convincing myself I didn't need for over a year, or the new one they just came out with. And since I still loved all the shades in this, and had heard some rather shady things (get it??) about the new one, I figured this was a safe bet.

And I was right.
Makeup and Cat Filters = Life?!

BTW! Are we Mutuals on Snapchat? 

I mean, you know, me and a million other people, but still.

Verdict: It is lush, I adore it, I have used it nonstop since I bought it off  Beautybay last month, and the rich, creamy texture makes it the easiest makeup I've ever applied. Blending takes zero effort, and the looks you can create from this are just on the up and up! From everyday subtle one colour efforts, to a four shade cut crease look that even for someone as clumsy as moi, seemed effortless!


The second New-To-Me purchase of the last few months has been from #TheOrdinary. A brand that has taken the internet by storm! From their minimalist packaging, and old school feel to the super affordable price tag! I was weary at first, to be honest. Could something that cheap for you skin actually do anything at all? Nevermind anything good?

The Ordinary Advanced Retinol 2%, which uses a Retinol ester (Solubilized Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate) rather than straight potent retinol in order to prevent skin irritation that the ingredient may cause sensitive skin types. As someone with super sensitive skin, and someone with acne prone skin, I have been know to try anything and everything to attempt to erase the years of abuse my skin has taken from acne breakouts, as well as the normal aging process. Starting with this version of Retinol because the others I've seen seemed firstly utterly over priced, and to be totally honest I wasn't sure my skin would take kindly to such strong ingredients. So, I gave this a go, and I have to say I've been loving the outcome.

Verdict: It stings a little on application, but it sinks in right away, and used as part of your night time routine, I've seen a real reduction in some scaring I've had, as well as shrinking some enlarged pores. For the price tag, it's well worth a try! A+

3. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer.

This was one of my california purchases, Sephora was calling my name in Las Vegas this one was one of the items hauled. I've heard a ton of amazing things about the IT Cosmetics line, and I'm dying to try all of it after this little teaser!

Verdict: Super thick concealer, a con to some people but a pro to me, because it can take a while to learn to work this product. Not the best for blemishes, but if you suffer from dark, sunken under eye skin it could be of serious use to you! I noticed a real brightening effect too, when I used it on the very inner corners of my very jet lagged eyes, it made a huge difference! Set well with setting powder too though, as I said it's THICC and as such can make it go crazy if not set right! (And in 90 degree heat, yeah, I learned THAT lesson the hard way :( )

That's it for now, but I will be back and we won't be Old Rose's age when I do!


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

In the past year I’ve grown weary with my focus on just Beauty & Skincare on my blog.

Basically, I want to use this site to explore all the loves in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I still adore all things makeup & taking care of your skin, & I will continue to talk your ear off on those subjects, however I want to sprinkle other things in here too.

I hope you don’t mind!

I love home decor, & TV and Film ( a little I’ve touched on in the past, it was part of my degree after all!)  I love to travel, & I love to wine & dine with friends. So! Coming in 2017, Editor In Chic will have more of all of those things! Stick around, it’s about to get REAL! 😀

Ps. Thank you to the almost- 900,000– visitors, and over 2000 social followers to Editor-in-Chic in the past, it is utterly amazing to me that anyone saw anything I had to say, that many times – so much love ❤

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Must-haves for Autumn/Fall PRIMARK Edition!

Must-haves for Autumn/Fall +Primark  Edition!

You know and I know that the old “I’ll just pop in for socks” excuse never works, we go in for socks and somehow get transported to another universe where the “ooh sure it’s only €4!” takes over and it’s all downhill from there, right? Ten minutes turns in to forty five, and you forget the socks and come out with a whole new bedroom ensemble, and a new pair of boots (but still no socks for the boots!) and three pairs of jeggings and make-up in two different shades because sure it was only four euro lads, and you might need both!

Yeah, me too.

If we stop kidding ourselves and decide to go for it shame-free here are just a few of my must-haves for the new season at PRIMARK/PENNYS (depending on which side of the border you fall). 

Starting off with the bane of our lives when September rolls around, the yearly struggle of finding the right Winter Coat ™. 

The waterfall effect duster coat comes in two shades, black and dusk pink, perfect for the milder Autumn weather, pre-winter - over a light jumper and jeans, or a dress and tights. Next up the the classic belted mac with a wide collar in a knotted grey and white shade, I absolutely need this coat in my life because it looks so cosy and comfortable, and such an easy to wear piece for the milder months and easily transitioned right in to winter. NEED!

 Anyone that's been following my blog for a time knows I have a bit of a scarf obsession, and infinity scarves are the bomb for me. I've lost count at this stage how many I have, and yet I can't help myself! Do you see where the 'they're just five euro' mentality comes in now?

Mmmhm there it is.

But aren't these two adorable? Loving the waffle textured beige and the deeper berry toned scarf, both perfect with the other items shown too as a mix and match. Teaming the berry toned one over the 3/4 sleeve top and the cute stone washed denim jeggings + the duster jacket? It's a look I'm not mad at for sure! The New York themed hoodie made the cut simply because it's one of my best memories of this past year, and it's simple, and over-sized is key for a lazy weekend look. This, some dark skinny jeans, and my +adidas  All Stars? A win for chic comfort.

If winter coats aren't your thing yet I spotted a gorge fleece lined cropped textured jacket with a slight waterfall effected neckline that is the perfect every-day wearable jacket in my opinion, stylish but simple, and yet bang up to date trend wise too, and a complete steal for £25!

Honourable mention, because again, anyone that knows me knows that Housewares and Make-up are my two favourite things in life, and if you ever lose me in a department store (which, happens more often than you think I'm only 5'0!) these are the two places I will probably be.  So tiny mention for the +Primark online +Primark home items, a few key pieces for me for A/W 2016 are
as always a good blanket, for snuggling up to on the sofa, or for that extra insulation at bed time, teamed with the their long-burning candle range, this one is a favourite of mine; invoking memories of summer on those thundery nights to come with their Sea Salt & Lavender scent.

Ps. It's always important to support your local girl gang, and look stylish as hell while raising hell, so why not do both with that cute re-useable bottle/straw combo!

Images sourced
Post is NOT sponsored in any way I just love me some primark :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

July Favourites!

A little late on this one but I thought I’d share some of my most reached for items this month, including some oldies but goodies, and one art piece that I have just gotten around to hanging up! 

First up two of my favourite ever items I’ve purchased from +AnastasiaBeverlyHills –Cream Contour Kit – I’ve had this for a while now and go through phases of wanting to have that real sculpted contoured look on my cheeks and brows, and then not using it again for absolutely ages. 

But, because I’ve had a busy few weeks with social obligations, it’s been getting a lot of use for night-time looks especially.  Teaming it with the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Gleam Glow Kit – they really have narrowed down what I’m reaching for in just two palettes! My most used highlight from that kit would have to be Crushed Pearl for the cheeks as I am so pale the others don’t really show up well on my skin tone, and I use the others Hard Candy, Mimosa, Starburst more so on my eyes on top of a neutral shadow, as they really are super soft and blend-able, and add that extra bit of sparkle to the eyes without it becoming too over-powering.

I’ve been attempting to keep my skincare routine as simple as possible, and using this serum pre and post makeup has been one of my smarter moves this month. I have a whole post on the #SOND skincare items I received a while back, and this has been a must-have for me since. Really light on the skin while being really nourishing and soothing. Will absolutely be repurchasing

Two of my most reached for eye shadows this month have been from +Makeup Geek. My first time buying from MG in fact, and I fully intend on buying more to create my own palette, these shadows are amazing. They are just the softest, easily blended shadows I have tried in a really long time, add to that how long lasting they are – even without primer, and I am in love. I found mine on +BEAUTY BAY , opting for two soft wearable brown tones, Frappe and Crème Brulee. Fab shades for transition colour for a smoky eye, or alone as crease shades for added depth during a more minimal look. Really long lasting and soft. A+.

For mascara this month I found myself reaching for the +BourjoisFrance  Bourjois Volume Clubbing in Ultra Black. I found this to be a fantastic addition for the more humid days of summer, while not stated that it is water proof, I have had zero issues with bleeding mascara on hot days – thank god! But it does give you a dramatic, thick lash look that is fab alone or under some falsies for a night time look.

They look so similar in swatch form but on the eye the warmth of Frappe is a little less intense on the eye.

For hair this July, because of the heat and humidity (and rain, always with the rain it wouldn’t be an Irish Summer ™ without it lol) I’ve been attempting to keep things simple. To that end I’ve reached for another item I’ve had for absolutely ages, the Alterna Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist. A little pre-blow dry, and a little after before I swoop my hair into a high bun enables my hair to stay in place with a little life in it, and when I take it down the waves/ curls stay intact, so all I need is this and a little hairspray and we’re good to go. It’s super lightweight too, so even someone like me with really fine hair, it won’t bog it down too much or make it greasy with is a must have for me with products like this!

Until next time, Happy August!